“Red Devil Hot Pepper Sauce” Coffee Ice Cream: Make’s You Scream, I Love Ice Cream!!!

English: Ice cream vending machine

One of the things I miss so much about living in the city is the ice cream freezer section, lol. How I used to love having the wide variety of coffee flavored ice creams. So now I am so glad that I purchased an ice cream machine a few years back. I had no idea about how much I would really be using it nowadays.


It's the picture of Italian ice-cream in a sho...

It’s the picture of Italian ice-cream in a shop of Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Making ice cream is sort of like stirring up lots of love in your kitchen. So I made lots of coffee ice cream this week and put some away for later on when the cravings come back again. This ice cream tastes absolutely delicious and my husband just loved it too.

So after making this one I am now ready to use my imagination to try my hand at many different flavors and types of coffee ice cream combinations now. Next time I think I will make flavors like mocha, then caramel coffee and then after that hazelnut. Hazelnut is my favorite. So try out this regular coffee flavor recipe with Red Devil Hot Pepper Sauce.

(Red Devil) Hot Pepper Sauce Coffee Ice Cream Recipe


2 cup of whole milk

1 cup of sugar

4 tablespoons of instant coffee

4 cups of heavy cream

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

few droplets of hot pepper sauce (optional, I like Red Devil Hot Pepper Sauce)


First be sure to follow directions to your ice cream machine because most of them require that their freezer bowl be set in the freezer overnight (24 hours) before mixing Ice cream in them.

Mix all the ingredients in a standard bowl, (except the heavy cream) and save the hot pepper sauce for later, allowing the sugar and coffee granules to dissolve. Then stir in the heavy cream. Turn on the ice cream machine and pour in the mixture until it starts getting thick. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes of mixing before its ready.

*At the end you may stir in dark or white chocolate bits or crushed walnuts, oreo cookies or drizzle various coffee syrups like hazelnut or chocolate on top of your icecream (well you already know this). You may even want to be dangerous and I double dare YOU to sprinkle a bit of hot pepper sauce on top of your served ice cream to give your ice cream a slight kick and spice that can make you scream “I Love Ice Cream!!! It’s a combination of creamy, cold and HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Also you may add in cocoa powder to this recipe to turn it into a chocolate mocha coffee ice cream.*

An ice cream maker.

An ice cream maker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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