Doomsday Prepping! Saving On Eggs

Saving eggs is what I am doing since the outbreak of this horrible disease that’s been killing the Chickens and Turkeys. (But here in the south the disease has not hit here so bad as everywhere else.)

White Eggs in Carton

White Eggs in Carton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So not only am I glad that I did buy powdered eggs a while back but so far each week I been buying at least one or two cartons of eighteen eggs to put away because I learned a cool trick of how to make them last for up to one year. I learned that by lightly rubbing and massaging each egg with some mineral oil then storing each carton in a huge Styrofoam cooler then putting the Styrofoam cooler in a cool and dry place keeps the eggs.

Who Knew! It’s so cool….

So I guess you may be wondering where in the world did I learn such a trick, “Doomsday Preppers” show is were I learned this trick. I tell you I never thought I would find myself having to do something like this at all.

The price of eggs are real scarey, they keep going up and up and it’s crazy! I am so glad that I had a head start and jumped ahead and purchased a lot of them before the price’s starting going up on them. I also read somewhere that eggs are starting to be rationed in some states where they are allowing a certain amount of eggs per family.

Also I went ahead and purchased a slew of fresh chicken and turkey and put them in the deep freezer…. just in case.

Well I never thought we would see this day so soon, but it’s here.

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3 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with!
 on since 3 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging
What a nice surprise, today I found this wish from Word press, it’s amazing to realize I been around for this long. But it’s all because of you!
Thank you for stopping by on a regular basis, and the follows and comments. It’s most appreciated. Love, Betty
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Cucurbita Zucchini

Cucurbita Zucchini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Early this morning “family” stopped by making a quick visit and also bringing with him a bag full of various vegetables from their home garden. I tell you this couple surely has two wonderful pairs of green thumbs. I never saw such huge vegetables! What in the world are they feeding the soil?

Yellow crookneck squash, a variety of summer s...

Yellow crookneck squash, a variety of summer squash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, in a plastic bag was some pretty light green string beans, dark yellow squash and dark green Zucchini, but when my eyes fell on the gigantic, huge dark green zucchini, my thoughts automatically traveled back to the times I’ve spent with an old friend named Catherine. I tell you that lady loved to bake. Whenever she used to stop by my home back then, she always brought with her some kind of deliciously baked goodness for my family. She was such a sweety and I loved it when she’d bring a few loaves of her delicious fresh baked zucchini bread. So when I think of her I think of zucchini bread. I don’t know why I never asked her for her recipe back then.

So thinking of the times shared and how we used to sit chatting at my dining room table, drinking coffee and eating zucchini bread, makes me wonder where she is and how she’s been doing in life lately. I tell you good friends come and good friends go.

Anyway I searched online and found this very easy recipe for zucchini bread. (see link below)

It’s so easy that all you have to do is combine all the ingredients together in a bowl, stir well then bake. It’s that easy, so easy that I believe my husband can make this with one hand tied behind his back. LOL! So I believe we’ll give it a whirl. But this time I will have a slice of this bread along with a tall glass of iced cold milk.

Have a great weekend everyone!

<<<With Lots of Love>>>

Zucchini Bread Recipe

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The Way of Love

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Lovely One, Thus I see You, Lovely One... Lovely One, Thus I see You, Lovely One… (Photo credit: -RejiK)

Things such as….




and indifference

…..can be slow

but sure instruments of death.


If you wish to gain affection

…bestow it.

The way to be loved…

…is to be lovely



RosaButtercup RosaButtercup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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What We Teach People

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Blue Rose Blue Rose (Photo credit: LenseXES)

Many times our actions teach people that we are not important.

We keep serving ourselves up to everyone with whom we are associated.

They gradually learn from our actions that we have no needs. That’s not true,

…..its an illusion.

Even the most giving person has needs.

As you go and as you grow there are other needs that all of us have, like the need to be affirmed,

the need to be appreciated,

the need to recuperate.

~Bob LAW~

Black Radio's Betrayal: WURD in Philadelphia - NAM

(This image is at:

English: Blue roses 日本語: 青いバラ(束) English: Blue roses 日本語: 青いバラ(束) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Light A Candle, Sit And Pray A While……. For The Nine (9) Black Lives Lost

candle, candle in glass

candle, candle in glass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I still grieve and have moments that I still cry as I am saddened for the nine (9) black lives & worshipers who were slaughtered unmercifully in that historical black church in Charleston, South Carolina by a Caucasian man just a few days ago.

I grieve for all the black lives that are lost too often due to violence, racism and hatred.

Every time something of this nature happens, it is very heartbreaking and stressful for many as myself as I tend to weep within and be broken for a long time. I am trying so hard to take my mind off of it all at times and take care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally, as I don’t want to get sick.

I pray for the families and send out condolences.

Sitting in silence helps a great deal as I light a candle, pray and sit for a time.

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Make It Last Forever! Is Ratanjeet Sampooran Singh (Sneha Wagh) Leaving Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera?


Sneha Wagh is playing Ratan

(this image is at:


Make It Last Forever”

Keith Sweat Feat Jacii Mcghee

Is Ratan really leaving the show, Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera? She has been one amazing character of this show. She is absolutely most beautiful and amazing. If so she will surely be missed by all of her fans.

So far on the last episode of this week’s show, it ended showing Ratan (Sneha Wagh) holding a bomb in her hand that was planted to destroy the village by two evil people and haters of the village.

I wonder, is she going to sacrifice her life for the crops and the village people’s well being. Well I hope not. I am so sick and tied of people leaving and dying off this show. I grieved for months after Nihal Singh (Kapil Nirmal) died and left.

I wonder but hope it’s not true because it might be time for the show to come near the end. But please tell me it isn’t so. I get so caught up and loving these soaps and the actors I want them to last forever and ever, no joke.

The Magnificent (Keith Sweat album)

The Magnificent (Keith Sweat album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Contentment - SOLD

(this image is at:—sold.html)

My soul says thank you…

each time I can take a walk amongst the lilies in the field.


My soul says thank you…

every moment I gaze at sky just before sunrise.


My soul says thank you…

when I consistently think positively about a situation.

Imagine if we were as diligent

(this image is at:

My soul says thank you…

as I love my children unconditionally.


My soul says thank you…

every time I take a much needed nap.


My soul says thank you…

when I enjoy the life God gave to me.

For More Info.

(this image is at:

My soul says thank you…

at each mealtime.


My soul says thank you…

when I wake up each morning sane

and in my right mind.


My soul says thank you

for the food on my table

and the clothes on my back.


My soul says thank you…

for the roof over my head

and for having a warm bed to sleep at night.


My soul says thank you

for the spouse God gave me.


My soul says thank you, thank you, thank you.

My soul says thank you to God.

Thomas Kinkade: Light

(this image is at:

When I am able to let go of all the worries of this world,

concerns and fears, if even for one moment

and let contentment rule

and let inner contentment become more and more a part of my life.

My soul says thank you.


Contentment - Jim Daly

(this image is at:

Thomas Kincaid was married in

(this image is at:

I guess that’s why I am always drawn to any of Thomas Kinkade’s art pieces, because just looking upon some of his work helps remind me of what really matters in this crazy world called life.

Thomas Kincaid, Wallpapers Art

(this image is at:

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Bucket List Donuts 2

I promised to report back about the donuts from the following recipe, well I have good news, it was perfect! So easy to do and so so delicious. My husband loved them too.

Here’s recipe at:


Donuts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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It’s Fresh! It’s New and So Exciting! TV’s #1 Romantic Couple: Ahem & Gopi Are BACK TOGETHER AGAIN! Saath Nibaana Saathiya


Back Together Again”


I can’t chant hymns, but I promise that whatever I do today I’ll do with my heart and soul.

I am doing it on my own will. [AHEM]

(Ahem walks over to Gopi’s bedside and takes her up in her arms and carries her to the center of the room for all eyes to see, as he carries her and begins to perform circumambulations, voicing new words, recreating new vows of love and hope to his bride and lovely wife Gopi)

Ahem G. [GOPI]

I Promise with the sacred fires as my witness that I’ll always stay with her.

I Promise that I’ll not be her weakness, but always her strength.

(there wasn’t a dry eye in the place)

I’ll protect her at every point.

(flashbacks of the scene of their actual marriage ceremony years back)

Ahem walking barefoot carrying and holding Gopi in his strong arms, looking at each other eye to eye.

I promise that I’ll never let any other woman enter my life apart from Gopi.

(flashbacks again of Ahem putting vermillion on her head during wedding ceremony years back)

Whatever the situation may be I’ll protect her throughout.

I’ll support her. I’ll uphold her self-respect.

I Promise that I’ll support Gopi in all the facet of life.

I’ll listen to her and understand her.

I Promise that I’ll never let her cry.

I won’t let any kind of pain affect her.

I, Ahem Modi Promised that I will always be loyal to her.

I’ll try to understand her and be the right life partner for her.

I’ll be by her side till my very last breath. [AHEM]

(Then Ahem approaches his teary eyed mom)

Are these promises enough, mom?

I can go on with the circumambulations for a lifetime, just for her. [AHEM]

That’s enough Ahem, put her down. You don’t need to say or do anything now.

I totally believe that my daughter in law Gopi will remain safe with you….

I can just see your pure love for her. [KOKILA]


This was the defining moment for them, a moment which left me and I am sure one million or more other fans of theirs speechless! I WAS SPEECHLESS I TELL YOU! As Ahem and Gopi looked into each others eyes while Ahem carried her in circles for what seemed like forever and lovely ever. It was so sweet, and it was so cute to see Gopi feeling so overwhelmed with the happiness of getting all this attention and love from her husband once and for all. This lady deserves this devotion so very much. Ahh! Gopi and Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) are back in love and together again! This is the line I been waiting to write for so long. This act was another loving moment they shared for all the world of fans to see.

As I sat there holding onto my box of tissues as the tears began to fall from my eyes, I called my husband in to see this memorable moment. I tell you there is nothing in the world like true love! I can watch sweet love and devotion all day and every day without missing a beat. Oh Gosh, watching them makes me want to fall in love all over again with my husband too.

Ahem and Gopi’s romance is all fresh, all new, so exciting and so amazing!

I tell you I just loved it when Ahem had to resort to putting a lit Diya lamp in the middle of Gopi’s hospital room floor and used it as a holy fire as he lifted Gopi in his loving, strong and amazing arms from her hospital bed and as circled the lamp saying these words it just felt so genuine.

For a moment there I was afraid us fans were going to lose Gopi forever after that horrible accident of her falling from the second floor window as she was trying to win Meera’s (Tanya Sharma) heart back to her. Ahem was so scared and so was Kokila (Rupal Patel) and the rest of the family. I thought for sure that Kokila was going to die from grief when she first found out what happened to Gopi but she was a champ because she did not give up, she kept on giving up her prayers for Gopi’s survival.

So later it was so adorable when his family stopped in by the hospital again to see Gopi, Ahem teased as he had everyone blushing pink as he said he didn’t have time to romance his wife. LOL!

So cute and so adorable they both are. I tell you I can never not ever get enough of this awesome show.

Softly with These Songs: The Best of Roberta Flack

Softly with These Songs: The Best of Roberta Flack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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