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Sea beach of Mahabalipuram,Tamil Nadu,India. Sea beach of Mahabalipuram,Tamil Nadu,India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember and I used to love spending days and nights at the beach, just the smell of the ocean, the sound of the ocean waves can work wonders on a weary soul.  Anytime I am near an ocean it’s like being at a magical place.

As I listen to James Mansfield read scripture on the meditative CD Inspiring Calm, I find it very helpful in ushering me into a peaceful state of mind. It’s like a balm to a weary spirit, the help needed to calm me from deep within, calm me in my spirit especially for when I am having a hard time with feelings, emotions or upsetting things that sometimes come into my life, my thought life and mind that comes to over take me.  In the very beginning of the CD James Mansfield says what Jesus says “Come…

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The Truth About Loving Yourself

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Got Respect?

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Having Empathy

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Simple Feminine Things To Love….

Crinoline slip

Crinoline slip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are simple feminine things to just plain love………….. One of the things I used to love was how my sisters and I would hang our most beautiful feminine slips on pretty silk covered hangers across the walls in our bedroom we shared.

We’d hang those lovely pieces across our windows on top of the sheer or lace curtains and believe it or not, it always gave our room such a pretty feminine look.

So doing little femme things such as this has become a special part of me, a habit of mine that is hard to break. I consider myself fortunate enough to have grown up alongside six (6) sister’s and a mother who weren’t afraid to embrace their femininity. It’s a pretty habit of mine that my husband enjoys about me.

I like to make sure they are freshly washed often, ironed and sprayed with a bit of a lavender or patchouli lime scent. These two are my favorite scents because they seem to induce sleep and or give off a relaxed aura in our bedrooms. I thoroughly enjoy wearing slips during the hot summer months because they are very light, cooling and so very relaxing and one good thing about our having moved to the country is that I have the freedom to wear them out in the backyard.

French postcard of woman in early 20th century...

French postcard of woman in early 20th century lingerie (black stockings and lace slip) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not sure if it’s because of the delicate, pretty and soft lace sewn at the hems or the lace sewn slits in the back or sides that I love most, but slips are most feminine and one of my favorite pieces when it comes to the garments in the lingerie family.

I love wearing them around the house all day, and it’s always been the one thing I enjoyed doing for as far back as I could remember. I know there are plenty of woman like me who love it too. And one other thing about wearing slips is that they seem to complement almost any size or figure of a woman.

They are absolutely so beautiful and the colors are limitless. My favorite colors are bright red, black, soft lavender, baby blue, blueberry, perry winkle and soft pink. I think I know why I always preferred wearing dresses or skirts instead of pants or jeans and slips are one of the reasons why. I am always keenly aware that underneath each cute dress or pretty skirt is the most beautiful and comfortable piece of fabric in the world.

Slips can hide the more intimate lingerie being worn and help to cover the silhouette of your legs showing through certain kinds of thin dresses and skirts. But one main reason why I love slips is because they remind me of the reasons why I love and adore being a feminine part of the female species. I love half slips because of the soft elastic band that fits snugly around my waist and I love full slips because they have such pretty skinny straps that fit across my shoulders.


JA52-French-postcard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I have the habit of wearing two (2) half slips at once. This is one way of wearing them that I learned from my older sisters in our harem, LOL!

We’d wear one half slip to cover over our boobies and then the second half slip we’d wear from the waist down.

Wearing them like this gave off a layered look we absolutely loved. Or we’d just wear only one short half slip over our boobies and our legs would freely show.

But this was all worn in the privacy of our bedroom of course. There were no guys allowed ever in our bedroom. LOL!

So wearing the half slips like this was almost like wearing a teddy, although we wore those too, but slips are one of those types of things that only a girly girl can love and appreciate.

And so, I also love wearing the maxi long half slips that completely cover over my legs or a long full maxi slip with a split in the back or the side and those pretty slip dresses are so cute to wear while having a candle light dinner with the hubby. I probably own at least thirty five (35) different types of slips and that is a lot, so that’s at least one clean pretty slip to wear per day. Shopping for slips is one of my guilty pleasures. Short mini slips, full lace slips, 100% cotton slips, 100% silk slips and sometimes even the slips with a matching camisoles top, so many types of slips to choose from.

I have a few vintage type slips from my mother, and these are no longer being designed, sold or made anymore and are so delicate, soft and so unique, beautiful and different. I enjoy having them as a part of my collection because of the intricate and delicate lace work on them. One of my sisters has some as well, because she is good at saving and carefully caring for all of her lingerie from early on.

I cannot help but adore the many types of fabrics that slips are made from, the ones that are of 100% nylon or half nylon and half Dacron polyester or a combination of rayon, acetate or some form of silk. The 100% silk Charmeuse slips are really amazing because the fabric breathes, but I prefer mine in nylon and polyester and/or 100% silk.

I tell you I just love how they feel so slippery, soft, lightweight and smooth to the skin, also the luster, sheen and the various colors is what catches my eye.

Pinterest is the place to go because there’s such a wide variety of pretty, beautiful and colorful slips to browse, it’s like window shopping but from my laptop while in the comfort of my home.

So I enjoy being the traditional feminine type, a girly girl at heart who is never afraid to embrace her own femininity.

Have an amazing weekend!

Half slip

Half slip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Abundance Of The Heart: A Little Inspiration

It is truly a heart issue…………the way we talk to each other, the way we treat each other, the way in which we think about each other.

.for out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks… Luke 6:45

The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him. Matthew: 12:34-35

English: a love heart in water

English: a love heart in water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Knowing My Roots

African-American soldiers marching in France D...

African-American soldiers marching in France During World War I. “African Americans during World War I” . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great grandmother was a slavegirl, she was taken away from her parents. She was married by age twelve (12) to my great grandfather, he was a free black. He’d saved up enough money to purchase her from her slave owners by the time he came back home from WWI.

Mother was named after my great grandmother and she used to tell me these little details about our family roots which I have treasured and keep recorded in a neat little book. So lately I’ve decided to draw a family tree and have it framed to hang on my living room wall.

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HELLO PRATIBHA: One More Amazing Fresh New Hindi Soap To Adore

Pratibha (Binny Sharma) is an innocent, sweet and middle aged housewife with her husband Mahendra (Sachal Tyagi,) two school aged older children, a contrary mother in law Kashi (Sangeeta Panwar,) a brother in law Sanjeev (Tarul Swami) and a conniving sister in law Sunidhi (Snigdha Pandey) and luckily her amazing maid Shalu (Jinal Jain,) all living under one roof.

This is one fresh, new and exciting Hindi soap that I am adoring these days. Hello Pratibha on Zee TV has more then enough drama and back stabbing activity all under one family roof. It’s unbelievable how much adversity Pratibha has to endure from the so called members of her family. But thank goodness she has a maid who has her back most times or I am sure things would be much more difficult for her.

So when she met and befriended Pushpa (Sheeba Chaddha) who later turned out to be related, it was the best thing that happened to her.

Pushpa is the catalyst, the one who helps to encourage Pratibha to gain more backbone in dealing with her disrespectful family members and so she guides her in learning to say no to them, especially when they are not treating her fairly.

It’s been Pratibha’s desire to be a part of a loving family and so she mimics the way in which her mother cared so well for her and her father and so she has it in her mind to be the best in every way and to be as devoted and loving just like her mother. But the problem is that Pratibha’s family and in laws do not appear to appreciate her as they take her for granted.

So at the expense of her over doing everything and excessively caring for her family and in laws, trying to be the best, she’s lost her identity, self esteem, self confidence and self respect along the way. Basically she’s allowing her family to run over her and has the habit as most housewives do over time of putting their families cares and needs far above that of their own personal cares and needs.

So far this soap has had it twists and turns and keeps you wanting to tune in each day just to see how Pratibha is doing. You just want to know if she will find her way back to her old self. You wonder will she re-gain the qualities of the strong personality she once had and re-gain some back bone in dealing with her impossible mother in law and sister in law. Because it seems she lacks the confidence needed to deal with the constant shenanigans by these two female in laws who seems to team up together against her on a constant basis.

I really enjoyed seeing the development and wonderful relationship shared between Pushpa and Pratibha though. It was so wonderful watching how those two women teamed up together and became close and how they really did help each other.

So now that Pushpa has left the house once her daughter’s marriage ceremony was achieved in the house as per her wish, she wind up giving her part of ownership of the house over to Pratibha. It will be interesting to see how that act of kindness by Pushpa helps Pratibha’s standing in the house.

I am just adoring this new show and cannot wait to see how this story unfolds.

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Jagtar Jaggi is a Punjabi actor whose job is to interview Indian business owners along with their patrons on his show Hafta Vasooli/Wasooli which is found on the Indian channels JusTV Punjabi, JuscoTV Punjabi and Jus 24X7.

It’s such a joy watching him as he stops by Indian businesses such as Indian food restaurants, sari shops, truck driving schools, children’s classrooms, insurance companies and all kinds of various businesses all across the USA giving them the media exposure their businesses want and need. I really do like watching as he walks all around the inside of these places letting you see what each business has to offer. It’s almost as if your watching one of these shopping networks on cable TV but in a way even better, because you get to see real/normal people as they are working, shopping and interacting with each other in these places of business.

I really enjoy his funny and lively personality and he is also a very good looking and handsome man. He always opens his show with such liveliness and excitement. He’s either riding on a scooter, or on the back of some truck or walking in the snow, or sitting on a park bench, but always happy, doing a little dance and holding onto that stick! What’s so nice about his show is that he always seems to bring a smile to the peoples faces as he interacts with the customers and the business owners.

I have to say that I just adore him when he breaks out his cell phone all the time and starts randomly talking. He is comical as he is always on “that cell phone” chatting up a storm, his famous words are “ha gee, ha gee and boli, boli, boli, boli” LOL!

As he always carries a microphone in one hand and a huge stick in the other, wearing a blue and maroon colored turban on his head, a khaki police uniform and a pair of cool shades, bringing smiles to many people faces as he interviews them wherever he goes. Most often in his restaurant interviews he is always asking random people to pay for a meal for him. He says “you pay for me!” and of course most people are more than happy and agree to pay for his meal, but he’s only teasing. And what’s even more hilarious is watching him as he collects his payments for interviewing each business as he is on his way out their doors.

During intermission you are well entertained with some of the most amazing Indian music videos. I only wish they would list the titles of these songs so that I could buy the music I like best. I noticed that a couple of times they showed a few of my most favorite actor Shah Rukh Khan’s music videos on there as well.

But anyway here’s a few links below to catch his show, but go there quickly because there’s no telling how long the link will be available.

I enjoy learning the language and I am learning bit by bit, but what would be amazing is that the show was broadcast with English subtitles. Who knows maybe one day they will do that. In the meantime, I want to send a shout out to Jagtar Jaggi……..

You are Amazing! And be sure to keep it coming!

(catch him as he is quickly interviewing the ladies at the cash register in a local Indian Supermarket named Apnar Bazar in Jackson Heights, New York, causing them to giggle and smile. I love it as he walks through out the store so you could see all kinds of foods and items that are on sale at the store. )

HAFTA VASOOLI @ Apna Bazar Cash & Carry

Jus Punjabi TV


hafta vasooli by Jagtar Jaggi @ Delta Truck Driving School Stockton CA3 nov 2014




(Jagtar Jaggi in his street clothes and without a turban)

(I have no idea what he is talking about on these few links, maybe someone would be nice enough to translate it, because his accent is very strong here, but I just wanted to show him without the police uniform that he wears on the show)

jagtar jaggi at jus punjabi in jalwe jaggi de in USA






Info about JusTV channel and Jagtar Jaggi


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Indian Lassi Is Better Than Your Ordinary Shake

English: Lassi from nepal

English: Lassi from nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first time I tasted “Indian Lassi” I was so amazed at how really good it tasted.

I don’t know why I thought it would taste like buttermilk, but it’s pretty close and then it’s sweetness, richness and thickness is comparable to having a milk shake but only better, because it means no upset stomach for the lactose intolerant.

So I made us both a tall glassful for a breakfast drink today and the recipe is really very simple and easy.

Indian Lassi Recipe


6 cups homemade plain yogurt (made with full fat milk)

1 tray of Ice cubes (crushed)

6-8 cups ice cold water (or can use milk instead)

2 Tablespoons Coconut Sugar or Stevia (or white sugar)

1 Tablespoon of vanilla extract (or vanilla flavored stevia)

2 pinches Himalayan salt

2 pinches of allspice


A blender, or a whisk

1 medium sized bowl

2 tall glasses

Directions: Blend ingredients in a blender or with a hand whisk in a medium sized bowl until the mixture becomes frothy. Then serve over a couple of ice cubes in tall glasses. *If you like a thicker drink then add a little less water or for a thinner drink then do the reverse. Also when adding fruit, like banana, mango, berries or strawberries just blend the fruit first in a blender or food processor then add the rest of the ingredients.*

English: Mint Lassi

English: Mint Lassi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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