We NEED Community – by Damien Patrick

These are some great questions…. the world needs to bring back community and close knit families.

Kindness Blog

Can I ask you some questions?

Why, when we grow up, do we move out from our family home and then go and buy or rent a house in a street full of complete strangers, sometimes many miles from our loved ones? When did this practice start, why and to what benefit?

 As a teenager, I too grew up, moved out and lived away from my family. Because it was the done thing. The thing everyone else did. I never questioned it and even now, many years later, I still live away from family. But why?

 I have elderly neighbours where I live now. One in particular, in his eighties, has a host of medical conditions yet, despite his many healthy challenges, he has a cheery, welcoming disposition and a great sense of humour. From speaking with him many times, I understand that his children and grandchildren do…

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Feel The Love: Amazing Punjabi Video Love Songs




Rangi Gayi: Lakhwinder Wadali (Full Song) Aar Bee | Parmod Sharma Rana | Latest Punjabi Songs 2018





Rooh: Sharry Mann (Full Video Song) Mista Baaz | Ravi Raj | Latest Punjabi Songs 2018


Just a quickie post here. I find that these Punjabi video’s are so amazing and absolutely do touch the heart.

~I hope you enjoy them and thanks for stopping by my blog today….

~Sending out lots of love~






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“Nice & Slow” Old Fashioned Mixed Greens In A Crock Pot Recipe


“Nice & Slow”



My beautiful grandma used to buy all her greens from the “towns greens man” who used to drive his truck full of all kinds of greens thru out her neighborhood selling his fresh picked greens from his mini farm. Those greens were perfect! Huge and beautiful looking. So Grandma used to meet up with him at her backyard fence every Friday morning and then Grandma would wash her greens real well, cut them up and cook them on a low simmer all day long, nice and slow…..

As she would always keep a kettle full of hot boiling water on the back burner, constantly adding water as needed as the water would boil down over time.

I tell you, grandma’s greens would melt in your mouth. As they were very, very tasty and oh so delicious. They had the right touch of flavor, oil and texture. She would buy enough to eat off those greens all weekend and she would bake cornbread from scratch in her cast iron skillet to go with the greens. So I can tell you that she didn’t put a whole lot of ingredients in her foods. She kept her recipes very simple, as she was still doing all of her own cooking and cleaning of her old time cabin home which to my amazement was always immaculate and well organized. In her living room was an amazing fireplace and her house was very old but very simple. She was trim and slim and still was able to care for herself and do her own cooking well into her 80’s. I admired her so much.

So here I copy my grandma’s idea of cooking greens all day but I tweak her recipe a bit.



Nice & Slow Old Fashioned Mixed Greens”


2 of 2-5 pounds of packaged bags of fresh pre-washed and cut up collards & mustard greens or turnips & mustard greens (I still soak & wash them as a precaution)


2 of 2-5 pounds each of fresh collard & mustard greens or fresh collard & mustard greens (but of course you must soak and thoroughly wash and cut these up)

1 thick sliced cut up turkey kielbasa sausage (optional)

1 cup of peeled, thin sliced sweet red onions

½ cup of peeled, thin sliced cloves of garlic

1 stick of creamy sweet butter

1 cup of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of sugar (to add the last hour)

1 tablespoon of salt

1 teaspoon of black pepper

1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

2 tablespoon of lawrys seasoned salt

2 packets of Goya sazon seasonings

1 tablespoon of garlic and onion powder

1 quart jar of filtered hot boiling water or enough boiled water to cover the greens

1 large can of stewed crushed tomatoes (optional)


1 2 quart crock pot

1 large slotted serving spoon

Directions To Clean And Prepare The Greens For Cooking:

1. Soak greens for 20 minutes in cold water and baking soda.

2. Rinse off the baking soda and check the leaves and stems washing away and removing any bugs and dirt.

3. Strain and shake off the water.

3. Pull (separate) the green leaves off of the stems.

Discarding the majority of the stems saving a couple of stems from each type of greens and put aside.

4. Gather a few of the leaves together and roll them up then cut across them.

5. Chop up the few saved stems

Cooking Directions:

1. Put all the cut up greens into the crock pot along with the cut up stems.

2. Pour the hot boiling water over the greens and press the greens down into the pot. Keep adding the hot water but just enough to cover the greens.

3. Add all of the rest of the ingredients except for the sugar.

4. First turn your crock pot on high for the first 4 hours.

5. Then turn your crock pot on low for the next 12-16 hours.

(I like to cook my greens all night for the next day or even to put them up in the freezer for another time. So I usually turn my crock pot on high at around 8 pm and then at 11 or 12 midnight, I get up and turn them down on low and let them continue to cook all night till the next morning. Then I add in the sugar around 8 am and let the greens continue to cook until 1 pm, then 2 hours before dinner is served. I turn the pot on keep warm dial until dinner is served.)

*Ready to serve. You can sprinkle some hot sauce over the greens and have it with white rice and cornbread muffins.*

So yeah that’s a lot of hours of nice and slow cooking as grandma used to say but it works! I like to save the pot liquor to go over some cornbread too. Just imagine serving these greens alongside a pot of tender oxtails, gravy, white rice and a pot of black eyed peas.



~I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by my blog today.~



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Here’s What I’m Reading Now? More On Prepping

Hey, I’m just popping in a quick second to share. Being the prepper that I am I have started reading two very interesting, informative and helpful books.

1. Cold Times (Preparing for the Mini Ice Age) by Anita Bailey PhD

2. Dark Winter (How the Sun is causing a 30-year cold spell) by John L. Casey

These books go into serious detail about the weather patterns as pertaining to the “Grand Solar Minimum” and how they not only inform you but give you ways to prepare for what’s coming. So far so good is all I am willing to disclose about these books because I really do not want to take anything away from the first time reader. So if you are in the beginning stages of prepping, I must share that these two books are excellent to consider adding to your library.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today &

Have A Great Day!


“Must See Mini Ice Age is near! GSM-Media Highlight John Casey”





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Prepping With The Wonderbag


South Africa’s Wonderbag Revolutionizes Cooking, Moshy Mathe ( Wonderbag Manufacturer) Sarah Collins (The Founder of the Wonderbag)


I’m sure some of you may already know about this and so I am so excited about my latest kitchen cooking item called “The Wonderbag.” It’s basically a slow cooker made out of fabric and so it doesn’t need to use any electricity nor any type of fuel except for the fuel used to prep the food before placing the pot in the bag. It a lightweight, insulated, portable bag made of cloth. I love that it drastically reduces the amount of time spent cooking over the stove. You basically boil and then simmer your food for about five minutes and up to fifteen minutes (based on the kind of food it is you are cooking) and then you place the pot of food covered with it’s lid within the Wonderbag and this bag does all the rest of the cooking for you. Oh Wow! My first thought when I saw information about this bag for the first time was that this bag works even better then an electric crock pot as I am the crock pot queen! LOL! It’s even safer and saves on the little bit of electricity a crock pot uses to complete cooking a meal. I tell you I never liked the idea of leaving my house with the crock pot on because I feared that it can be a fire hazard if the pot turns out to be defective in some way.

This thing brags about how it is a perfect time saver and so convenient to bring your home cooked meals to potlucks, camping, dinner parties and a tailgating party. So can you imagine securely placing your Wonderbag meal in the back seat or trunk of your car knowing your meal is finishing up cooking while you drive to your destination.

This solves so many of my prepping problems because I am always thinking of what kinds of foods I could buy that cooks up quickly for power outages and SHTF situations, so this bag is a solution to that. It also works in keeping items cold too. Amazing! And so I can safely pack ice cold water and icy drinks in my car when we are out and about all day and not worry my drinks losing their coolness. So I happily purchased one in a Blue Batik fabric color which is so pretty. I was also thinking that I should get an extra one so I can cook more then one type of food at the same time. LOL!

And another good thing about this product is that it brags that each US purchase of a Wonderbag donates one Wonderbag to a family in poverty in Africa, as this product helps decrease incidents of women in third world countries to suffer from smoke inhalation diseases and deaths. It also saves trees, minimizes deforestation, water and hours these woman have had to spend on wood collecting.

So yes, I feel this Wonderbag is yet another cooking tool that can easily be an asset to every prepper’s arsenal.


~I hope you enjoyed reading my post and thanks so much for stopping by blog today. And feel free to check out the YouTube video’s and links below while they are still available for more information on The Wonderbag~


“Maggiemoo’s Little Acre: Wonderbag and wonderbox cooking versus solar oven”


“Back Yard Twigs as Energy to Cook”


“My insulated bag slow cooker!”


“Wonderbag brings change”


“How to Cook Chipotle Chili in a Wonderbag”







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I’ve Raised Your Father So You Won’t Be Any Problem: Grandma’s Hands~Balika Vadu~

Ego or self respect can’t be

bigger than maternal love.

Sacrificing maternal love

for that is an insult

of womanhood”


What a woman I brought to settle

in my Basant’s house!

She couldn’t be either a good daughter in law..

.or a wife ….or a mother.

Let her go Basant.

May God give everyone good sense! He see’s everything.

I won’t let such a woman cast her shadow

on my grandson.

I’ve raised your father,

so you won’t be any problem.

Don’t cry.


Kalyani Devi Dharamveer

Singh/Dadisa~(Surekha Sikri)

~Balika Vadu~

“Bill Withers”

Grandma’s Hands



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Grandma’s Hands: Can’t This Boy Be Raised Without His Mother~Balika Vadu~



This Sumitra is a mother

of two children.

But she can’t handle

a small baby.

(she goes to get the baby and takes him in her arms)

Calm down.

Don’t cry Prince.

Don’t cry.

How could she leave the

child in this state?


Does anyone abandon one’s child like this?

Don’t cry?

Can’t this boy be raised

without his mother?


Don’t cry Prince.

Don’t cry.

I’ll give you something.

Take care of him.

(she hands the baby over to Sumitra)

I think he’s crying because he’s hungry.

Give him something now.

From tomorrow I’ll arrange

for goat’s milk for him.

Now take him.


Kalyani Devi Dharamveer

Singh/Dadisa~(Surekha Sikri)

~Balika Vadu~


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Grandma’s Hands: Understand The Body~Balika Vadu~


The boy is crying continuously for an hour.

I’m unfortunate to get such a stone hearted

daughter in law.

She left such a small baby behind.

And this other one…[Kalyani Devi]

(she walks up and takes the baby from Basant)

Basant! God bless you.

When did you take care of kids

that you are holding him?

Give him to me.

Come to me, my darling.

Come to me, my Prince. [Kalyani Devi]


Mother in law, I’ve fed him

but he won’t be quiet. [Sumitra]



Now he’ll tell you…

.aunt this is my problem.

We’ve to understand the body.

Does he have fever?


…his stomach is getting so stiff.

You should have at

least touched him.

Heat asafetida and

rub on his navel.

He’ll be fine. Go fast. [Kalyani Devi]


Mother, how long will this go on?

How much will my baby suffer?

He can live without a father

but not without a mother….

Mother, just once, for the sake

of my child.

Please be a little lenient.

Tell me, I’ll go and bring, Gehna back.[Basant]


There is no need, Basant.

This isn’t the first child here

that we can’t raise…

…and we’ve to beg to that wretched girl.

Your mother still has

so much strength….

To raise even 4 children like him.

And I’ll show you.

I’ll raise the son without

his mother.

I’ll raise him in such a way…

that you won’t know

he has no mother. [Kalyani Devi]


Balika Vadu Cast

~Kalyani Devi Dharamveer

Singh/Dadisa~(Surekha Sikri)

~Basant Dharamveer Singh/Basant Mahaveer Singh~

(Satyajit Sharma)

~Sumitra Bhairon Singh~ (Smita Bansal)

~~Balika Vadu~~



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Someone In Love With Me: A Gentleman, the movie


I want more from life

someone in love with me

someone I could fall in love with

a family

a beautiful house

a garden

a tree in the garden

a dog running around the tree…..


Rishai Purohit (Sidharth Malhotra)

~A Gentleman~




Laagi Na Choote Full Audio Song: A Gentleman-Movie

Sidharth Malhotra. Jacqueline Hernandez.







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~He Left Me Captivated~Aapke Aa Jaane Se: Prince Sahil & Princess Vedika


He Came Like The Wind, Saved My Life And Left Without A Word

~Vedika Mathur~(Suhasi Dhami)~

Aapke Aa Jaane Se


Aapke Aa Jaane Se: Romance Is In The Air


The first time…..

ever I saw your face

I thought the sun

….rose in your eyes

and the moon and the stars

were the gifts you gave

to the dark

and the endless sky


the first time

….ever I kissed your mouth

I felt the earth

move in my hands

Like the trembling heart….

…..of a captive bird

That was there

at my command

my love


the first time

….ever I lay with you

I felt your heart….

….so close to mine

And I knew our joy…

….would fill the earth

and last

…..till the end of time

My love….


The first time

…..ever I saw

…..your face

your face…..

your face….


Roberta Flack”

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Lyrics



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