Stealing Your Boo…. Like A Buzzard Circling Prey: Swaragini-Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

To Steal Someone Else's

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You are very lucky Swara,  you’re undergoing a henna ritual for the second time….shall I inscribe the letter “S” [Ragini]

Unlike you, I don’t like to steal others’ lovers….. careful Ragini [Swara]


~Helly Shah as Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari~

~Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar as Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari~

~SWARAGINI-Jodein Rishton Ke Sur~

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Who Thinks Before Marrying? KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA

Dev and Maya meet as she sits

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[Maya] Excuse me…Excuse me… Please don’t mess the garden. I have just cleaned it up….

[Dev] Are you the gardener?

[Maya] What do you think?

[Dev] I think you have stolen the brides clothes…. Should I inform inside?

[Maya] Could you please leave me alone?

[Dev] Of course not, it’s your wedding and you are sitting outside here…why?

[Maya] Do you have a problem.

[Dev] Not directly… But indirectly I do…. my mother has a problem. The faster you go inside, the faster my mother can leave from here.. (he sits beside her on the bench and she slides down and away from sitting too close to him quickly)

[Maya] You are a strange man…you sat down?

[Dev] Should I lie down and chat? One to one discussions always happen sitting down…DISCUSSION? Yes… I know you have a problem….. Come on… Talk to me… tell me your problem…

[Maya] Why should I discuss my problem with you?

[Dev] So you admit you have a problem. By the way, I don’t take advice from anyone…. but I’m always ready to give advise to others… You should always listen to strangers… sometimes they know better then our own…

[Maya] are you married? (he holds out his left hand ring finger)

[Dev] Einstein…’s five years today……

[Maya] What did you think before marrying?

[Dev] Who thinks before marrying? Just kidding…. Rhea and me, are friends from college…… So we thought we’d give our friendship a new meaning….. besides what can be better than spending….your entire life with your friend?

[Maya] At times friendship replaces love and then there’s no space left for love…

[Dev] Yeah…yeah… By the way, the guy waiting for you inside….. is he your friend or your love? You can’t take that long… (she smiles)

[Maya] I have known Rishi since childhood… after my parents died, Rishi and his father have been my family…

[Dev] Oh… what a sweet family… But that’s not the answer to my question… Do you love him?

[Maya] I do… But not the way I thought I would….

[Dev] Like how? Like in good books and bad films? That kind of love?

[Maya] No…. The way love ought to be… That kind of love…..

[Dev] That kind of love….. But where does it exist anymore? Listen to this…. The sagas of everlasting romances have gone past long ago…. Just learn to make do with tiny love stories….

[Maya] Does that mean you don’t love your wife? You can’t take that long…. (she smiles and he laughs)

[Dev] We are happy…. We have made our little world together…..

[Maya] That’s not the answer to my question…

[Dev] The question here is more about your life than my answer… You are at the crossroad in life where there are two roads… One that leads to happiness, which I think you deserve… and the other that leads to an endless wait…. Wait for love… Which you may never find…

[Maya] What if I find that love after marriage?

[Dev] If you don’t look for it… you won’t find it… And you are definitely not finding it sitting on this bench… (she smiles and looks him in the eyes) Go inside and get married… The wedding is waiting for you… and here you are sitting with a stranger making small talk.. You should be ashamed… What will people say? Shame on you… Go on… go…. go and get married…Go.. (he stands up)

[Maya] It was nice talking to you….

[Dev] Well… I’d rather be playing football… But it was a pleasure to meet you, Ma’am… (he bows to her, then she stands)

[Maya] I’m Maya

[Dev] Dev… Dev Anand…. bad one…. Now go fast, get married and be happy…. Good bye… Sayonara…. Goodbye…

[Maya] Not good bye… Goodbye kills the hope of meeting again…… And who knows? We may meet again… (he looks at her with a smile and salutes, then they go their separate ways)

153 K Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

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~Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna lyrics ~

Just like fragrance merges into breeze…

and fades away…

Intense moment, with time…

Have a way of seeming like dreams…

Who knows? We may meet again yet…

You should never say goodbye…

Never say goodbye…

Never say goodbye…

Never say goodbye…


(as he is walking into ongoing traffic, he gets hit by a car

as she is at her wedding and the groom applies vermillion to the part in her hair)


Narrator: They say time heals all wounds…

But in some relationships, some wounds only get deeper with time…


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (soundtrack)

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

~Shah Rukh Khan as Dev~

~Rani Mukherji as Maya~


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Hell 2 Da Naw Naw! Bishop Bullwinka

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I am in love with Bishop Bullwinka….this man is so adorable and reminds me of my daddy!

But he is speaking da truth about all of what’s wrong and going on in the churches today.

Blowing up all the hypocrites and what not. It is so hilariously funny to watch. So I JUST had ta… do a post on it here on my blog today all in good fun.  In the meantime I hope everyone is enjoying…HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!


“Hell 2 Da Naw Naw-Official Video

(go quickly before it’s gone)

You will most definate like da tune and start singing along, humming along…LOL!

Shucks…..I want this song to be my ring tone.

Hell 2 Da Naw Naw - Offical

(this image is at:

And here’s an article on him about his new found fame.

“Hell 2 Da Naw Naw’: Plant City grandpa goes viral with music video”


Also I listened to an interview of his, he really seems like he is promoting good will. The man wants to see people do better with their lives instead of all the negativity that is going on these days. He says he is booked up til Christmas and will be going on tour with his rap/singing. I just love him!

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After The Fire (Pt. One)

Six area fire companies

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We lived in a two family house in Brooklyn and it was the upstairs neighbors kids who started the fire. Thank goodness everyone got out of the house in time and no one was hurt. Mom, my sisters, brothers and I was spread out to different homes until Mom found us a place to live. All we had left was the clothes on our backs for a while. Then eventually mom was able to buy us all clothes again.

The youngest ones which was me and my two brothers stayed with my mother and my older sisters and brothers settled in with friends and neighbors in the area. Back then family lived close by so we stayed with my brother and his wife for a month or two.

It was difficult staying there because my brothers wife did not like my mother at all. I felt so sorry for my mother back then because she was always trying her best to help around the house and keep us out of the way but my sister in law always found a reason to start an argument with my mother and would talk about her behind her back.

So the day came when we moved from Brooklyn to the Queens area and when I tell you it was the happiest day in my life back then, I mean just that because I was at the Junior high level but in Brooklyn there was no junior high school where we lived. So I was lumped in there with a bunch of mean high school girls. So the day we moved to Queens was a memorable day for me.

helo kitty alisha goodman's

(this image is at:

Even today I believe God must have heard the prayers of a little girl like me. I didn’t think I was going to make it through that High School in Brooklyn alive because of the girls that was in my circle, they were definitely a bunch of mean fighters. And it seemed there was a fight every single day after school. I hated going to that school so much it wasn’t even funny because I never felt safe. I remember one time talking to my mother about the fact that I felt I wasn’t going to make it alive in that school.

So I knew it must have been God protecting me because for some reason I was never noticed by these girls. When I say never noticed, I mean that they never wanted to fight with me. But they always fought with each other and for some reason no one ever thought to start a fight with me….. except for that time in elementary school when Beverly Jenkins used to pick on me all the time and my mother and sisters made me fight her back as they stood there making sure the fight was square and fair. Well that too is another story.

But anyway I felt in my heart that eventually these girls were going to get around to noticing me and wonder why no one ever had picked a fight with me yet. I mean those was some mean girls. It was way beyond being drama queens and cat fights. Those girls used to go as far as to hide razor blades in their pockets and didn’t think twice before passing one to the fighter so as to slice the other poor girls face up for life. They didn’t care. But I had to hang around with them if I wanted protection from the other girls they were against. It was fierce. It almost felt like I was in a girls gang or something like that.

These girls fights were planned days ahead and it seemed as if they had fighting down to a science. I remember how they used to join together and form teams to braid the hair of the two fighters. Then they’d put lots of grease on their faces just before the fights (the grease was used hoping that instead of scratching your face that the nails would just glide off and save your face. And the braiding of hair was done so that no one could pull your hair out your head or use your hair as a means to grabbing onto you and whipping your butt real bad.)

Then not only that but you had the perverts sitting in cars lined up along the blocks leading to the school. The amount of times I saw men watching us walking to school was many. That’s the reason we used to go to school in pacts because if you were ever walking that route to school alone the chances of you being grabbed up or snatched up by those freaks was high. So there was safety in numbers.

Black woman rubbing her eyes

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So the first morning I woke up in my new bed living in our new place in Queens, had me with a huge smile on my face. I was very relieved and happy because I knew I somehow survived and made it out of that jungle without so much of a scratch.

The first day in my new school which was a Junior High School instead of a High School, I began to meet new girls my age who were much nicer then the girls I was around in Brooklyn and they didn’t seem to spend their lives scheming and preparing for after school fights day in and day out. It was a new beginning and so that’s when I started to feel safer in school.

My older sisters went to the high school and life changed so much for us. It was a step up for sure because although you still had a fight here and there after school, even those fights weren’t as vicious. It wasn’t so easy but I did make new friends and so we gradually made the necessary adjustments.

But it wasn’t so easy for mother because she was a single parent and times had gotten really hard for her to provide for us. (Coming up in Part Two)

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Cuteness In Action

The Pink Ink

(this image is at:

I find that the best way to do get things done around the house is to look pretty. Whenever I do things like light cleaning, cooking, paying bills, sewing etc. I make sure that I am looking my best.

Yep, so I fix my hair really nice, do my nails, put on a pretty dress, apply the cutest make up and wear a real adorable apron and it feels so amazing because I feel encouraged and happy.

Pretty in Pink Letter Paper

(this image is at:

I always didn’t like it when it was around the time to pay the bills and was so miserable but when I surround myself in beauty it became less dreadful and much more pleasant.

What I did was get showered and fully dressed in a pretty dress, fix my nails and sit at a sunny table with fresh flowers in a vase, using a pretty (girly) jeweled calculator, any pretty colorful paper, pink ink pens, played soft music in the background and it changed my whole approach to the process.

Jeweled Calculator

This image is at:

And so it is with anything else that needs to be done.

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19 More Of My Favorite Things These Days

For decades, hats have been

(this image is at:

1.*To wear pretty feminine hats in the Summer


2. *****Mrs. Meyers Lavender Kitchen Counter Spray

Lenox Serveware, Opal

(this image is at:

3. ***Soup Serve ware


4. ***Cute Nail decals

5. **Indian nose chains

6. **Hair jewelry

Festa Moroccan Kaftan Sexy

(this image is at:

7. ***Moroccan Kaftans





8. ***Scented elegant draw liners


Fragrance sheet drawer liner

(this image is at:

9. ~Head bindi

10. ~Egyptian gift shops

11. ~Cooking blogs & channels

12. *Slushies

13. *Cute little footstools

14. **Wreaths

15. ***Old fashioned milk jars

Apple Blossom scented ink,

(this image is at:

16. ~~~Scented ink of many colors


Slim handmade ballpoint pen

(this image is at:

17. ***Pretty pens

18.**Feminine journals & Diaries

19. **Pretty book covers

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Chicken Fried Steaks

Do men love steaks or what! I tell you my husband is such a guy….LOL! He loves chicken fried steaks ya know. And I do not blame him.

But this is one thing I have never been successful at cooking :-( but I always wanted to really bad. For some reason I never could get the coating right, it always seemed to fall off the meat or stick to the pan.

So we always resorted to having them at diners whenever we had a taste for some. But recently my husband ordered some from Omaha Steaks and OMG! These people are the best at chicken fried steak. They are super, super delicious. All I had to do was heat them up for 20 minutes in a 300 degree oven and wa lah! Dinner or breakfast was served. LOL! :-)

There is no specific time to have them because they can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I can see myself having them with country bisquits and white gravy for breakfast with a side bowl of yellow grits or for lunch or dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and string beans. I declare I love country foods.

But I won’t give up. So when we do run out of them I am going to give it one more try on making them on my own. I found a delicious recipe at this link below and they look so easy to make here. Wish me luck! :-)

I love this woman’s cooking show and her blog. I am a fan and it’s one of my favorite cooking shows and blog.


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Country Young Mothers vs. City Young Mothers: Nutrition

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A little while back I was in the supermarket shopping with my husband for a few much needed items when I noticed a group of young women doing some grocery shopping as well with their little ones sitting in the carts. And yes I am nosy….(lol) I admit, but I wanted to see what they were buying. To my surprise their carts were filled with all sorts of nutritious foods and not too much junk foods. I saw all kinds of various vegetables, fresh fruits, meats, eggs, milk and butter. I also took a good look at the children s appearances. They looked so well fed, well dressed, bright eyed, bushy tailed, clean and happy. So yes I was so happy to have seen this. The mother’s were using food stamps and lovingly spoke to their children as they walked around the store. I tell you it was a pleasant site to see because when I was living in the city I rarely saw this.

10 Ways to Promote Kids'

(this image is at:

Most of the time in the city the children almost always looked tired and the mothers were filling the carts up with so much processed and junk food, it really used to bother me. And you’d see the child holding onto a McDonald’s meal box on top of that. Not that I have anything against having McDonald’s every now and then and I noticed that if they had milk and cereal in their carts it was because they had wic vouchers.

Mother and Daughter Grocery

(this image is at:×2046043/black-mother-and-child-at-computer)

So I think the young women in the south do a much better job at feeding their children with the right kinds of foods vs the young city women. I may be wrong but it’s what I have observed over many years while I shopped and I did much more shopping while living in the city then I did since moving here to the country.

Grocery Market

Grocery Market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a desire for me to reach out to young women while living in the city but I was not ready for the negative reaction I thought I might get. So I wished they would have realized how much healthier their families would be if they cooked instead of buying processed foods and ate the majority of their meals at home plus used more wholesome ingredients. And I know the problem for a lot of city dwellers is time. For some reason time sure does fly when you live in the city and it’s so easy to get real busy and grab food on the go. So I always thought to myself these mothers don’t have enough time or didn’t know how to plan very well.

Well since my older sister retired (she still lives in the city) it seems she is spending all of her free time with her grand kids these days, God bless her little heart. At least they live in the same city as she does. But I like that because she really does a good job with making sure kids are well taken care of, nurtured and eat right. So I know she is spoiling her grands and they are so blessed to have such an amazing grandmother.

But back to my topic I love it when I see the children here in the country. Most that I see are very well taken care of. And it looks like the mothers actually are cooking at home.

Sometimes I stop over to my neighbors house to see how she is doing because she takes care of other peoples children everyday for a living. But I do not like that she keeps them pent up in the house the whole time. So I encouraged her once to take them out for some air and for walks and she did it for a while but shortly after she has fallen back into the rut of keeping them indoors. Oh well what can I say…..I tried.

Countryside animals. “

(this image is at:

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Grown Folks Music Is What I Need

(this image is at:

I’m so hooked on “Grown Folks Music” it is just so irresistible.

I found this hour long amazing link on YouTube

and so I’m in the habit to just listen to these types of links while doing online shopping or hanging around on pinterest.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

“70s, 80s…R&B / SOUL LOVE SONGS”


1. Secret Garden…Quincy Jones, Al B Sure, Barry White, Barge James Ingram

2. So Amazing… Luther Vandross

3. Miss You… Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

4. Distant Lover… Marvin Gaye

5. Feel The Fire… Stephanie Mills

6. Reasons… Earth, Wind, & Fire

7. Been Such A Long Time… The New Birth

8. Cause I Love You… Lenny Williams

9. If Loving You Is Wrong… Luther Ingram

10. Practice What You Preach… Barry White

11. Something He Can Feel… Aretha Franklin

12. We Both Deserve Each Others Love… L.T.D.

13. Inseparable… Natalie Cole

14. Shining Star… The Manhattans

15. You’re Something Special… The Five Special

16. Together Baby… Tavares

17. Neither One Of Us… Glady’s Knight & The Pips

18. If Only You Knew… Patti Labelle

19. Special Lady… Ray, Goodman, & Brown

20. Sara Smile… Hall & Oats

21. Ain’t Know Sunshine… Bill Whithers

22. Stand By Me… Ben E. King

23. I Might As Well Forget About Loving You…Dazz Band

24. Oh Girl… The Chi-Lites


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Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart!


Heyy! Felt like stopping in for a sec. Spending my weekend with my hubby, chillin and listening to some Diana Ross and the Supremes and you know these songs make you want to shout, sing along and dance in the middle of the floor. Doing the jerk and the bat man! Ha! Ha!


The love bug done bit me…… didn’t mean for him to get me, whoa!

Get up in the morning and I’m filled with desire, no no, I can’t stop the fire… is like an itching in my heart tearing it all apart…..

I been bit by the love bug and I need some information to help me out this situation…… what you gonna do aw yeah when love gets ahold, ahold on you, love is like an itching in my heart AND BABY I CAN’T SCRATCH IT!

LOVE IS A NAGGING IRRITATION…… causing my heart complications….got me rocking and a reeling…..



Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart”


Stop! In the Name of Love

Stop! In the Name of Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Stop in the name of love before you break my heart!

Stop in the name of love before you break my heart!

Think it over. Think it over. Baby, I’m aware of where you go. Each time you leave my door. I watch you walk down the street knowing your out of love with me. This time before you run to her, leaving me alone and hurt, think it over. Baby think it over.



kisses image

(this image is at:

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