Each Others Crazy….

Marriage is likened to flies on a screen door.

Those on the outside want to get in

and those on the inside want to get out.


Like most newly weds we hoped our marriage would last, and so far it has. I was not too sure that I could make this marriage work as I was afraid. But it was my faith in God that helped me to keep my promise. It’s been my experience to go through the blissful state at first of course, and then the trials came to test my faith. So in my opinion it seems being and staying married can be one of life’s greatest tests because it’s never easy.

I’ll share a story: A disturbed woman called me to ask if I’d join her for lunch that day but first I wanted to know how did she get my phone number. She said she got it from the contact list my friends passed around because I remember how we met casually. Well I had to decline lunch for the moment because I was kinda busy but we did agree to have dinner at my house around seven that evening.

At first our friendship seemed pleasant, nice and it moved along well but later on I noticed abrupt changes in her personality, mood and in her conversation which made me began to inquire a little bit more about her with several of my friends who knew her before I did. One friend told me that she was kind of odd and so did all the others. I responded each time by saying she seems to be more then just odd, the woman is a bit crazy! And I requested my phone number be removed from the contact list since everyone I was friends with already knew my phone number anyway. I did not want it to fall into the wrong hands again. Well to make a long story short I stopped taking her calls until she got the hint that I was not interested in the friendship any longer.

Well marriage can be almost like this story. It can start off pretty nice at first especially because the pair is being extra cordial and kind to each other to win each other. Then six months down the road as the pair becomes relaxed and comfortable to the point that all guards go down so that eventually all quirks or odd ball ways are revealed. So you want to know just how deep seated and serious the quirkiness or odd ball ways are and where it stems from and why it exits to be sure about whether it’s just some minor personality differences that can be lived with or if it’s way too serious to even consider accepting. Those little differences can wind up later on creating full blown problems which can make it a deal breaker, end of story.

One thing about living with another person for a while is guards tend to go down as the pair starts to open up a bit more with each other as true identities shine forth. All that emotional baggage starts getting unpacked you know. LOL!. So nine times out of ten issues spill out all over and into the marriage relationship, good or bad, and at that point one gets to decide their willingness to accept the differences while ensuring that lines are not crossed nor does anyone feel disrespected by them.

I guess it’s smart to say that nobody’s perfect and everyone carries with them their strengths and weakness, ups and downs, personality differences, issues from childhood or whatever else. Society tells us that it’s important to go for premarital counseling so there are no serious surprises later on, but even with that, sometimes certain things won’t show up until much later in the marriage and some new issues can evolve naturally over time.

In my opinion I think the reason why some marriages fail is because people want instant gratification in their relationships and it doesn’t work like that at all. Marriage and hard work go hand and hand just to create a basic good marriage. So having a little patience and consideration for each other goes a long way. And another reason why is because in the American culture people have been fooled into believing life’s all about being happy. But the truth is that joy, love, happiness  and good companionship go hand in hand with suffering. There is going to be some pain, unpleasantness, uneasiness, inconvenience, mental distress or hardships along the way too. So yep it’s all in there. It’s a package deal baby. And the million dollar question is- Will you bounce at the first sign of suffering or will you allow fortitude in to save your marriage and develop your personality?

I was fortunate enough to have been advised early on that suffering is a part of relationships. We have to take the good with the bad. That’s how marriage gets it balance. If there’s only suffering in a marriage that’s a signal it’s time to find a way to bring in some more happiness. And if there is only happiness in a marriage then something could be wrong still. LOL! But for me I would ride that wave of happiness for however long it will last. LOL! Because suffering is somewhere hiding or around the corner, you can be sure of that.

Now to want and expect it to be all happiness all the time is a distortion and a figment of the imagination. And I’ll go as far as to say some people are poor at suffering and so prefer to move on rather then let it build their character and make the marriage stronger when coming out of the end of it. So suffering with a little bit of adversity can be good.

As my husband and I have been married for many years and it is my hope that we will stay married and love each other as we keep working at it one day at a time. Then perhaps we will be one of the lucky ones who eventually winds up looking up to see that we’ve grown old and were still together.

Have a great day all!


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Way Early Spring Cleaning And Sprucing Up

It’s been real busy “round” here, if I must say so myself……

Ask anyone who knows me, know how I love clean, good smelling and pretty surroundings. And no matter where I ever lived I always saw to it that our place was very clean, comfortable and cozy. It’s important to do so…. well in order for you and your family to function at their best while the rest of the world is going all so crazy, the upkeep of the home is very much needed.

So I am happy to say that the de-cluttering and organizing is about all done early this year. My husband cleaned out those old yard sheds, had the main one remodeled and painted and the other one was completely demolished.

So I look forward to planting a rose garden where that old shed once was in the backyard. We figure that by spring/summer we will be ahead of the game and could spend less time making sure work is done and instead more of it relaxing and enjoying some.

I tell you winter time can be so dreary sometimes, it makes me miss the massive greenery and flowers so much. So my husband and I been so busy making sure portions of the house got spruced up and painted inside and outside. So the work is finally all done….. hooray!!!!

We finished up getting some rooms in the house freshly painted also some painting done to revive the outside of the house and had general repairs done along with de-cluttering and organizing that was planned for this spring and summer.

And since we are in the habit of waiting til spring/summer like most of the world, lol! sprucing up around the place this winter felt kind of weird, as my neighbor said so herself, but she liked it all.

We desire to have a longer, easier and more enjoyable spring/summer this year. We’d rather be at the pool, or on the beach reading summer novels, gambling at different casino’s and taking long drives, planting roses and potting plenty of colorful petunias and plenty tomatoes, corn, melons, okra, beans and greens, as my husband always has the summers off from work. So I think having things done earlier this time will allow him more free time to relax and enjoy his break.

So the winter dreariness feels cut way in half right at this moment, lol! Only except for there’s the dead leaves still lingering around parts of the yard that remind me winter is still here, but I could live with it knowing spring is just that much closer baby while sitting in a freshly painted and spruced up home. I tell you surroundings help quite a lot in your emotional and spiritual being.


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Hot Wings Flavored Rice Recipe: Get Ready For The Burn!!!

One meatless night we had a bowl of hot wings rice and it was very delicious if I must say so myself. I tell you, every time Chicken is baked in our house we always save the liquid and oil left over from the bottom of the pan to make the rice more flavorful. But this is a first, using the liquid from baked hot wings. Well let me tell you that my husband and I fell in love with it. It was sensational and very tasty, really very hot (so get ready for the burn!!!) and hit the spot since we weren’t having any meat but only a salad and the rice. So feel free to try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Hot Wings Flavored Rice Recipe


1 -1/2 cup of left over liquid/oil from fully baked hot wings

3 cups of Basmati rice (washed and strained)

5-6 cups of hot water

Directions: Bring water and left over liquid/oil from hot wings to a boil in a medium sized sauce pan.

Add in rice and allow to cook on high flame until most of the water has evaporated from rice, yet the oil is left only. Stir while adding in 2 to 3 more cups of boiling hot water and then turn flame on low and allow to simmer until rice is well done.


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~On Prepping~ My Auntie Jan’s Sayings: Don’t Be As The Dead Rat….

It’s A Dead Rat That Has One Hole To Run Into….

by Auntie Jan

Translation: Try to have more than one good friend in life, more then one place to live and stay, more then enough food and have money saved. 

This is my newest dream! I tell you as I was looking online at arched cabins and I thought about how nice it would be own one. I’d love to have one to make soaps, do crafts, some sewing projects and have as a place for our guests, family or for friends to stay comfortably.

And with my prepping mind I thought of how great they would be to have for when the grid goes down and to share with a family member or friend.

They are very inexpensive to buy and build and they look very cozy. They remind me of those “She Sheds” that seems to be the new trend for women these days.

Arched Cabins”


She Sheds”


Arched Cabins”



“She Shed”




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I Always Feel His Presence Near Me ~Veer-Zaara~

Zaara could always feel Veer’s presence…. imagine a love that strong. Veer and Zaara’s saga of love is truly amazing! Their long term separation stood the test of time. Veer’s devotion and sacrifice has such meaning as he defends her honor. Most people never experience this kind of love in their lifetime. But it’s ok because just by watching this movie you can feel inspired. Every time I see it, I can’t help but feel as if it’s my first time. Their love story is infectious because it makes me want to fall in love with love all over again.


~Veer (Shah Rukh Khan)~

~Zaara (Preity Zinta)~

~ Main Yahaan Hoon-Veer Zaara Song ~


~Tere Liye~




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The Trump’s Are In! Hold On To Your Trump Card and Get Ready For A Bumpy Ride!!!!

After watching all the riots and the anti Trump rally’s today, I realize I never witnessed so much upset over a new President before. You know the old Bette Davis saying…… “Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy night.” Well yeah it’s going to be a bumpy and interesting next four years…. lets pray we survive it! LOL!


~Fasten Your Seatbelts~


I just wanted to share here a couple of video’s from Youtube and what people are saying and thinking out there. And all I can say is I’m going out to have a nice steak dinner before the economy gives out and the S***t hits the fan….. LOL!


~Trump’s Inauguration: This Is Really Happening~


~Obama’s Final Message To The Press: Good luck!~


~Trump Gets Ready For Day One-ish~


~How Donald Trump Spent His MLK Weekend~


~Check out the Randi Rhodes Show on YouTube~

~The White House In Chaos- Spicer: Sometimes We Disagree With The Facts; No One Really Believes He’s Really The President~


~David Pakman Show~

~Embarrassing Trump Audio Exposes Him as Totally Clueless~


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You Can’t Defile This Unbreakable Bond Between A Husband And A Wife~Tere Mere Sapane~


What did you think? You’ll play with my husband’s honor, make him fall in my estimation and you’ll make him yours forever. [Radha]

Yes Radha, I want to make Sarju mine forever. I love him and it’s my goal to win him. [Kamya O.]

Love. Affection. Do you even understand the meaning of those words? You just know how to snatch what belongs to others. What you consider as love, it’s nothing but lust. That’s why you could never make him yours in spite of being close to him. And yes, heed me. Stop behaving so cheaply. Because his fate and his life are linked to me. That’s why today too you couldn’t defile this unbreakable bond. [Radha]

You’re mistaken. Sarju shares a bond not just with you but with me too. He has achieved this success because of me. I also have a right on him. [Kamya O.]

Right? What you consider your right, it’s just your delusion. He is my husband and our relationship is not just the union of body and heart but, of soul as well. And there is no place for a third person in our relationship. That’s why you had to dress up as me to sleep with him. Even after dressing up as me you couldn’t reach his heart. That’s why in spite of being with you he took only my name. What greater proof do you want of our unbreakable bond? It’s good that I came before anything could happen. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to make him yours, even after giving him everything. [Radha]

Radha! [Kamya O.] [(she put her hand up to smack Radha, but Radha grabbed her hand before she could and held it tight.)]

Enough! Don’t make this mistake again. Leave from here quietly. Otherwise you will be humiliated so badly that you won’t even be able to meet your own eyes. Leave! [Radha]

You didn’t do the right thing, Radha. You’ll have to pay a price for this. [Kamya O.] [(she looks up at the camera she planted in their bedroom)]

Only time will reveal who will pay a price and who will take a price. [Radha]

[Kamya leaves the room in a huff. Then Radha goes over to her unconscious husband drugged by Kamya and sobs into his bare chest.]



~Radha (Ekta Tiwari)~

~Sarju (Yash Pandit)~

~Kamya Oberoi (Parul Chaudhary)~

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~Jaane Kya Baat Hui~ Don’t Be Fooled! Aradhana Is A Beautiful Piece Of Competition


~Jaane Kya Baat Hui ~

(such an amazing and lovely title song)



It seems the title “Jaane Kya Baat Hui” fits this story perfectly because it means “Don’t know what happened.”

Aradhana and Shailendra’s ten year marriage is in trouble. Aradhana doesn’t have a clue that her husband Shailendra is having an affair with Nikita at the office.

It’s amazing to see how Mrs. Aradhana handles herself throughout this affair so very well. And don’t be fooled!… As she dresses well, cares for herself and is a beautiful piece of competition nevertheless for Ms. Nikita. I keep watching wondering…. if and when she will find out the truth? What she will do once she knows? I guess she would wonder and ask herself questions like. How did things go wrong?  What happened in the relationship that her husband felt the need to find pleasure in another woman?

Aradhana’s delicate, beautiful, kind and warmhearted nature makes her appear weak. Yet she’s smart and a fighter. I can see her hanging tough while going a few rounds and doing whatever it takes to help her marriage survive this affair.

She’s the typical loving wife and is good to her family (in-laws) while dealing with her charismatic yet difficult husband in the midst of this emotional roller coaster ride. I think I’m hooked! So I’ll keep watching to see what the next few weeks hold on my latest Indian serial to love.


~Jaane kya Baat Hui Promo~



~Jaane Kya Baat Hui~ (from 2008)


~Aradhana Sareen (Shweta Tiwari)

~Shailendra Sareen (Sanjeet Bedi)

~Nikita (Aparna Kumar)

Also starring

~Vrinda Sareen (a young, Rupal Patel aka Kokila Modi on Saath Nibaana Saathiya)




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Basmati Wild Rice With Cornbread Crumbles & Mushrooms In Cream Cheese Sauce On The Side

Whole grain wild rice combined with a much softer fluffy rice has a deliciousness I cannot describe. And this along with a side of mushrooms in cream cheese sauce hits the spot. And for dessert a slice of strawberry lemonade cake.

All I can tell you is that my husband absolutely enjoys this meal as he puts in a request after having it to make it again real soon. How can I blame him. (Lol!)

Basmati Wild Rice With Cornbread Crumbles & Mushrooms in Cream Cheese Sauce Recipes”


Wild Rice Ingredients:

1/2 to 1 cup Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Wild Rice (soaked then rinsed)

1 Tablespoon of kosher salt (the kosher salt is for soaking this rice only)

Hot boiling filtered water (enough to cover the rice, no more) or vegetable broth

½ teaspoon of onion powder

½ teaspoon Cajun seasoning

½ teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon coconut oil

2 cups of buttery cornbread crumbles

Basmati Rice Ingredients:

3 cups Basmati Rice (washed/rinsed)

Hot boiling filtered water (enough to cover the rice, no more) or vegetable broth

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

1 teaspoon of butter

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon Cajun seasoning

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

½ teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon fennel seeds

Mushrooms In Cream Cheese Ingredients:

2 medium sized containers of whole button mushrooms (washed/rinsed and chopped)

1 green bell pepper (chopped)

1 red bell pepper (chopped)

1 small red onion (minced)

1 Tablespoon of coconut oil

1 teaspoon of onion powder

1 teaspoon of Adobo seasoning

1/2 cup of cream cheese (optional)

Sour cream (optional)


1 ten inch frying pan with lid

1 1.1/2-quart sauce pan with lid

1 three quart sauce pan with lid

2 large spoons

2 medium sized mixing bowls

1 large fork

~Keep both the Basmati and the Wild Rice Separated until the end.

Bring to boil a kettle full of filtered water or a pot of vegetable broth.~

Directions For Wild Rice:

1. Soak the wild rice in filtered water and kosher salt for 30 minutes. Then rinse well and strain water off.

2. Add strained rice to a 1.1/2-quart sauce pan, add other ingredients and spices except the cornbread crumbles, then add just enough hot boiling water or hot boiling vegetable broth to cover the rice, no more.

3. Let rice cook on a medium high flame for 3 minutes.

4. Stir then lower the flame to simmer for 45 minutes or until well done. (Be sure to keep an eye on this rice too, stirring it frequently as you may have to add a bit more water towards the end of it’s cooking time because this rice soaks up the water faster as it gets closer to being well done.)

Directions For Basmati Rice:

1. Soak rice for a few minutes, then rinse and strain water off completely.

2. Add strained rice to a 3-quart sauce pan and the other ingredients and spices then add just enough hot boiling water or hot boiling vegetable broth to cover the rice, no more.

3. Cover pan with it’s lid and let rice cook on a medium high flame for about 3 minutes.

4. Stir rice well, then lower the flame to a simmer for 6 minutes or until all the water has evaporated and rice is done. (You can check the sides of the rice in the pot to see how far down the water is evaporated every few minutes. So be careful not to let this rice burn or overcook.)

5. Fluff rice with a large fork once done and cover with lid.


Add the cooked wild rice to the pot of the cooked basmati rice (pour it right in over the top.) But gently mix in the wild rice (don’t over mix) just enough so that the wild rice is somewhat incorporated in with the basmati rice pretty fairly. Cover and set aside on warm back side of the stove to help to keep it warm.

Directions For Mushrooms in Cream Cheese Sauce:

1. Add bell peppers, onions and oil to a ten inch frying pan and allow to brown for about 2-3 minutes. Stir frequently on medium flame.

2. Next add in the mushrooms and seasonings, stir and allow to cook for about 5 minutes stirring frequently on medium flame.

3. Cover the skillet with it’s lid and turn the flame to a low simmer and allow to cook for about 10-15 minutes or until mushrooms are tender.

4. Once done, add the cream cheese and stir in until the cheese is melted and incorporated into the mushrooms, onions and bell peppers.

~Now you may serve the rice and the mushrooms onto each dinner plate side by side.~

Add a dollop of cold sour cream on top of the mushrooms if you like and on the rice add some buttery corn bread crumbles.

~I also love this rice dish served side by side with a crock pot of cooked baby Lima beans and it’s liquor and a slice of old fashioned jalapeno corn bread.~


White flour, white rice, white salt and white sugar is considered to be poor food for the body. So for many years we cut our intake of all four of them in half whenever and where ever possible. We also try to replace them with better alternatives. So I thought to add more wild rice to our diets.

~Kindly Enjoy~

~~~Happy Holiday’s to Everyone!~~~


another way to cook wild rice here…..


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Hot Water…… The Best Medicine (Dr. Sebi)

Hot water makes the best breakfast….

~Dr. Sebi~

Drinking water is good enough, but when I heard it from Dr. Sebi that drinking plain hot water is the best breakfast… well I was sold and you know what I did next. Research!

The benefits of drinking warm water the first thing in the morning (while the stomach is empty) and the last thing at night:

1. Burns out body fat by moving metabolism and breaks down adipose tissues lying under the skin.

2. Clears nasal congestion and dissolves phlegm.

3. Prevents premature aging and helps with blood circulation.

4. Aids digestion in that it helps dissolve and removes fat deposits in the inner wall of the intestine (fat deposits cause cancer.)

5. Is a body regulator.

6. It purifies and detoxifies the body and moves toxic materials out of the body.

7. Keeps scalp hydrated and fights against dandruff.

8. Aids in menstrual cramps.

9. Soothes constipation.

10. Good for hair cells and promotes hair growth.

11. Keeps skin free from acne and pimples.

12. Keeps the body hydrated and warm.

13. Enhances body circulation and breaks down deposits in the nervous system.


Check out these links on topic:







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