~SOCIAL CORNER~ Our Children And The Doll Test…. People We Still Have Much Work To Do!

It’s a shame but this is the reality for most children in America…. even today!

“The Doll Test”


~Paul Mooney’s Funny Response to the Doll Test…..~

This is hilarious, sad but true yall…


~Paul Mooney On Racist Blacks~


~Paul Mooney – Dropping Knowledge~


~Paul Mooney Discusses Police Brutality & Violence In Our Society~


I chose these videos, some funny but the truth about them just smacks you dead in the face. People we better wake up! Everyone knows the world is on a course of destruction. Violence is everywhere! Racism is eating away the souls of everyone. And our children show us and tell us the truth. Listen to the little children. Listen to the innocent little children.


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I’m Just Sayin……To All My Followers And Visitors

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Pardes Main Hai Mera Dil: A Pleasantly New Show



Pardes Main Hai Mera Dil means my heart lives in a foreign land.

This new Indian soap is so amazing. I am loving every episode. Drashti Dhami is so beautiful as she portrays Naina Batra and I am in love with Arjun Bijlani’s charming smile as he portrays Raghav Madan Mehra.

Naina Batra spends her life taking care of her sick mother Asha (Alka Amin) but one day was forced by her mother to leave India in pursuit of a relationship with a guy named Amit Mehrotra who turns out to be no good. He married another girl for citizenship and left Naina in the cold there in Austria. Thank goodness she had a brother and sister in law already living there and they took her in. She met and made friends with Raghav who she kept bumping into from time to time and later she winds up getting a marriage proposal from this same rich family that helped her family by donating money for her mothers heart surgery. It’s a funny thing fate that brought Naina and Raghav together. Raghav is a good guy and I hope to see him wind up marrying Naina instead of Veer the spoiled rich boy who parties all the time and Raghav always cover for him and does all the work as far as the family business is concerned. It is obvious how much he loves his adopted grandmother Indermati but fell from her graces because of a misunderstanding surrounding Sanjana. I hope to see him gain back his grandmothers heart and the truth about what happened with Sanjana be a thing of the past because it is obvious that he has won her heart indeed.

~Partial Cast:~

~Drashti Dhami  (Naina Batra)~ ~Arjun Bijlani (Raghav Madan Mehra)

~ Surekha Sikri (Indermati Lala Mehra)~  ~Additi Gupta (Sanjana Mehra)~

~ Laksh Lalwani (Veer Madan Mehra)~

~Alka Amin (Asha Batra)

~~Pardes Main Hai Mera Dil~~





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On Prepping: Get It Girl!

My Prepping Question this month is:

If you had one month to prepare yourself and your family for an economy crash/downfall what would you do and how would you prepare?


One of the number one tools for prepping in my book is to have a good can opener. Believe me I have gone through a bunch of no good can openers, even the ones that are battery operated. But the best one for me thus far has been the an expensive faberware can opener. Yes it cost a pretty penny because I usually never had to spend so much on a can opener but this one was well worth the money. I think I will get an extra one as well. You know what they say in the prepping world. Having two of something is as if you had one and having one of something is as if you had none. So it’s wise to have at least two of everything I guess.

Also this month I wanted to start to work on several levels, so we started a small fall garden and so far it is coming along so well. Then we made a few purchases like….

*a box of 12 quart sized canning jars with lids, we got a box of extra lids and rims for this set of mason jars

*a large Ball 21 quart enamel water bath canning pot and a jar rack with handles (which can hold 7 one quart jars, 9 one pint jars or 13 half pint jars)

*Ball Utensil Set: one jar funnel, one Jar lifter, one bubble remover and one head space tool (which helps you handle hot jars and liquids, helps fill jars and measure head space and release air bubbles.)

*Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving

But we still need to get:

More canning jars with lids, tattlers, lots of pickling salt, white vinegar, pectin, pickling spices, canning lid rack, plastic storage caps, citric acid, labels, food saver jar sealer.

Our fall garden goals was met:

We purchased 5 gigantic bags of garden soil, 1 large bag of top soil, 1 large bag of lime granules and collard, turnip, mustard and kale seeds and 12 small starter pots of collard plants. We mixed up the soil with the lime granules and planted the turnip seeds and the collard plants in a raised bed. And I tell you in in one week’s time we have a beautiful green garden growing of turnips and collard greens already. They look so beautiful. We had a few very cold nights this week so we took straw from around the pine trees and spread it around the garden to keep the frost off of them.

But we still need to get:

Carrots, cabbage, garlic and onion seeds. I also saw a tower garden pot I hope to get to continue growing herbs indoors. (I also save seeds from everything I can and put the seeds in the freezer.)

Our monthly supermarket buys:

We picked up at least 2 bags each of red, black and green lentils, red bean, black beans, small baby lima beans and black eye peas. Several cans of cream style corn, regular corn, green beans, vegetarian beans, Campbell soups, corned beef hash, sardines and more boxes and boxes of table salt and a huge bag of basmati rice. Each time we go to the store we always pick up either, rice, beans or some kind of canned goods to add to our food storage.

Next month’s goals are:

To Start on Oils, Spirits and Soaping Supplies:

I’d like to purchase my first set of soaping supplies so I can make my own soaps. This will be next months goals along with stocking up on medicinal tinctures and spirits (wines, liquors and various kinds of spirits to use for bartering)

*a good soap making book

* basic of soap supplies and tools and use the old crock pots we already have.

In the past we would buy lots of different brands of soaps and put them in a huge plastic container which right now is half way filled. But this week we picked up a huge box of Irish spring soap to add to the boxes of dove, lever 2000, and ivory soaps in there.


I think about the people in Venezuela and wonder what would happen if the same thing happened here in America? What would people do? The crime levels are already kind of high and to have increased crime would be so devastating. I hate to think about people dying from starvation and sickness at alarming rates due to an economy crash. So I worry all the time about what would happen here in America if the same happens here. That’s why I focus so much on getting ready and try to encourage others to do the same.

My heart breaks for those people who are starving there. And the ones that had a bit of food already stored at home and came to realize that what little they did store up was not enough to meet their needs. I saw this woman crying with her small children and trying to figure out how to make the few items she had left on her kitchen pantry last. I think about things like that and wish I was a part of a prepping group where we could put our heads together on these types of things. I guess that’s why I always read a lot of the prepping websites and books so I could get good ideas but some of them seem to be so overwhelming. Like for instance I know we need to get a wood cook stove but it’s not something we could get right now. So I do what I can with what I got. But I always think about having one. We did see a few in a couple of stores but we are unsure as to which one would be the best one because there are so many different kinds out there. So I am thinking to save the money and just take a pick and hope for the best, then put it away in case it is needed one day.


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There’s Power In Numbers: ~Ek Maa Jo Lakhon Ke Live Bani Amma~


I heard a poem during childhood, I’ll recite it to you.


One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine lived together.

However they fought a lot.

Nine mocked eight saying it was smaller then it.

Eight laughed at seven and teased it for being small.

Seven looked at six and bragged about being bigger than it.

All of them were fighting among themselves.

Everyone was belittling each other.

Poor one, had no option but to stand there helplessly.

It roamed about aimlessly.

It met zero somewhere which was neglected by everyone.

One asked it who it was.

Zero replied that it was worthless.

One empathized with zero as it was smallest of all.

The two of them united and became ten and their lives changed forever.

Did you understand anything?

Listen til the time one and zero were alone, nobody took them seriously

but when the two came together they became ten.

Nobody could bother them after that.

Everyone from nine to two bowed before them.

You people have to do the same.


~Zeenat Sheikh (Shabana Azmi)~

~Ek Maa Jo Lakhon Ke Live Bani~



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Responsibility: Ek Maa Jo Lakhon Ke Live Bani Amma

Faizal, do you know there are some plants which don’t die

even if you don’t water them regularly.

Instead, they grow thorns.

So, it is time for me to give you something

to make you responsible.

…..This is the key to your first work place.

~Zeenat Sheikh (Shabana Azmi)~

~Ek Maa Jo Lakhon Ke Live Bani~



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Prepping With Oil Lamps

Oil Lamps are so beautiful and leave your space with such a warm glow. Well I decided to purchase one to add to the rest of our lighting preps should we find ourselves with out power which seems to happen a lot around here in the South.

I chose it because it is supposed to be a little bit safer then a candle because the oil is contained. Plus its suppose to burn longer hours then a candle. Although I do have plenty tall pillar like candles too but this lamp is supposed to burn so much brighter then a candle too. I like that they give more light then a candle and so you can read by them as well so I like that you can adjust the flame from brighter to dimmer with the little switch on it that brings the wick up and down. The wick lights right away once you allow the oil to absorb into the wick so when you put a match to it it lights right up and then goes right out when you blow it out. I love that the glass lamps and they are so pretty.

Types of Oil: So I purchased some extra cloth wicks and some bottles of oil. The first night I burned it the oil smelled terrible and the whole house smelled like the oil. So I went back online and found an oil that burned so much cleaner. Now I could barely smell the oil at all and it burned a whole lot cleaner. So being careful in the types of oil I purchase is a must so there won’t be much dark soot on the glass too. Now it cost a little bit more but I prefer it to the oil I first purchased. As I care about the amount of pollution that is going out into my air space. That’s why I have aloe plants and a Himalayan rock lamp in the bedrooms and I plan to buy even more himalayan lamps to put into each bedroom in the house for the purpose of cleaning the air.

Also we picked up a case of matches and the kind of matches that burn if water gets on them too.

Having many different alternative lighting sources available is important for us. So should the grid go down or we have a black out for an extended period of time, we have our oil lamp in our lighting stash.

I’ve only purchased one of these but I do plan to buy at least two more and put them away and into our storage for when it might be needed.

*Remember to keep a fire extinguisher at home (in the kitchen) at all times when using an oil lamp.

Here’s some video’s you might want to look at:






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It’s Friday, So Let’s Get Cookin! Crock Pot Cajun/Southern Style Bourbon Red Beans & Rice

In the fall there’s nothing like the comfort of Cajun/Southern Style Bourbon Red Beans and Rice. I added lots of meat and bourbon to this recipe with the men in my family in mind. My father, brothers and husband just love this recipe. As it goes well when served with a batch of fried chicken, a pot of fresh collard greens that’s been seasoned and cooked with smoked turkey wings and diced jalapeno peppers along with a pan of buttery hot cornbread. This is what you call real down home southern food that hits the spot every time. Imagine this mouth watering meal served with a with a tall glass of sweet tea or sweet ice cold lemon limeade. I sure can.


Crock Pot Cajun/Southern Style Bourbon Red Beans & Rice Recipe



1  to 2 pound bag of dried red beans (soaked overnight in cold water)

in 3-4 Tablespoons of baking soda


~(diced vegetables)~

1 cup of green bell pepper (diced)

1 cup of red bell pepper (diced)

5 large garlic cloves (smashed and diced)

1 cup of yellow onion (diced)

3 celery stalks (diced)



3-5 Tablespoons of Creole Seasoning

2-3 Tablespoon of cilantro sauce (by Goya)

1 Tablespoon of Goya Adobo seasoning

1 teaspoon of onion powder

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1 teaspoon of lawrys season salt

1/2 teaspoon of hot chili flakes (optional)

3 to 4 whole medium to large bay leaves

2 to 3 Tablespoons of sage powder


4 cups of  Basmati or White rice

4 Tablespoons of coconut oil

½ cup of tomato sauce

or garlic flavored tomato spaghetti sauce

2 Tablespoons of sugar

5 Tablespoons of bourbon

1 cup of water

½ cup of water


1 pound package of ground breakfast turkey sausage (browned)

two 1 pound packages of smoked beef sausage (sliced thinly)

or Turkey sausage (sliced thinly)



1 large skillet

4 quart crock pot

Quart sized bowl with lid

1 Colander (strainer)

2 large serving size spoons


~Directions for soaking beans:~

Soak the beans in ice cold filtered water and baking soda overnight or at least for 8-12 hours. (In a quart sized bowl with lid fill the bowl to the top with cold water and sprinkle the baking soda over it and do not refrigerate them but leave them out on the kitchen counter overnight)

The next day strain the water from the beans and rinse the beans very, very well at least a couple of times and then soak them again in clear water for an additional hour (this will help remove all the salt from the beans) then strain and rinse beans again then strain.

~Cooking Directions For Red Beans:~

1. Add 2 Tablespoon of oil to skillet and brown smoked beef sausages, put into bowl in fridge for later.

2. Turn crock pot on high. Then pour the beans, diced vegetables and spices (except for the sage powder and bay leaves) into crock pot then pour just enough filtered water to cover the top of the beans, spices and diced vegetables, no more, (that’s approximately one and a half quart of water) and cook for 2 hours.

3. Turn the crock pot on low Then stir in the browned beef sausages, tomato sauce, sugar, bourbon, bay leaves and 1 additional cup of water. Let cook for 5 hours more. When done please be sure to remove and toss all four (4) of the whole bay leaves before serving.

~Cooking Directions for Rice:~

1. Add 2 Tablespoons of oil to skillet and brown the ground turkey sausage breaking the meat apart as you go so that it is crumbles.

2. Then sprinkle and stir in the sage powder while it it cooking.

3. Add and stir in the rice.

2. Next, pour in enough filtered water to cover the rice mixture, continue to stir while heat is on high. Bring it to a roaring boil for about a minute or so, then lower heat to medium flame and allow it to cook for another 1 minute, then lower flame to a simmer and let it simmer until rice is done and fluffy.


I love to add meat/sausage to my white or Basmati rice but this recipe goes well with just plain rice as well.


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~Taking Care Of The Little Things At Home ~With Lots Of Love….

A little time taken to care for the small things and details around the house should be done in slow motion because going about taking care of the little details around the home makes all the difference in the world. As it makes things look so much more appealing and sparkly.

A small caddy that contains a container of Clorox wipes, a small spray bottle of all purpose cleaner, 5 or 6 toothbrushes (labeled,) a fine tooth comb (labeled,) a roll of paper towels, plastic gloves and a small plastic garbage bag.

So with a small caddy in hand and toothbrushes………

*Clean around the faucet crevices, light fixtures and toilet paper holder in the bathrooms.

*In the kitchen clean around the faucet crevices and any other little detailing that needs to be done like the crevices of stove top covers.

*Clean all TV remotes and computer keyboards and crevices.

*Then clean the crevices of the lamps, lamp shades and the on and off switch plates in every room.

*As for the cute little baby dolls in the home, clean and dust off and around the eyes, faces and hair as they get dusty sitting out in the open around the house.

*Put a fine tooth comb to the stiff plastic fibers of the brooms, removing all lint, hair and gunk that can accumulate in a broom. I am very impressed with how well a fine tooth comb helps clean brooms and to let the bristles soak in a bucket of hot soapy water and bleach or some disinfectant and wallah!!! they look almost brand new again.

Saving all the free toothbrushes from the dentist and labeling them for instance… “for bath only” is ideal so no one uses them by mistake, nor are they used for other jobs mistakenly as one is used only for the bathrooms, another for only the kitchen and so on and so forth and they get cleaned and soaked in disinfectant or a bleach solution then rinsed after each use. Also label the comb as well “for cleaning brooms only” too.

Yes, going about detailing makes house keeping so much easier, less time consuming and makes for a home that appears so much more cared for then it really is. The home appears a little bit more cleaner and appealing to the eyes. It’s all in the maintenance baby!

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Presidential Debaters Rap Style Of 2016…. It’s On!

Now this is so funny. I had to post this today because I haven’t laughed so hard since I don’t know when as I watched these.


The Presidential Debate in Song Who’s Gonna Work It Out



TRUMP VS. CLINTON (ft. Blondie) – Songify 2016



and the old ones…

Town Hall Debate Songified






VP Debate Highlights Songified



So Funny…Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!



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