Letting Go Of Sentimental Clutter

It seems just the act of letting go of some things makes it so much easier to let go of even more things. But being emotionally attached to things makes it even harder to let go.

I swear I can’t let go of that old ratty pink sweater my mother once wore and that old worn bible she gave me as a teenager, my childhood photos and my son’s baby shoes and rattle seems the hardest and then there’s my father’s old black leather wallet and all the birthday, anniversary and valentine day cards my husband ever gave to me.

As far back as I could remember I’ve always been the kind of person that wanted to live a minimalist lifestyle, but there were times I was always so close but never close enough. I tell you I always admired people whose lives are full but with less stuff taking up their space.

Each spring I make the attempt by clearing more space. We take the time to DE-clutter, freshen, clean, give away and throw away things that no longer serve a purpose.

This week we got rid of at least four huge plastic bags full of stuff from the kitchen, the laundry area, two closets and a ton of old blankets we no longer find useful. And it felt wonderful! To me it’s like shedding pounds from your body.

In the past there was the time we had so much more stuff tucked away nice and neatly in closets and what woke me up was when we started packing to move across country from the city. I tell you there were days when I had thoughts of packing only one suit case of clothes and then walk away from all the rest. LOL!

So as we packed we let go, we threw away, sold and we gave away things until reduced by half. Then moving truck day came, we still had too much stuff and we were forced to throw away more.

Minimalist bathroom with colorful details

this image is at: http://www.decoist.com/2013-05-13/minimalist-interior-design-ideas/minimalist-bathroom-with-colorful-details/

Once at our new home we had to move out some of the stuff that was already in the house and sheds and as we unloaded our stuff we let go of even more stuff. And so every year ever since it’s been a mission of learning to let go of even more stuff. We stopped buying more things only replaced major appliances such as a refrigerator or stove.

Now if you were to walk into my house today the first thing you’d notice is how the freshly painted walls are bare in every room except for the living room. There’s only two beautiful pieces of art and one photo on the wall in that room and it’s made a huge difference in that the house feels more open and clear.

The second thing you would notice is the nick knacks are gone. Reduced by half and kept in one place, in a glass cabinet for display in one room.

Finally we have two rooms in the house that are totally clutter free now. YAAHOO! And those rooms are the master bedroom and the living room.

Our front and back yard and porch are clutter free and simple. All that’s required is the grass cut every two weeks and rose bushes trimmed once a year. I cannot tell you how nice it is to sit on the porch or to roll up to the house and see it is clear, clean and clutter free. But getting there took a lot of emotional work.

The only areas left to go are my sitting room, a spare bedroom, two closets and I still have some unused crafts and some holiday decorations that needs to go. Then to cut down on the amount of books to half again because we got rid of half last spring too.

Some people suggest we put things in a shed or pay for outside storage but I prefer to get rid of it all little by little and once and for all. Paying money in storage to me is like money being thrown in the garbage. Paying someone to hold on to things that could be sold or let go makes more sense.

Then the final thing for me would be to let go of more of my own clothing.

As far as my clothing is concerned. I’d still like to reduce the amount of clothes I own by half and then to only twenty items. I was thinking to sticking with just two colors and three styles. Doing that can reduce the anxiety and stress of finding and deciding on what to wear each day.

I want only twelve everyday garments to be of two colors, either black or white and have three styles of clothing of either a dress, skirt or blouse.

And have on reserve in the back of my closet three dressy garments and three pretty multi color dresses I really love and let all the rest of my clothes go. I tell you too many choices that goes along with having too many clothing can be such a burden after a while.

I’d like to reduce my winter coats and shoes to half of what I own. As I got rid of half and I still want to get rid of half more.

Next I see myself working on the little things, such as my jewelry box and bringing down the number of pieces to only a few and let the rest go.

Each spring so far my husband and I let go of three or more huge plastic bags full of stuff. And each time we do it I still feel a bit frustrated because it feels we are not progressing as fast as I’d like to see us go, but I remind myself by thinking about how far we have come and that we are much closer to our goals of less and less stuff.

It’s been five years since on this journey and habits are hard to break. Having emotional attachment to stuff is crippling to say the least. Its more difficult when you have more then one person living in the same space as well.

The fact that it benefits all in the household, being in a space that is clear of so much stuff and where life is more structured and things are easier to find is obvious. It allows more time to do the things we love doing and less time cleaning all that stuff. I think it’s spiritual too because in a clear, clean and uncluttered space allows clearer thinking and time for more creativity. I already can feel the benefits of letting go of what we have so far and I don’t regret it.

So yeah, a little here and a little there, we are more than half way there.

Maybe I won’t let go of my mothers pink sweater, my fathers wallet, my son’s baby shoes, rattle, that old bible and my childhood photo’s but I will let go of some of those sentimental cards, maybe not all but some I will keep. I know one day I will look up and have nothing else to let go except for the things I need and truly want. The things I must keep I will put in a small box for safe keeping, but for right now I’ll settle for the progress we’ve made so far because each year that we work on it brings us that much closer to achieving our goals.

Just a little bit more to go and we will have it accomplished.

2014 minimalist kitchen interior image | Interior Design

This image is at: http://www.interiordesign777.com/2013/11/25/2014-minimalist-kitchen-interior-image/

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Keepin It Movin! Makin Weight Loss Wishes

Keep it movin... | Words to live by | Pinterest

this image is at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/33565959693165044/



‘Keep On Movin’

Well friends, it’s that time. Time to focus on shedding pounds again. So it’s time to get movin! And so it’s only been two days now since I started up.

I got on the scale last week and saw that instead of my weight going down or staying the same it has increased by ten (10) pounds. Oh no this has got to stop ASAP. LOL!

So what’s a girl like me to do. Well it’s boot camp time now.

I’m wishin for the loss of at least twenty pounds (20 lbs) by the end of June and then another twenty (20) by the end of August. It sounds kinda hard but I do propose I’ll do this or else my name is not Betty Boop, boop boopy do. LOL!

Betty Boop - Betty Boop Photo (3017628) - Fanpop

this image is at: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/betty-boop/images/3017628/title/betty-boop-photo

So I purchased a composition note book from the dollar store the other day and I made it so pretty and girly girl looking on the outside (got to unleash a little crafty expressions.) And so I use this book now to write down my meal plans and my exercise routine plans for the week.

English: Jenny Craig, Inc. logo

English: Jenny Craig, Inc. logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to say that this girl here cannot afford the high prices of these mail order weigh loss program meals these days like from Jenny Craig, Nutri System or Weight Watchers and even if I had the so called money I still wouldn’t spend my money like that either.

I feel it is totally wasteful. Imagine spending five hundred dollars or more on meals for one person for a month thru their mail order plans. Well I guess it’s ok for some but not for me. Oh no not for me.

So I have decided to stock my freezer with a few weight watchers, smart ones and lean cuisine frozen meals because my grocery has sales on them very often. And to combine that with the help of my husband to pre cook some portion sized meals for breakfast and lunches. You know we can get creative, like I can DIY them to be just as good as the meals Jenny Craig sells like the pancakes, turkey bacon and homemade fresh soups, ect. I will freeze mostly everything that I can so that all I am doing it heating up meals all week long.

This week since my husband has been home so today we got busy and made a batch of pancakes and froze them and a whole package of turkey bacon.

I am planning to keep it simple as far as my lunches are concerned. Those meals will be low calorie homemade veggie soups and a big salad everyday.

My dinners will be the only real full course meal for the day. For instance for one day this week I am planning to have one cup of spaghetti and one cup of ground turkey tomatoe sauce and a vegetable. We roasted a whole chicken and eating from it today. So it will be a combo of home cooked meals and frozen foods. And a few days a week I will have a weight watcher, lean Cu, or smart ones dinner.

As far as snacks and desserts go, I’m allowing myself to have one snack or dessert everyday so I will not feel deprived. I saw some of the best looking desserts by weight watchers, smart ones and lean cuisine and I can always pop my own popcorn.

For last night I had one cup of popcorn and a piece of fruit for my snack and that really helped me not feel deprived. I am also planning this what I call “get rid of a sweet tooth recipe” that I got from this older lady I knew a few years ago. And it really does work as far as killing a sweet tooth is concerned in a low, low, low calorie way. It’s amazing how she put this together. It’s goo goo good. In that way I get to help calm my bad sweet tooth cravings. And I will post that simple recipe later this week.

Portion control is something that I am working really hard to focus on because I know that is where the problem lies for me. Its not always what I eat it is how much of it I am having.

Here’s what my breakfast menu’s will look like that I started yesterday. I love turkey bacon and could have it everyday. But I have to keep reminding myself that I can only have up to two slices per day and not three or four or the whole pack in one day, LOL! So I will behave for the next few months.

Also my work out plan goals are to get myself moving one extra day a week.

First Week Breakfast Menu:

Three strips of cooked Oscar Mayer brand turke...

Three strips of cooked Oscar Mayer brand turkey bacon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WEDENSDAY: 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices turkey bacon, ½ slice of wheat toast with 1 pat of butter, ½ cup of unsweetened apple sauce

THURSDAY: 2 medium sized pancakes, 2 slices of turkey bacon, 1 teaspoon of butter, 2 tablespoons of syrup, 1 cup of Mandarin oranges

FRIDAY: 1 cup of cooked Oatmeal, milk and stevia, 1 banana

SATURDAY: bowl of cold cereal, milk and applesauce

SUNDAY: 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices turkey bacon, ½ wheat toast with 1 pat of butter, peaches

MONDAY: 1 french toast, 2 slices turkey bacon, 2 tablespoons of syrup

TUESDAY: Cheese Omelet, 2 slices of turkey bacon

WEDENSDAY: 1 pancake, 2 slices turkey bacon, 2 tablespoons of syrup, applesauce.

First Week Workout Schedule”

WALK-walk out doors 15 minutes every other day AND at least 4 times a week. (rain days walk on treadmill instead)

OVERALL FULL BODY EXERCISE-Use a 20 minute work out videos every other day AND at least 4 times a week.

So that’s my plans and I will be back to post on problems, issues and successes. Drinking more water, tea at night should help too. So wish me luck!

Keep it movin! | Positive, Motivational Quotes | Pinterest

This image is at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/368028600771120056/

Keep It Movin' | Just Saying | Pinterest

this image is at: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/328270260311227642/

12 Weight Loss Diet Tips That Won’t Torture You

this image is at: http://losethosepoundz.com/12-weight-loss-diet-tips-that-wont-torture-you/

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Having Two Or More Husbands: Mahabharat & Fraternal Polyandry

Image result for polyandry

this image is at: https://www.pinterest.com/hairsangels/polyandry/

Arjuna won Draupadi at the Swayamvara

and returned home with her and his four brothers

and shouted “Look mother, what we have brought.”

Kunti, without knowing what Arjuna was referring to,

unassumingly shouted back to her son

Whatever it is, share it amongst all five of you.”

So Draupadi had to marry not just Arjun,

but the rest of his four brothers

and thus all five brothers accepted

Draupadi as their wife.


The other day while talking on the phone with an old friend, the subject came up about husbands. And when I say husbands I mean it in the plural sense of more than one. Well anyway, this friend of mine had never married and so asked me what it’s like to have a husband. So I shared my thoughts and views and the next thing she said was “Imagine if you had two husbands instead of one.” So I asked her if she wanted two husbands. She laughed and said she would only if her luck changes in finding the first one and if he would agree to allow her have the second one. I laughed and laughed.

So that conversation led my mind to thinking about a past incident and the reason I remember it so well is because it happened around the same time when my husband and I were newlyweds.

What happened is my husbands close friend was very flirtatious with me behind my husbands back and asked me to marry him in which I felt was kind of odd being that he knew I was already married. His desire for this to happen led him to openly ask my husband about doing it. Well to make a long story short, I didn’t feel I could handle something like that with being a newlywed and my husband and I were so deeply in love. Plus the fact that I had old fashioned traditional christian values and views about marriage relationships. It was my belief that I could only have and marry one man for life.

After our conversation a few days ago I began to do some research on the topic and found the definition of a woman having one or more husband’s is called polyandry. I never heard of that word in my life. So that lets you know where my head is. LOL!

Polyandry is mostly forbidden by the Judaism, Christianity and Islamic religious faiths but was once widely practiced by Mormons. Polyandrous behavior is found in a vast amount of the animal kingdom.
Image result for polyandry

this image is at: https://www.laprogressive.com/polyamory/

I read that the practice of Fraternal Polyandry existed all over the world at different times and is still going on in some remote regions of the world. To name a few places, it’s been practiced in Europe, Tibet, North America by the Aleut people during the 19th century, South America by the Amazonian, the Baroros and the Tupi-Kiwahib peoples, Oceania, Africa and also among Asian peoples in the Southern and Northern part of India like Punjab, Keralam, Northern Nepal and in Sri Lanka and other various parts of the high Himalayas of India.

The custom of bringing home one wife to marry and be shared by several or up to five brothers was the norm. Some of the reasons it was practiced was for the purpose of maintaining and keeping family estates in tact over generations and to compensate for gender imbalance because the men were out numbered due to the practice of forced abortions of girls and the murder of baby girls.

In the Hindu religion polyandrous relations is not common nor accepted and the only time it seems to be mentioned is regarding the Indian mythology surrounding the famous Hindu epic of Mahabharata.

Draupadi as humiliated in Virata's durbar by K...

Draupadi as humiliated in Virata’s durbar by Kichaka (left). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched and thoroughly enjoyed the movie “Mahabharat” the latest version that aired on TV last year. Whose character I enjoyed the most was the woman named Draupadi.

In the story Draupadi was forced but destined to marry five brothers.

Arjuna who was the third son of the five Pandavas brothers won Draupadi as a prize possession at a Swayamvara (the old Indian practice of choosing a husband amongst a list of other male suitors by a girl) and so he returned home with her along with his four brothers and shouted out to his mother Kunti who was inside the hut “Look mother, what we have brought.” Kunti had no idea as to what Arjuna was referring to when he said this and so she shouted back to her son “Whatever it is, share it amongst all five of you.”

And thus the story goes as this, Draupadi had to marry not just Arjuna, but she had to be shared with all the rest of the four brothers. In their obedience to their mothers words (all five brothers were the sons of King Pandu of Hastinapur) they went on and accepted Draupadi as their wife.

The central figure is Yudhisthira. The two to ...

The central figure is Yudhisthira. The two to his left are Bhima and Arjuna; Nakula and Sahadeva, the twins, are to his right. Their wife, at far right, is Draupadi. Deogarh, Dasavatar temple. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All five sons were born as a result of boons granted by several different gods to Kunti and Princess Madri (King Pandu’s wives) because King Pandu was forbidden to ever make love to either one of his wives for he was under a curse to die if he so much as touched them.

So it wasn’t until later that Kunti realized her son Arjuna wasn’t talking about a food item or alms but instead he’d brought home a daughter-in-law for her. Therefore by the time it was realized it was too late because the words had already been spoken by Kunti. So she was sorrowful to have let the wrong words leave her lips and it was due to their age old customs, the Pandavas (the five brothers) had to obey their mothers words. Kunti also had another son previously before her marriage to King Pandu and his name was Karna but his existence was kept secret for many years and was later revealed after the famous Kurukshetra war between the Pandayas brothers against their wicked cousins.

English: Draupadi and Pandavas

English: Draupadi and Pandavas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Later on in the story Lord Krishna consoles Kunti and reveals to her that it was already part of Draupadi’s destiny to marry the five brothers and it’s not because of some words she mistakenly blurted out.

So I guess knowing this made her feel better in that she wasn’t the cause of what happened.

Lord Krishna further explained that Draupadi was being granted her desire’s from her past life as she requested of Lord Shiva to be blessed with a husband who possessed five of the best qualities a man could offer.

Qualities such as great physical strength, piousness and swordsmanship, perfect archery skills, patience and good looks is what she asked for, all of which the Pandavas possessed.

Now actually Draupadi was doing nothing more then following in the footsteps of her mothers-in-law who was married to seven brothers and her great-grandmother who was married to ten. So Fraternal Polyandry was common and practiced among the women of her Vedic family clan.

I tell you I cannot wrap my mind around trying to spend quality time with seven to ten husband’s who also happen to be royalty? But I have to admit that it was a lot of fun learning so much about this subject just by reading from a few articles online and by watching a few documentaries available on YouTube. I feel so enlightened.


Image result for polyandry

this image is at: http://1080.plus/Polyandry_and_Other_Thoughts_on_Marriage_Relationships_et_cetera_by_CuteCatFaith/mTw5_ZXSBkU.video

I watched on YouTube “Brother Husbands on BLT”


This was by far the most comical of the videos I watched on Youtube. I could not stop laughing while watching this one woman and her four husbands all sitting on a couch being interviewed and questioned about their lifestyle.

I’d like to invite you to Google Brother Husbands on BLT and take a peek at it. Feel free to let me know what you think about it or any thoughts you’d care to share on this subject.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and thank you so much friends for stopping by my blog today!


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Bangles, Bindis & Saath Nibhana Saathiya

When Meera was told the good news 

that her husband Dharam was alive and not dead, immediately

she asked Gopi for bangles and Kokila gave her a bindi.


The traditional Indian wife is most dazzling and she sparkles from head to toe with all kinds of embellishments showing off her marital status.

She wears a sari, a mangalsutra ( a necklace that acts as a wedding ring) vermillion/sindoor (worn in the part of hair) Nath (a nose ring) Jhumka (earrings) Baajuband (armlets) Bichua (toe rings) Maang-Tikka (jewel placed in part of hair) Choodiyan (bangles) Mehndi (henna designs) Hathphool (rings with a central flower like medallion) Kajal (black eyeliner) Payal or pajeb (anklets with bells) and bindis (a jeweled dot or sindoor placed in the middle of the forehead) and she does this because she’s wanting to look like the image of the goddess Lakshmi who is their goddess of wealth.

These embellishments/adornments are the signs of being married and is a very important part of their culture because the very act is considered the cornerstone of having a happy and healthy marriage.

So their strong belief is that by wearing these embellishments a wife is contributing to the long life and well being of her husband.

Choodiyan (bangles) are believed to be a protection for husbands, while bindis are often known to help strengthen the libidos of women. So that’s why with the Hindus faith it is tradition that after the death of their husband the womens glass wedding bangles are broken in an act of mourning. Also all of these symbols are discreetly removed and not worn any longer.

So I say it all has to do with what a person chooses to believe is true for themselves because for some Indian women the bindi is worn just to complement Indian attire such as saris, salwar suits, lehenga and Chunni/Duppata and some of the modern day Indian woman may not believe in any of this and so choose not to wear these symbols at all, so the choice is all theirs.

As I am not an Indian woman nor of their faith but I adore the culture and the traditional attire. So when I choose my outfit/attire to wear, I like to wear bindis on my forehead or tiny diamond like bindis on the upper side of one of my cheeks on my face because I feel they are so beautiful and feminine looking. They complement and beautify whatever I wear and give my look an extra special touch, so for that reason I absolutely do adore them.

English: bangles

English: bangles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~Saath Nibhana Saathiya~

~Meeraa Modi-Suryavanshi (Tanya Sharma)~

~Dharam Suryavanshi (Amar Upadhyay)~

~Gopi Modi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee)~

~Vandana Pathak (Gaura Suryavanshi)~

~Rupal Patel (Kokila Modi)~


Culture Club Collect – 12" Mixes Plus/Rem...

Culture Club Collect – 12″ Mixes Plus/Remix Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


CULTURE CLUB – “TIME” (Clock Of The Heart)

(I love this song! Melody and voice, so amazing)



Bride (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


this image is at: http://www.penmai.com/forums/misc-fashion/44123-beautiful-bindis.html

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No Bake Strawberry Topped Coconut Oat Treat

No Bake Strawberry Topped Coconut Oat Treat Recipe


Dry Ingredients:

5-6 cups of rolled oats (or Quaker oats/not instant)

3 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut

1-2 Tablespoons of unsweetened coco powder

1-2 teaspoons of ginger powder (optional)

1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder (optional)

2-3 packets of Stevia (optional)


Wet Ingredients:

2-3 Tablespoons of raw honey

2-3 Tablespoons of local honey

½ stick of butter (optional)

1 cup of coconut oil

1-2 Tablespoons of vanilla extract

1 cup of strawberry jam or preserves (as much or little as needed)



1 medium mixing bowl

1 small pot


Individual portion sized glass or plastic containers or bowls with a top



1. Heat all of the wet ingredients in a small pot on low flame until it all melts (takes about a minute or so) then set it aside.

2. Mix together the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.

3. Combine the wet ingredients with the dry and stir well.

4. Pour the mixture into small individual portion sized containers (be sure to smash it in tightly) then

5. Coat the top of mixture with strawberry jam or preserves.

6. Cover and refrigerate a few hours.

You can sprinkle over the jam/preserves a bit of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sliced almonds, yogurt coated almond pieces or yogurt coated pretzel bits, pecan pieces, raisins, cranberries, a dollip of fresh sour cream, cream cheese or yogurt or even more shredded coconut if you like. Live a little!

I love to have this with a bit of blue cheese chunks on the side and a glass of iced cold ginger beer. (I must post my ginger beer recipe because it is quite delicious) What can I say I have some strange taste buds yall. LOL!

So this is one of our (my husband and mine) very sweet favorite chewy weekend snack that is so easy to make. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and may you all have

A Wonderful Weekend!

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Here We Go Again! Aunn~Zara (A Pakistani Serial)

After all we’ve been through, baby, well

I keep comin back to you

Here we go again….

by ISLEY BROTHERS~”Here We Go Again”

Aunn~Zara is a Pakistani serial which started today midweek right after the ending of the amazing serial Jackson Heights. So when I first saw the name Aunn~Zara, right away my mind thought on the movie Veer~Zaara with Shah Rukh Khan but, then I thought this is a serial, not a movie and nothing close to Veer~Zaara as far as content. But I can tell you one thing about this serial, it is by far the funniest one I’ve ever watched and not bad for the first day.

Just two minutes into the show I found that I couldn’t help but to laugh so hard, because today’s episode was extremely and I repeat extremely hilarious! I swear I could not stop laughing at Aunn (Osman Khalid Butt) and his family members. The thing is he is the only male of a family of women who pamper him to death. LOL! He cannot feed himself nor get dressed or even drive himself to work. Nor can he keep a job because his granny shows up cutting down the boss, so this week he lost yet another job. LOL!

I tell you that this one has got to be the most funniest serial I have watched yet! OMG! So, so, so, so hilariously funny and I am not kidding. And I forgot to mention that his mother drives him back and forth to the jobs too. Can you see how impossible it might be for this grown man to live in a house with women who won’t allow him to do anything on his own. And he complains about it and is not happy at all with this crazy arrangement. It’s obvious he feels overly suffocated by all this attention he gets or should I say love he gets from this family of all women.

Well here we go again with another good serial to watch. And I say we because while I watch I am talking to my husband about it at the same time it’s all going on. I tell you I cannot wait to tune in tonight for more. Such a doggone funny serial, really! LOL!

lol on a candy heart

lol on a candy heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~Partial List Of Cast-

Osman Khalid Butt as Aunn

Maya Ali as Zara

Nasreen Qureshi as Aunn’s paternal grandmother

Baby Makin' Music

Baby Makin’ Music (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





Well, yeah, oh


What do you do when you love somebody

And everything is going wrong? Oh, no

Nobody knows the way you feel about it

Cause only you know, you can’t leave it alone

Oh, here we go again, oh, here we go again

I thought what we had was over

Here we go again, ooh, hoo

Oh, here we go again


What do you do when you love somebody

And you decide to go it alone? Oh, no, no

It never pays to give up on someone

When on the inside the feeling is strong


Oh, here we go again, oh, here we go again

I thought what we had was over now

(Here we go again)

Ooh, baby, oh, here we go again, ah


After all we’ve been through, baby, yeah

I keep comin back to you now

Out of all the women in the world

I keep comin back to you, yeah, baby


What do you do when you love somebody

And realize you’re walking away? Oh, no, no

You hesitate when its time for leaving

You and I know its never too late


Oh, here we go again, here we go again

Don’t ever say its over now

(Here we go again)

Ooh, baby, here we go again, oh


After all we’ve been through, baby, well

I keep comin back to you now

Out of all the sweet women of the world

I keep comin back to you, yeah, baby, oh


After all we’ve been through, baby, yeah

I keep comin back to you now

Out of all the women in the world

I keep comin back to you, yeah, baby

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Heart & Soul~ Jackson Heights~ The Final Loving Episode~

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street ...

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street at Jackson Diner on a mostl cloudy midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


KENNY G- Heart and Soul (Instrumental)


..Mr. Imran Bhatti might have been

the loving heartbeat….

but, my lady Salma was

with utmost certainty

the soul of their love story.


This was a tale of love that ended way too soon. Jackson Heights has become my number one serial love story of the season but, I must explain it’s no ordinary tale of love but, different in that it’s so refreshingly raw and mature.

Michelle took a chance on new and young love in spite of her past failed marriage and hurt feelings. Hers was a mature love because although Jamshed was selfish and wronged her, she knew deep inside exactly what he did do for her. She appreciated how incredible he made her feel, she was changed for the better, even if it was just for a short while. She felt happiness and came alive as she was head over hills with blind infatuation for Jamshed.

In the end she saw what he needed and wanted to give that to him. She forgave him although he broke her heart. As she was leaving for London to make a new start, she wore a bright red scarf which said a lot about how much she’d changed.

But listen, I will always wonder just exactly what was in that envelope she gave Jamshed as she met up with him for one last time. I am guessing it had something to do with his ability to have continued living in America and to attend college because he only had two weeks left on his visa. So I think it was a really very sweet touch to their love story. I agree, why be nasty and mean with someone just because things did not work out.

I am kinda happy for Jamshed in that he seems to have learned a deep lesson in all of this. I think he really did have feelings for her though.

Anyway who knows what the future holds? Although she left for London, maybe they will meet up again one day in the future. You know ex lovers sometimes are fortunate enough to find each other again. So I dream about the possibility of a Jackson Heights Part Two in the makings. That sure would be nice.

Lilium bulbiferum in habitat, Tyrol, Austria

Lilium bulbiferum in habitat, Tyrol, Austria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Now with regard to Salma’s vulnerability, it was very well portrayed by her, the moments she cried and became so emotional made it apparent that she was always trying to do what was best. But her heart was breaking each day she remained without Mr. Bhatti in her life.

Thank goodness Iman gave Salma back her life and released her by handing Salma a divorce decree signed by her father Sikander and assured her that she will do alright without her presence there. So as mother and daughter hugged and cried together, I too could not help but to shed a few tears for them.

Also when Mr. Bhatti signed over his share of the house to his brother after his mother died, I knew his generosity knew no bounds. Especially since it was his brother and sister in law’s neglect that caused their mother’s death. He didn’t hold back on expressing how he felt about things, so as he was leaving to move into his own place he told his brother not to take care of the house in the same way he took care of their mother. Wow! He sure left them with much to ponder over.

So I just loved it when Salma walked up to Mr. Bhatti as she was shinning, glowing, smiling and so happy! YES! I adored that moment! So when she walked in asking him for his driving services. He must have wanted someone to pinch him because he was shocked to see her there with him. Still he sheepishly pretended not to care but, the truth is that he really did care while being a little protective of his heart for those few seconds. Because he had to be sure, or else how was he to know that she was there only to be with him. So he coyly asked her (in front of his fellow employees) just for how long will she be needing his driving services then she unabashedly said in one single word…. (uh how about) forever.

OMG! No she didn’t! She had the gumption to say forever! It was a pleasure to see Mr. Bhatti’s face light up in happiness. Salma’s presence caused him to dream again because immediately his mind traced back to the wonderful moments they shared.

I tell you, Mr. Imran Bhatti might have been the loving heartbeat of their growing relationship but, my lady Salma was with utmost certainty the soul of their love story.

Hmmmm, hmmmmm

I love you a lot, my dear

I love you a lot, my dear

my heart has been broken

my heart has been broken

I’m broken

my dear I’ve lost you


I lost the world of

happiness when I lost you

now I would never have

tears in my eyes


I’ll swim with you

and drown with you


I’ll live with you

and die with you


don’t measure

the depth of my love


don’t measure

the depth of my love


my heart has been broken

my dear, I’ve lost you


Jackson Heights Title Song- “Laiyan Laiyan”


Jackson Heights Cast

~Michele (Marina Khan)~

~Imran Bhatti (Norman Ejaz)~

~Salma (Aamina Sheikh)~

~Jamshed (Adeel Hussain)~


Jackson Heights 1

Jackson Heights 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I give thanks and send good wishes to the cast and crew for creating such a sweet drama, leaving memories of an amazing show in my heart. I like to think about the times of seeing Salma walking on her way home from work, Sikander and Jamshed walking down the busy bustling streets and that time Jamshed was passing that American flag in lights. And for all the amazing scenes of Mr. Bhatti driving his cab throughout the city and especially for that time he walked down the street carrying those beautiful flowers to meet up with Salma. Scenes I grew to love of the streets of Jackson Heights.


I don’t think it’s a crime,

asking you to be mine…

body and soul (body and soul)

that’s the way it’s got to be

Ooh, baby come to me

Cause I’m ready to say I do…


~By SOUL GENERATION~That’s The Way It’s Gotta Be (Body and Soul)

English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : U...

English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : Une rose rouge avec des gouttes de rosée (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Can You Stop The Rain? Jackson Heights

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street ...

English: Looking northeast across 74th Street at Jackson Diner on a mostl cloudy midday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Won’t you chase my clouds away?

I’d give anything to see the sun again

Only you can stop these tears from falling

I can’t face another day…. Can you stop the rain?

Everywhere I go I feel you there

Following my footsteps like a shadow

Of my broken heart

~Can You Stop The Rain by PEABO BRYSON~

Mr. Bhatti’s lost everything dear to him, first Salma didn’t show, as he went back to Pakistan alone and to stay for good. Then a few days after his arrival his beloved mother passed on.

Salma is miserable because she couldn’t walk away from her step daughter’s life so she’s left with a husband who may have really changed and a mother in law who may have realized the error of her ways, but all too late because Salma’s heart is with Mr. Bhatti who is long gone now.

Jamshed’s finally been exposed as Michelle now knows the truth, that he was only marrying her for citizenship and all the benefits he’s been enjoying being Michelle’s husband to be.

Yeah so I guess there is some validity to the old saying that “when things go wrong, they really can go wrong” as life throws curve balls at a rapid pace sometimes and hearts get broken.

Misfortune seems to have spread like a plague and happened all at once and so quickly, because it’s been one bad incident right after the other.

So now that Mr. Bhatti is grieving over his losses as he and Salma are worlds apart, Jamshed and Michelle’s relationship is a thing of the past, so you just wonder what could possibly be in store for the rest of the show or is there still hope. Is it possible that these romances are not quite yet over but that they’ve only just begun?

There’s so much more we can do….

let me show you. We gonna do so many things together.

~We’ve Only Just Begun (The Romance Is Not Over) by GLENN JONES~


Jackson Heights Cast

~Michele (Marina Khan)~

~Imran Bhatti (Norman Ejaz)~

~Salma (Aamina Sheikh)~

~Jamshed (Adeel Hussain)~


English: 'Singin' in the rain', a floribunda r...

English: ‘Singin’ in the rain’, a floribunda rose. Belongs to Rosa. Garden origin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes when things go wrong

it’s because they would have turned out worse

if they had gone right. ~Mark Amend~

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I’ve Got The Sweetest Hangover~Shah Ruhk Khan (SRK) ~DIWALE 2015 IS AMAZING!

I got the sweetest hangover, I don’t want to get over…..

Don’t call the doctor, don’t call my momma, don’t call the preacher.

No I don’t need it, I don’t want it!

Love Hangover by DIANA ROSS


OM~Goodness gracious of life! Finally I watched DIWALE 2015 on DVD and “IT” was AMAZING! SRK is the smoothest, coolest, most romantic, handsome, charming and loveable man in India! That’s right I said it! He literally takes my breath away! That man can charm the socks out of your boots! LOL! After watching this movie I know it’s true that I’m officially in love.

This movie has romance, excitement, action and is so very amusing and funny. I found myself laughing so many times throughout the movie and having such a wonderful time. SRK just made my heart tickle. This man has the most charming moves! I tell you he looks great with that amazing beard. Honestly I adore him with or without the beard. The looks the man creates for his fans is awesome!

And of course Kajol was looking so good too. She’s a natural beauty. I just adored the beautiful dresses she wore as well. Especially during their performance to the song “Geura” as her dresses were so bright, beautiful, colorful and luxuriously flowing.

English: Bollywood actress Kajol

English: Bollywood actress Kajol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I liked the scene when he met Kajol for the first time as he got out the car to gently help her up off the ground as she sat on a nearby bench due to him almost running her down with the car. OMG! And the music during that scene was just as awesome. So yeah it was love at first sight for them during that scene.

I tell you, I find it to be so cute and so funny to watch as he start out with being super macho then watch how he reacts and changes once his eyes fall upon Kajol. I love it! Just love it!

One of my most favorite scenes was watching SRK’s charms in action as he and Kajol was on quickie five minute date because that’s all the time Kajol would give him to be with her that day. It was so cute and so very funny seeing him race around trying to make the date as special as possible with the little time he had.

I also liked as he turned into the fearless hooded or masked Kaali. Damn Kaali could whip some ass! LOL!

English: Johny Lever

English: Johny Lever (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also applaud Johnny Lever (Mani Bhai) because this guy is so hyped! He’s such a good actor and so doggone amazingly funny in this movie too.

Varun and Kriti are adorable together and I was so happy to see they were finally allowed to get married to each other in spite of their crime families issues.

I couldn’t wait until Diwale came on dvd and so I am so glad to have finally seen it. I am hooked on SRK movies! Here I am singing out loud………..

If there’s a cure for this, I don’t want it, don’t want it. If there’s a remedy I’ll run from it, run from it. Think about it all the time. Never let him out of my mind cause I love you!

I got the sweetest hangover, I don’t want to get over. The sweetest hangover. Yeah so don’t call the doctor, don’t call my momma, don’t call the preacher. No I don’t need it, I don’t want it! HA..Ha…haaa!

Yeah so I’ve added Diwale 2015 to my shelf/list along with all my other SRK movies that I LOVE and adore.


Shah Rukh Khan (Raj Randhir Bakshi/Kaali)

Kajol (Meera Dev Malik)

Varun Dhawan (Veer Randhir Bakshi)

Kriti Sanon (Ishita Dev Malik)

Varun Sharma (Sidhu)

Johnny Lever (Mani Bhai)

Boman Irani (King)

Love Hangover

Love Hangover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Contradictory Relationships — Blessandinspire’s Blog

I had to laugh when I saw the signs Open and Always Open and then….Closed. It reminded me of people I know and I’m sure you know some too. You are never exactly sure if they are open to you or closed to you. You get that they aren’t warm fuzzy people and that everybody couldn’t […]

via Contradictory Relationships — Blessandinspire’s Blog

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