Perhaps You Were Born For Such A Time As This?


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I remember the day when I decided I didn’t want to walk in fear anymore… and so the rest is history! And sometimes I find that I still lose my way.

“Love casts out fear” is what the scripture says… and I know that although we must have a certain amount of fear inside because the fear to a certain degree is healthy and can protect us but it should never be in excess that it can cripple us. So I like to find ways to help remove and stop all my fears and doubts from overtaking me especially because I believe I was born for such a time as this.

And one of the ways in which I have done this is to stay clear of watching and reading about too much bad news and take a break because it basically creates and cultivates an unhealthy state of mind. So it’s good to fill up my waking days doing the things that can bring me joy.

In times like these, I find joy watching outside my window the antics of my adorable little cats and dogs and even watching videos of the cutest little pets. It is amazing how God’s little creatures have a way of putting back on a smile to your face and change perspective.

Doing something crafty, watering a few plants, reading an inspiring and delightful book, watching a good movie, playing a board game with someone I love, pampering myself and dressing up, decorating, listening to music, watching a favorite TV serial, learning a new foreign language, reading my bible, meditating on God, living my best life and cultivating my mind into thinking on good things help ease my mind and bring back the peace I desperately need.

I believe if you are alive and breathing then you are meant to be here and that’s it in a nutshell. We all have a purpose in living life and are our brother’s keepers. We are all here to encourage one another and be good, kind, and loving to each other. So being positive and having faith to believe God is very much in control of all things in life and of all people is so much better than allowing worry to take up too much space in our minds. And when I see bad things happening to good people I lean in on God hard.

I know there are some issues in life that seem unavoidable and inevitable and that we find uncomfortable dealing with but that’s when you do your best and let God do the rest. But it does not mean that I should stop working on cultivating joy, peace, and happiness in my world. Even the littlest and simple things in life bring about joy. So being very cautious about who and what I allow into my life is very important to me if I want to hold on to the little joy, peace, and happiness I have while in the midst of a troubling world.

I know it looks like evil is gaining and winning and it makes you wonder where is God in all of this. But just when my mind drifts to the point that doubt and disbelief want to set it’s self up in my soul and set up residence by hanging up curtains in the kitchen, it seems like God would always send me an angel of some sort. It seems like he would send someone to me and set things in motion to remind me that “He” is still in control and always will be. He is truly amazing and the one I need to keep me on the path of the straight and narrow because I know I don’t like how bad it feels when I’m in fear and have lost my way.

So I send out best wishes to many who are in the midst of so much that is bringing on feelings of unrest, trouble, fear, struggle, pain, and loss. I would encourage you to believe the Almighty God knows what’s best for us all and is still in control of all things good and bad.

May the grace of God, love, and peace abide in the hearts of many. May blessings, love, joy, and peace abound even in such a time as this…



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I’m Ok With The Meat Shortages… Veggies Are The Way: Prepping


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Yep, so I am ok with the meat shortages going on because I basically am not a big-time meat eater anyway. But I do feel for the people who have become panicky and afraid by the shortages because they feel the meat is important and a huge part of their diets. I feel why live in fear when there are so many meat substitutes available.

So anyway, I cannot see myself being worried in the least because there are so many more types of food to eat so why focus on what’s not going to be available anymore. I tell you I do enjoy the different varieties of fruits and vegetables and the nice selection of whole grains and beans as well. So as long as I have access to some type of food I am fine. No, really I am fine.

There have been plenty of days and weeks where I have gone without eating any type of meat at all. And I am not saying I won’t miss it but at the same time hey what you gonna do. I feel as long as there are various kinds of bread and whole grains still available to eat I can survive knowing they are very filling.

I tell you, I can eat cereals and oatmeal any time of the day and it does not bother me one bit that I did not have a burger or steak. There have been plenty of times that I had cereal for dinner and that was it. And then the way a lot of health guru’s talk anyway… they think the consumption of meat is not good for health.

So as long as we can find so many amazing meatless recipes then what’s the big deal. So that’s what stays on my mind whenever I feel like I should have some meat, the fact that I can have an apple, orange, or a slice of bread instead. No big loss. I’m all for the vegan folks now. LOL!


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The Past Can’t Be Undone: Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran


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What are you thinking about? [Radha]

I am thinking about the past, Radha, and how it cannot be undone. However, the past ought to stay alive, Radha that is because death is not a permanent solution. If one is born one will inevitably die and if one dies one is born again. Hence, we must not forget the past, we ought to keep it safe. [Kanha]


~Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran~

Goddess Radha (Shiny Doshi)

Lord Krishna (Rajneesh Duggal)


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Adult Creature Comforts and Ample Clothing For Growing Children: Prepping

clothes for newborn placed on bed

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Given the state of the economy and when it comes to SHTF situations most people forget about the fact that they will need ample clothing for the different seasons in various sizes and that includes warm clothing, shoes, coats, boots, gloves, scarfs and things like that because after a while things do wear out. At this point, I do not discard old clothes or any type of fabric as I am holding onto everything I possibly can. And I neatly store these items away in a closet or in a suitcase somewhere tucked away in the house or bagged up in the shed just in case someone can use them.

So purchasing that extra pair of shoes, boots, socks, etc will be very helpful. Especially when it comes to children who will grow out of their clothing and things. I tell you if I were a young mother today I would definitely try to pursue certain skill sets like sewing and then start to stock up on different types of fabrics and sewing patterns so I can make my children’s clothing if need be as they grow out of their clothes. I’m just saying.

I would also buy for each child an extra pair of shoes and boots a few sizes bigger and put them away just in case. I’m just saying.

And these items don’t have to be on the expensive side and so as a young mother I would surely live in Walmart and Target when it comes to buying for children during this time. And I’d make sure they each have a backpack full of comfort items for them as well such as a few small toys or that snuggly soft blanket.

So as a grandmother I have thought about this so I set aside plenty of cloth diapers and children’s colorful fabric for my grands and perhaps other people’s babies, along with a few games and toys, you know just in case.

As adults, we will want our comfort items too. For me, I have purchased a stack full of various nail products such as nail polish, all sorts of press on nails, polish remover, and cotton balls. I also ordered the reusable press on nail kits like “All Dashing” and “Kiss” along with an extra gel nail polish kit and nail foils just before this pandemic because although I don’t do nail shops but if I did or didn’t I would want to have these things on hand to pamper myself so as I am stuck sitting at home I sure would like to make sure my nails are looking pretty still, hey… why not.

And although I myself am not an alcoholic drinker… never was… because I always prefered to get high on life itself. So yeah, go ahead and get that bottle of wine now if you drink alcoholic beverages or entertain with a close friend because from what I understand for some it helps soothe and calm you when on the outside it looks as if the world is falling to pieces.

So whatever your creature comfort items are I’d say it’s time to try to stock up on some of the things like this now while you still have time and access to them at the stores because one thing this pandemic is teaching a lot of people is that these types of situations will arise when you least expect it so it pays to be as ready as possible. So good luck people.


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Honeymoons In A Nutshell: Choti Sarrdaarni

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Grandmother. [Yuvi]

Yes, my son. [Kaur]

Where did you go for your honeymoon? [Yuvi]

What the heck is your problem with honeymoons? Back in those days, there was no honey and no moon. Go dear go on. [Kulwant]


~Choti Sarrdaarni~

Kulwant Kaur Dhillon (Anita Raj)

Yuvraj “Yuvi” Singh Dhillon (Advit Sood)


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What Types Of Board Games Would You Want To Play In A SHTF Situation? Prepping

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From the moment I started prepping I began thinking of what kinds of interesting board games would I like to play with my husband, family, and friends to help uplift spirits and pass the time for when in an SHTF situation. Then I thought back to games we used to playback in the day as kids and I found some interesting ones by searching online. These are some of the games we already have and some others I would definitely want to have on hand.

Check out the board games I have listed below and see how many you remember, would consider playing or already know about.

Betty Boop (World Tour) -Opoly, Spaceopoly, Catopoly, Monopoly City, Gardenopoly, Bird Bingo, Cat Bingo, Small World, Cribbage, Sequence, Blokes, Clues, Parcheesi, Scrabble, Twister, Connect Four, Bend domino, Rummikub, Farkle, Apples, Trivial Pursuit, Charades, Chicken Run, Spot It, Qwirkle, Mancala, Labyrinth, Operation, Head Bandz, Pop-Omatic Trouble, Domination, Dark Ages Expansion, Pandemic, Horseopoly, The Game Of Life, Clues, Battleship, Ticket To Ride, 1000 piece puzzles, White Mountain Puzzles: like Candy Wrappers & Gum Wrappers, Sorry, Banana grams, Balderdash, Chutes, and Ladders, Uno, Old Maid, Chess, Candy Land, Pictionary, Scrabble, Scattergories, Michigan Rummy, Flags Around THe World, Payday, Gin, Brain Games, Wits End, Eye Found It, Sequence, Think Fun Gravity Maze Marble Run Game, Connect Four, Othello, Crazy 8 card game, The Hobbit, Mouse Trap, Five Crowns Card Game, Chinese Checkers, Backgammon, Parcheesi, Stratego, Family Feud, Aggravation, Othello, Upwards, Blokus, The Logo Game, lots of different types of Coloring Books, Dots and Mazes coloring books too.


And so here are some of the newer more expensive types of games being played these days…

Agriola, Yedo, Smashup, Ascension, Cosmic Encounters, A Game Of Thrones, Chicken Ceasar, Sheriff, Surburvia, China Town, Risk, The Manhattan Project, Dixit, Energy Empire, Netrunner, Merchantile, Stockpile, Space Alert, Risk Legacy, The Gallerist, Westminster, The Election Game, Dominion, One Night, Steamboat Bally, Innovation, Codename, Forbidden Dessert, New Angeles, The Pursuit Of Happiness, Tzolkin, Splendor, Arula, Ravensburger The Castles Of Burgundy, Thungerworks, Cephalofair Games, Goomhaven Forgotten, Terraforming Mars, Fire Tower, Imperial Struggle, Lift Off, Maracaibo, Spirit Island.





war chess

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Our Indoor Garden and Dwarf Trees are Coming Along… Prepping

green leaf plant

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It’s been a few weeks since setting up our indoor/hydroponics garden and we have many, so my husband and I already started enjoying the fresh salad greens during our mealtimes.

Fresh vegetables and herbs like basil, yum… Swiss chard… yum, romaine lettuce… yum yum! Tiny tomatoes, bell peppers, collard greens, kale… oh yes! All so delicious! And everything tastes so much more fresher and flavorful than buying them at the supermarket.

We also potted some dwarf trees like banana, pomegranate, lime, and some blueberries bushes. And so we set them by the windows and they are growing up so nicely since we got them. I am just so excited by all of this.

And so we headed outdoors and started planting only the veggies we like to eat too like yellow squash, tomatoes, eggplant, turnip greens, ginger, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe.

I am finding that gardening is really not that hard and a lot can grow even in tiny spaces around the backyard.


photo of melons on white plastic basket

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healthy dirty agriculture harvest

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potted plant on windowsill in daylight

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Pet Food Storage Containers: Prepping


black and tan long coat dog

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For our cats and dogs, we ordered several pet food storage containers in particular the “Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Containers” which are amazing. We got the ones that can contain up to 60-pound bags of their food easily.

And so the reason why we got them is that I wanted to stock up on their food so we don’t have to go to buy food as often because at first, I was afraid to buy too much thinking the food will go bad really fast and ants will get inside the bags because we keep their food bags in the shed. So we got two of them for the cat food and two for the dog food.

Then I thought if they are good enough to store pet food in them they would be good enough to store some of our food storage as well and so we got a few more of them and now store our mountain hill full of beans, instant oatmeal packets, instant grits packets, and basmati rice in them. And I also got a huge bucket of bay leaves that we scatter a few of them in each container to drive off any pests as well just in case.

russian blue cat

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Vittles Vault Pet Food Container/Chicken feed pest/rodent control





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All Men Think Alike… It’s The Woman Who Gets All The Blame! ~Kabhi Kabhie~


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Why after so many years did the poet Amit show up in Pooja’s life again for a television interview with her? Back in the day, they were old college flames, but sadly and painfully their love relationship was abruptly ended because her parents choose another mate for her to marry and he was Vijay Khanna an architect.

On their wedding night, Vijay adored her at the same time she mourned and cried for the loss of her love Amit. She even recited Amit’s poem to her husband that night. But in time all was not lost because she gained a loving, handsome man who respected her and would love her for a lifetime and although she respected him she somehow grew to love him too.


“Kabhi Kabhie” was my first and perhaps my last anthology. [Amit]

Meaning? [Pooja]

I stopped writing poetry years ago. [Amit]

What? [Pooja]

Yes. [Amit]

Mr. Amit, what is life without poetry, art, and music? There is no meaning in living such a life. How can you live such a dry, drab, and desolate life? [Pooja]

How can I live such a life, Mrs. Pooja? I am living it. But I’ll assure you it isn’t an existence without purpose. [Amit] (Upon Pooja’s request he recites his poem.)


Love, it is said.. is what motivates a man to start writing poetry. [Pooja]

Or stop writing it. [Amit]

But tell me, is this hearsay? Or is it your personal opinion? [Amit]

The audience is still waiting for your answer. [Pooja]

I’ve said what I have to. And those who can will understand. [Amit]

On behalf of the viewers and myself, I would like to ask you.. to start writing once again.

For our sake. [Pooja]

(Her husband Vijay was a smart man because right after the interview and to their surprise he showed up and brought Amit to their home but when Vijay returned to the room again after receiving a phone call he asks….)

Hey.. Where’s Mr. Amit? [Vijay]

He left. [Pooja]

Without as much as a bye? These poets are really moody. Looks like he has suffered.

Pooja, your question during the interview was a good one. What did that girl lose?

This man ruined his whole life. [Vijay]

All you men think alike. In the end. It’s the woman who gets all the blame. [Pooja]

You’re right. Men are selfish. We never even think what the women has to go through. [Vijay]

~Kabhi Kabhie, the Movie~

Amit Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan)

Pooja Khanna (Raakhee)

Vijay Khanna (Shashi Kapoor)


~Kabhi Kabhie, (the Poem)~

Sometimes my heart tells me

life could have been heavenly

in the shade of your tresses.

The sorrows that burden my heart today

would have found solace in your eyes

but that was not to be and such is how it is.

Not you nor even the pangs

of longing for you exist.

Life drags on as if

life needs no support anymore.

There’s no path, destination,

or light on any path.

In darkness, my life meanders

and someday here I’ll be lost.

This I know will come to be, my love.

But still

sometimes my heart wonders.


my heart still wonders.


Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein (Female)- Full Song/ Shashi, Rakhee, Lata


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If Only For One Beautiful Dreamy Day… ~Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story~

smiling woman looking down

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Do you know why most girls in our country get married?

So they get treated like a celebrity for one day.

So that they’re pampered like a princess.

So that they’re surrounded by people

waiting, hand, and foot on them.


~Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story~

Pinky/Lavanya Bhardwai (Riya Shukla)



~Whitney Houston~

I Believe In You And Me”


standing woman wearing white long sleeved dress

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