The Best Form Of Love…. Sanam Teri Kasam

Rose bush

Rose bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


people don’t stay together

because they forget

people stay together

because they forgive

each other


~Saraswati (Saru) Parthsarthy~ (Mawra Hocane)


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Stay Positive: Sanam Teri Kasam

Rose bush

Rose bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


if things go

your way,

it’s good

if it doesn’t,

it’s even better


~Inder Parihaar~ (Harshvardhan Rane)


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The Influence of Followers: Would You Still Blog if You Didn’t Have Them? — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Originally posted on Jenny in Neverland: Having followers and readers is great. I won’t lie. When I started my blog, although I loved writing book reviews and enjoyed it immensely, I would often dream about having a decent amount of followers who I could get to know, exchange comments with and build a rapport with.…

via The Influence of Followers: Would You Still Blog if You Didn’t Have Them? — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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Will Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee,) Jigar (Vishal Singh) and Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) quit Saath Nibhana Saathiya? & Are They Leaving The Show All At Once?

I say….. it was bound to happen one day soon especially since it was just last year when rumor had it that the show was going to end in 2015. But now with all of this sad news flying around the air waves right at the same time that Gopi and Ahem celebrated their amazing 25th wedding anniversary and renewed their vows this week on the show, I just sadly thought they were about to end the show with the anniversary celebration.

So my question is….. Are they trying to break everyone’s heart all at once or what? Well mine will be broken for sure if I don’t get to see my favorite actors and actresses anymore on this amazing show. The rumor is that all three do not want to stick around playing the role of grandparents at their young ages if the show takes another ten year leap.

Every one of us that watch this show remain amazed that it has lasted as long as it did. Especially with most of the original cast still appearing on the show for as long as they did. Although it was a big disappointment when the original Gopi (Gia Manek) left and many hearts were seriously broken and the same again when the original Rashi (Rucha Hasabnis) left and moved on and so I didn’t think the show would last as long as it did nor do as well as it had been once Gia Manek left but then they gave us the lovely Devoleena and she filled the void. Then when Rucha Hasabnis left I know a lot more hearts were broken but then they gave us the lovely Paridhi (Loveleen Kaur Sasan) which helped so greatly with the loss. But to lose three main actors all at once will be major and a bit too much for us fans. I am just thankful that Kokila (Rupal Patel) Hetal (Swati Shaw) and Urmilla (Vandana Vithlani) are not all planning to leave too. Or will they?

Well we all know that nothing lasts forever but I was kinda hoping this show would. LOL! But in all reality it would have been nice to have this show continue on with all of the original cast for at least another few more years. It will be sad to see the bulk of the main characters all leave as it’s always hard to say goodbye to a good thing, but if they have to go and move on as people always do, well I did appreciate how well they entertained us fans for as long as they did and I send all the best wishes to them in their future endeavors.

So I say….Thanks to the entire cast of Saath Nibhana Saathiya, thanks to you all!

~Saath Nibhana Saathiya~

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After Vishal Singh, Mohammad Nazim quits Saath Nibhana Saathiya! — UrbanAsian

The good looking popular actor Mohammad Nazim who plays Ahem Modi is all set to quit the show. his bone of contention is the time leap slated to take place in the show. Reveals a […]

via After Vishal Singh, Mohammad Nazim quits Saath Nibhana Saathiya! — UrbanAsian

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Sweet Tooth Cure

Jack Pine 1000 piece puzzle - Candy Jars

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Miss J’s Sweet Tooth Cure Recipe


3-4 cups of Cottage Cheese

1-2 cups of fruit cocktail (in light syrup or juice or water)

2-5 packets of Stevia

1 teaspoon of honey (optional)


1 medium sized plastic or glass container with a lid

1 spoon


Pour all ingredients into a bowl, stir and mix together well.

Eat and enjoy.


I keep some of this gooey delicious stuff in the fridge everyday so it’s ready to eat when a sweet tooth attack arises like Miss J did. I’ll eat a spoonful sometimes or I will sit and enjoy a decent portion of it as a dessert.

I also use different kinds of fruits. I used canned or fresh fruit like bananas, or strawberries, peaches, pears, mango, watermelon, etc. And I sometimes top it with one crushed cookie like graham crackers.


Miss J was a close family friend who used to love sweets but not how they wreck a figure. So her remedy was to snack on cottage cheese and fruit cocktail with tons and tons of artificial sweeteners poured into it. So I tasted it one time and OMG it tasted so very very sweet, gooey and almost like candy. So the trick was that she’d always keep a bowl of the stuff in the fridge ready for whenever she had a sweet tooth attack. I recall her eating just a spoonful or two at times and then say “ah yeah that’s the cure.” LOL!

Back in high school I hardly used to eat a lick but when I did it was only one small meal at suppertime and even that meal was eaten by force because my mom made the whole family sit down together for dinner. So yeah, I was the skinny mini and was quite shapely. I remember having the hunger pains every now and then but it didn’t seem to bother me, I got used to them growing up. However these days hunger pains do bother me a whole lot and so I am always having to grab some kind of snack or to drink something to calm them between meals.

I certainly tweaked her recipe a bit because I don’t consume any artificial sweeteners ever. So yeah, I am a witness to the fact that this recipe will definitely help kill a sweet tooth. And it’s easy to make and only requires three ingredients.

So don’t be bashful and don’t feel shy, if you try it feel free to let me know how it went for you.




Candy at a souq in Damascus, Syria.

Candy at a souq in Damascus, Syria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Every Woman Deserves To Be Respected


One who does not respect women

has no competence

~Arjuna (Shaheer Sheikh)~



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Awesome Quotes: it's a man's job to respect woman ...

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The Woman Of The Home Reigns Supreme


Every home is a temple…. and the wife is the deity of the temple.

~Shri Krishna (Saurabh Raj Jain)~



Funny Cartoon Pic Of The Day Jokes R Us Comment Picture 435x435

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English: Meghan Jadhav portraying the characte...

English: Meghan Jadhav portraying the character of Shri Krishna. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Letting Go Of Sentimental Clutter

It seems just the act of letting go of some things makes it so much easier to let go of even more things. But being emotionally attached to things makes it even harder to let them go.

I swear I can’t let go of that old ratty pink sweater my mother once wore and that old worn bible she gave me as a teenager, my childhood photos and my son’s baby shoes and rattle seems the hardest and then there’s my father’s old black leather wallet and all the birthday, anniversary and valentine day cards my husband ever gave to me.

As far back as I could remember I’ve always been the kind of person that wanted to live a minimalist lifestyle, but there were times I was always so close but never close enough. I tell you I always admired people whose lives are full but with less stuff taking up their space.

Each spring I make the attempt by clearing more space. We take the time to DE-clutter, freshen, clean, give away and throw away things that no longer serve a purpose.

This week we got rid of at least four huge plastic bags full of stuff from the kitchen, the laundry area, two closets and a ton of old blankets we no longer find useful. And it felt wonderful! To me it’s like shedding pounds from your body.

In the past there was the time we had so much more stuff tucked away nice and neatly in closets and what woke me up was when we started packing to move across country from the city. I tell you there were days when I had thoughts of packing only one suit case of clothes and then walk away from all the rest. LOL!

So as we packed we let go, we threw away, sold and we gave away things until reduced by half. Then moving truck day came, we still had too much stuff and we were forced to throw away more.

Minimalist bathroom with colorful details

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Once at our new home we had to move out some of the stuff that was already in the house and sheds and as we unloaded our stuff we let go of even more stuff. And so every year ever since it’s been a mission of learning to let go of even more stuff. We stopped buying more things only replaced major appliances such as a refrigerator or stove.

Now if you were to walk into my house today the first thing you’d notice is how the freshly painted walls are bare in every room except for the living room. There’s only two beautiful pieces of art and one photo on the wall in that room and it’s made a huge difference in that the house feels more open and clear.

The second thing you would notice is the nick knacks are gone. Reduced by half and kept in one place, in a glass cabinet for display in one room.

Finally we have two rooms in the house that are totally clutter free now. YAAHOO! And those rooms are the master bedroom and the living room.

Our front and back yard and porch are clutter free and simple. All that’s required is the grass cut every two weeks and rose bushes trimmed once a year. I cannot tell you how nice it is to sit on the porch or to roll up to the house and see it is clear, clean and clutter free. But getting there took a lot of emotional work.

The only areas left to go are my sitting room, a spare bedroom, two closets and I still have some unused crafts and some holiday decorations that needs to go. Then to cut down on the amount of books to half again because we got rid of half last spring too.

Some people suggest we put things in a shed or pay for outside storage but I prefer to get rid of it all little by little and once and for all. Paying money in storage to me is like money being thrown in the garbage. Not paying for someone to hold on to things that could easily be sold or let go eventually makes better sense.

Then the final thing for me would be to let go of more of my own clothing.

As far as my clothing is concerned. I’d still like to reduce the amount of clothes I own by half and then to only twenty items. I was thinking to sticking with just two colors and three styles. Doing that can reduce the anxiety and stress of finding and deciding on what to wear each day.

I want only twelve everyday garments to be of two colors, either black or white and have three styles of clothing of either a dress, skirt or blouse.

And have on reserve in the back of my closet three dressy garments and three pretty multi color dresses I really love and let all the rest of my clothes go. I tell you too many choices that goes along with having too many clothing can be such a burden after a while.

I’d like to reduce my winter coats and shoes to half of what I own. As I got rid of half and I still want to get rid of half more.

Next I see myself working on the little things, such as my jewelry box and bringing down the number of pieces to only a few and let the rest go.

Each spring so far my husband and I let go of three or more huge plastic bags full of stuff. And each time we do it I still feel a bit frustrated because it feels we are not progressing as fast as I’d like to see us go, but I remind myself by thinking about how far we have come and that we are much closer to our goals of less and less stuff.

It’s been five years since on this journey and habits are hard to break. Having emotional attachment to stuff is crippling to say the least. Its more difficult when you have more then one person living in the same space as well.

The fact that it benefits all in the household, being in a space that is clear of so much stuff and where life is more structured and things are easier to find is obvious. It allows more time to do the things we love doing and less time cleaning all that stuff. I think it’s spiritual too because living in a clear, clean and uncluttered space allows clearer thinking and time for more creativity. I already can feel the benefits of letting go of what we have so far and I don’t regret it.

So yeah, a little here and a little there, we are more than half way there.

Maybe I won’t let go of my mothers pink sweater, my fathers wallet, my son’s baby shoes, rattle, that old bible and my childhood photo’s but I will let go of some of those sentimental cards, maybe not all but some I will keep. I know one day I will look up and have nothing else to let go except for the things I need and truly want. The things I must keep I will put in a small box for safe keeping, but for right now I’ll settle for the progress we’ve made so far because each year that we work on it brings us that much closer to achieving our goals.

Just a little bit more to go and we will have it accomplished.

2014 minimalist kitchen interior image | Interior Design

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Keepin It Movin! Makin Weight Loss Wishes

Keep it movin... | Words to live by | Pinterest

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‘Keep On Movin’

Well friends, it’s that time. Time to focus on shedding pounds again. So it’s time to get movin! And so it’s only been two days now since I started up.

I got on the scale last week and saw that instead of my weight going down or staying the same it has increased by ten (10) pounds. Oh no this has got to stop ASAP. LOL!

So what’s a girl like me to do. Well it’s boot camp time now.

I’m wishin for the loss of at least twenty pounds (20 lbs) by the end of June and then another twenty (20) by the end of August. It sounds kinda hard but I do propose I’ll do this or else my name is not Betty Boop, boop boopy do. LOL!

Betty Boop - Betty Boop Photo (3017628) - Fanpop

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So I purchased a composition note book from the dollar store the other day and I made it so pretty and girly girl looking on the outside (got to unleash a little crafty expressions.) And so I use this book now to write down my meal plans and my exercise routine plans for the week.

English: Jenny Craig, Inc. logo

English: Jenny Craig, Inc. logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to say that this girl here cannot afford the high prices of these mail order weigh loss program meals these days like from Jenny Craig, Nutri System or Weight Watchers and even if I had the so called money I still wouldn’t spend my money like that either.

I feel it is totally wasteful. Imagine spending five hundred dollars or more on meals for one person for a month thru their mail order plans. Well I guess it’s ok for some but not for me. Oh no not for me.

So I have decided to stock my freezer with a few weight watchers, smart ones and lean cuisine frozen meals because my grocery has sales on them very often. And to combine that with the help of my husband to pre cook some portion sized meals for breakfast and lunches. You know we can get creative, like I can DIY them to be just as good as the meals Jenny Craig sells like the pancakes, turkey bacon and homemade fresh soups, ect. I will freeze mostly everything that I can so that all I am doing it heating up meals all week long.

This week since my husband has been home so today we got busy and made a batch of pancakes and froze them and a whole package of turkey bacon.

I am planning to keep it simple as far as my lunches are concerned. Those meals will be low calorie homemade veggie soups and a big salad everyday.

My dinners will be the only real full course meal for the day. For instance for one day this week I am planning to have one cup of spaghetti and one cup of ground turkey tomatoe sauce and a vegetable. We roasted a whole chicken and eating from it today. So it will be a combo of home cooked meals and frozen foods. And a few days a week I will have a weight watcher, lean Cu, or smart ones dinner.

As far as snacks and desserts go, I’m allowing myself to have one snack or dessert everyday so I will not feel deprived. I saw some of the best looking desserts by weight watchers, smart ones and lean cuisine and I can always pop my own popcorn.

For last night I had one cup of popcorn and a piece of fruit for my snack and that really helped me not feel deprived. I am also planning this what I call “get rid of a sweet tooth recipe” that I got from this older lady I knew a few years ago. And it really does work as far as killing a sweet tooth is concerned in a low, low, low calorie way. It’s amazing how she put this together. It’s goo goo good. In that way I get to help calm my bad sweet tooth cravings. And I will post that simple recipe later this week.

Portion control is something that I am working really hard to focus on because I know that is where the problem lies for me. Its not always what I eat it is how much of it I am having.

Here’s what my breakfast menu’s will look like that I started yesterday. I love turkey bacon and could have it everyday. But I have to keep reminding myself that I can only have up to two slices per day and not three or four or the whole pack in one day, LOL! So I will behave for the next few months.

Also my work out plan goals are to get myself moving one extra day a week.

First Week Breakfast Menu:

Three strips of cooked Oscar Mayer brand turke...

Three strips of cooked Oscar Mayer brand turkey bacon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WEDENSDAY: 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices turkey bacon, ½ slice of wheat toast with 1 pat of butter, ½ cup of unsweetened apple sauce

THURSDAY: 2 medium sized pancakes, 2 slices of turkey bacon, 1 teaspoon of butter, 2 tablespoons of syrup, 1 cup of Mandarin oranges

FRIDAY: 1 cup of cooked Oatmeal, milk and stevia, 1 banana

SATURDAY: bowl of cold cereal, milk and applesauce

SUNDAY: 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices turkey bacon, ½ wheat toast with 1 pat of butter, peaches

MONDAY: 1 french toast, 2 slices turkey bacon, 2 tablespoons of syrup

TUESDAY: Cheese Omelet, 2 slices of turkey bacon

WEDENSDAY: 1 pancake, 2 slices turkey bacon, 2 tablespoons of syrup, applesauce.

First Week Workout Schedule”

WALK-walk out doors 15 minutes every other day AND at least 4 times a week. (rain days walk on treadmill instead)

OVERALL FULL BODY EXERCISE-Use a 20 minute work out videos every other day AND at least 4 times a week.

So that’s my plans and I will be back to post on problems, issues and successes. Drinking more water, tea at night should help too. So wish me luck!

Keep it movin! | Positive, Motivational Quotes | Pinterest

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Keep It Movin' | Just Saying | Pinterest

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12 Weight Loss Diet Tips That Won’t Torture You

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