Spring Has Sprung!

Some beautiful flowers in the sun.

Some beautiful flowers in the sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello friends! Spring is finally here and is most welcome after a long and cold winter. I love walking outdoors and not worrying about it being freezing cold anymore.

Yes, it is officially time to plant flowers! My husband picked some of whatever flowers that are already blooming in our yard as I love bringing spring inside the house by putting them in a vase on the kitchen table.

It’s time to spruce up the house with springtime bedding, springtime candles (I love Yankee candles) and essential oils burning.

I love that the grass is greening up and that the weather is warming up and summer is right around the corner. So it’s now time to break outdoors and enjoy the change of the seasons.

An ice cream maker.

An ice cream maker. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s also time to bring out our juicer machine so trips to the various farmer’s markets for fresh fruits and veggies are in the plans.

I miss the times we’d go to “Cold Stone” ice cream shops in the city and since there are no “Cold Stone” shops here its time to take out the electric ice cream maker. Hooray! And whip together our own delicious cold treats.

Springtime is the best time for my husband and me to take short walks on the beach for good exercise. We like to wait till summer before we go see the occasional movie, stop at “ice-see” vendors, take a dip in the pool, and I like to sit on the sidelines and watch when he’s at the bowling lanes or as he rides a bike.

Pink nail polish.

Pink nail polish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s also time to show some skin, put away those coats and sweaters because it’s now the perfect time for visits to the spa, do facials (exfoliating) and get massages.

I’ve been feeling amazing since I started wearing some of my favorite pastel colored short or long maxi sundresses, flip flops, sandals (and anything that gets my feet out in the open and breathing some air) cute dark shades, and pretty straw hats.

It’s time to do hair masks, conditioning and to trim the edges of my hair so I could rock fly up hairdos at home.

Time for pedicures and manicures and pretty polished finger and toenails and I am so excited that my Zoya brand nail polish collection and Indian Bindi’s have come by mail! I love Zoya because it has less dangerous chemicals and the different colors are amazing. I love it in nude, white, pearl, lavender, mint, sparkles and purple colors. Also wearing beautiful springtime jewelry like long necklaces, cute accessories, and rings.

In the summer I wear very minimal fragrances (don’t want bees following me around) instead I prefer smelling clean and fresh and I hardly wear any makeup if any at all especially during hot summer days, (I don’t like melting makeup and feeling sticky) so the most I will do is wash my face and use a light moisturizer. So that’s where my pretty Indian Bindi’s come into play as I love to wear them either on my forehead or the sparkle ones on the upper side of one of my cheeks and it’s time to get rid of those dark vampy lipsticks and wear pastel-colored lipsticks or lip glosses instead, along with cute earrings that match my dresses.

So far this week I was fortunate enough to catch up on some reading while either sitting on the sunny side of the house in my rocker on the porch while drinking some sweet tea but today was a super windy day and it rained a bit. Yet and still I enjoyed it nevertheless because the breeze felt so nice on my cheeks and in my hair while listening to the peaceful movement of the wind chimes swinging extra hard, as I was just loving on those lovely tunes.

It’s nice to write a few lines to family, friends and pen pals on pretty pastel colored springtime notepaper so it’s my favorite time to shop for pretty pastel stationery, pens, and springtime pretty cards.

Along with everything else we like to do, we choose to do a bit of spring cleaning by cleaning one room at a time. Starting with the windows (inside and out) then the bathrooms, bedrooms and finally the kitchen and living room. We reorganize and throw things out that we no longer need or have not used in the past few months and also donate some old things to a charity and so do a much deeper cleaning and so it takes a while. I’d say it takes us practically the entire spring to work our way throughout the house. We hire a lot more help and hire someone to come in to repaint the kitchen, so I think I will try a different color this time but not too sure as to what color we will choose, but I was thinking that a mint green would look so nice this time. Also, we hire help in clearing the yard and sheds get repainted and cleaned out by my husband.

English: I took this picture. Grilled cheese s...

English: I took this picture. Grilled cheese sandwich with white bread, American cheese, and tomato soup. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For today we enjoyed having springtime meals. For breakfast it was yogurt and poached eggs, lunch it was corn souffle and a pitcher full of hibiscus flowers iced tea with lemons and for dinner creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I just hope Sunday will be nice enough and it doesn’t rain so we can cook our supper on the grill outdoors while blowing bubbles and playing games outdoors. One thing I always wanted in life was a trampoline to jump up and down on outdoors but with these poor knees of mine, it’s no longer an option. LOL! I will instead continue with the wade of my toes in a tiny kid blow up pool. LOL!

So thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and I hope you’ll enjoy Spring and the upcoming Summer months ahead!

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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