You Won’t Do What Your Father Did, No! Not My Son: Piya Rangrezz

Men shouldn’t care much about women

because a woman will show her true colors

and keep men under control.

And then she’ll do whatever pleases her.

….When I was newly married,

I was just like Shraddha.

I used to be timid and shy. But what could I do? I was a tad beautiful.

Your father used to diligently obey me.

That’s why I’m warning you.

Tell you what dear?

I’ll not let you do what your father did.

~Bhanwari Devi Singh~ (Narayani Shastri)~


~Thakur Sher Singh~ (Gaurav S Bajaj)~

~Shraddha Sher Singh~ (Kritida Misthry)~



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Happy Total Solar Eclipse Everyone

I feel so fortunate to experience this amazing day!


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Why Shouldn’t It Be Me: Ek Veer KI Ardaas Veera

I was missing my old Hindi soap “Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera” and so I went back to reblog one of my favorite posts today.



someone wants the license to adore you

to light the lamp and keep it burning just for you…

to stroke you and caress you and to ask the Lord please bless you


someone wants to protect you from all harm

to be your umbrella through out the storm…

waiting impatiently for the sun to rise

so they can drown in your big brown eyes


why shouldn’t it be me…..



“Why Shouldn’t Be Me”



I just love watching Ranvijay (Shivin Narang) and Gunjan’s (Farnaz Shetty) incredible loving relationship on Ek Veer KI Ardaas Veera.

Roses Roses Pink Roses 4230 Roses Roses Pink Roses 4230 (Photo credit: casch52)

They both make such a beautiful, good looking couple and are so innocently and incredibly so cute together. Watching them being together makes you want to smile and tease, ooooh and aaaah at them all of the time, if…

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A Man Can Never Out Do A Woman! Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh

I’ll run through you, that’s what I’ll do

And that’s from the heart

I won’t stop till the devil do us part….

~Toni Braxton~

No More Love”

You heard the saying “why can’t a woman be more like a man” by Henry Higgins from “My Fair Lady” well my step mom created the saying “A man can never out do a woman!” She used to say that to encourage another woman to know she was smart enough to use her innate talents to come out on top in the relationship. But in this case with Sada Kaur (Sonia Singh) I can see clearly what my step mom was trying to explain to me (back when I was very young, naive and had not a clue) but in a more negative way.

Sada Kaur (Sonia Singh) is the wife of Gurbaksh Singh Kanhaiya (Rumi Khan) and the mother of Mehtab Kaur (Tunisha Sharma) on life ok’s serial Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Sada Kaur conspired against her own husband and thought she was being smart when she joined with his enemies to reach one goal. That goal was to see the destruction of the Sukerchakia Kingdom. She was so envious of the amazing and good friendship her husband had with Maha Singh (Shaleen Bhanot.) They were best friends from childhood.

So she joined hands with the wicked Saheb Singh Bhangi (Sidharth Vasudev) of the Bhangi Misl Kingdom and in secret conspired in various ways to destroy Maha Singh Sukerchakia (Shaleen Bhanot.)

There is an old saying “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face” well Sada Kaur did both, she cut off her nose and spite her face because in the end she had no idea of how ruthless Saheb was in that he secretly manipulated the war between the Sukerchakia and Kanhaiya kingdoms, prior to which there was peace between the two kingdoms. Saheb had her husband murdered during that war just at the point that Maha Singh and Gurbaksh Singh started to realize that there had been a conspiracy that caused them to fall out with each other and suffer the loss of their amazing friendship thru Abdullah Khan. The only good thing about it is that they both became friends again in the end.

At first no one ever knew what Sada Kaur was doing behind the scenes and what her role was in the conspiracy to the murder her own husband. She was smiling and grinning in everyone’s face and had them all fooled. She didn’t really know to how far Saheb was willing to go and she definitely didn’t want to see her husband die, it wasn’t in her plans, but this is what happens when you conspire with your own husbands enemies. How foolish is that?

And another thing is that Gurbaksh knew of his wife’s jealousy of his friendship with Maha and he was so angry that he attempted to put her away (divorce her) at one time but unfortunately he gave into Maha’s suggestion that they remain married.

Well I am sure if both Maha and Gurbaksh knew what a mistake they made in that decision because by keeping this venomous woman in their lives she turned out to be the cause of both their eventual deaths. I tell you there is nothing worse for a man then to have a poisonous, hateful and mean spirited woman for a wife. Someone who instead of supporting her husband is secretly undermining him.

And then her hatred for Ranjit (Damanpreet Singh) caused her to teach her daughter Metab (Tunisha Sharma) to despise her own husband Ranjit and was teaching her to be the same way with her husband. Her mother convinced her to hate Ranjit and she blamed him for her father’s death.

But thank goodness that Metab changed her ways later on and so did Sada Kaur in the end towards Ranjit. To be honest Metab really could not stay hard and against her husband Rajit because her love for him was greater and stronger than her hatred ever could be.

~Sher-E-Punjab: Maharaja Ranjit Singh Cast~

Sukerchakia Kingdom”

Shaleen Bhanot as Maha Singh Sukerchakia, the chief of Sukerchakia, and the Father of Ranjit Singh

Damanpreet Singh as Maharaja Ranjit Singh, (Lion of Punjab) the Son of Maha Singh Sukerchakia and Raj Kaur

Sneha Wagh as Raj Kaur, wife of Maha Singh and the Mother of Ranjit Singh


Kanhaiya Kingdom”

Rumi Khan as Gurbaksh Singh Kanhaiya, the chief of Kanhaiya, and the Father of Mehtab Kaur

Sonia Singh as Sardarni Sada Kaur, wife of Gurbaksh Singh Kanhaiya, and the Mother of Mehtab Kaur

Tunisha Sharma as Mehtab Kaur, daughter of Gurbaksh Singh Kanhaiya and Sada Kaur, wife of Ranjit Singh


Bhangi Misl Kingdom”

Sidharth Vasudev as Saheb Singh Bhangi, the chief of Bhangi Misl, and the Father of Gulaab Singh

Sparsh Srivastav as Gulaab Singh, the son of Saheb Singh Bhangi and Roop Saheb Singh

Parvati Sehgal as Roop Saheb Singh, wife of Saheb Singh Bhangi and the mother of Gulab Singh and the sister of Maha Singh Sukerchaki, and Aunt of Ranjit Singh


Other Cast”

Chetan Pandit as Jai Singh Kanhaiya

Anuradha Patel as Mai Vajero

Hasan Zaidi as Abdullah Khan

Syed Aman Nian Sharma as Azisuddin

Akashdeep Saigal as Peer Muhammed

Vimarsh Roshan as Lakpat Rai



” Just Be A Man About It”

(I love this apartment the way it looks is so pretty)



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Blissful Bedrooms* Blissful Home = Blissful Life*

IMAGINE… you slip into super soft jammies after a hot bubble bath or steamy shower, then to add some lavender aroma therapy to the bedroom, dim soft lights or candles, sitting beside a warm fire while listening to relaxing soft sleep inducing music like the sound of a water fall and then to sip on a glass of red wine just before reclining in a “Zero Gravity Massage Chair” before bedtime. Well that’s my idea of what a blissful bedroom contains.

First and foremost my idea of blissful bedrooms would entail them being clean and clutter free, warm and inviting with amenities galore.

Over the years I’ve given a lot of thought into what would make a bedroom a place you never want to leave. I guess that’s why I love watching those home decorating shows like “Love It Or List It. This is one of my favorite, most awesome home decoration, design and home buying shows on HGTV.

I love it when interior designer Hillary Farr says “Love It!” and then real estate broker David Visentin says “List It!” They are part of a team that works separately to help a family decide whether to keep their home once renovated by Hillary or to take the home shown to them on the market by David. I cannot help but feel anxious and wonder what the couple/family will decide to do.

I have to tell you that two of my favorite parts of the show is watching Hillary as her ideas work magic. She hits it on the nail as she tries to come up with an “in budget” plan as she makes hard decisions whether if all wishes can be granted or not for the family. Her renovation guy Eric and her decoration team work together to make sure the home is exquisitely decorated and as beautiful as possible to sway the home owner to keep their present home.

Hillary and David are both so amazing in how they make the show so very comical in watching how they compete and interact with each other, their staff and the couple/family. I am always having a good belly laugh throughout each entire episode.

It seems Hillary is always being given an inadequate budget and long list of necessary renovations that the house needs in order for the couple/family to want to keep their home.

In the end the couple is shown how the renovations have increased the value of their home and it helps them to decide even further whether they stay where they are or not.

So I enjoy taking the time to master the art of relaxation in the overall house but mainly in my bedrooms. Spending years experimenting and turning my bedrooms into full scale sanctuaries has been my goal and it does take a lot of thought and time to be able to do this. It also takes sacrifice and to have to forego things like vacations. So by having many “stay cations” so that this money can be used to upgrade and gradually turn ordinary bedrooms into sweet blissfulness. And I never buy everything from one store and it takes years to find just the right item to fit in a particular spot.

The quality of everything in the bedrooms has to be closest to the very best, it’s what I like to do. I like stocking the rooms with all sorts of amenities like having a small cute fridge in a closet or somewhere in the room and keep it full of some fruits, healthy snacks and cool drinks, also a tiny wine bar/table/tray area that doubles for an area for coffee/tea in the mornings.

So just imagine waking to the sound of birds chirping or a waterfall or some cozy music while all bundled up in comfy soft cozy sheets, quality heavenly pillows, the best of blankets, electric heating blankets, etcetera! etcetera! etcetera! Yeah having just the right type of amenities help make a room special in so many nice ways.

I see it all as a requirement and necessity in order to help relieve stress at the end of the day and help to be ready and equipped to deal with each new day and it’s challenges. Imagine little soft touches here and there to making your home life the best it can be. Sort of a small sanctuary, a little get away place from the world, a place to go when there’s a need to relax.


Relaxing Sleep Music with Calming Waterfall Forest Sounds


While vacations are very good and needed once or twice a year but I just don’t think we ought to have to wait for vacations in order to get the relaxation the body needs and the enjoyment that it brings. It’s the home that should and could be a place like no other place in the world.

There’s so much talk about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation but I’m one for cutting it to the chase. I think that if sitting in one of those Zero Gravity Massage chairs with heat or any kind of massage gadget could tune me out for a while and help my body relax more then this should be in a designated area in the home for quiet evening relaxation as needed. As it does the body and mind good. Some of these high quality massage chairs go as far as to not only just massage your back, legs, feet, neck, head and arms but some even massage your tippy tip toes and finger tips and that is so amazing.

A friend of mine is looking for a way to help improve their health issues and to address their pain just like me. And so I mentioned how nice it would be if we both could own and have one of those amazing zero gravity massage chairs in a designated bedroom. There would be no more of those sleepless nights! And the cost for that would be priceless!

Cozzia 16027 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Information


Relaxology 5 Massage Chair Full Review


Dream Massage Chair


Fixer Upper or Move-In Ready – Love It or List It – HGTV


3 Kids and a Nanny – Love It or List It – HGTV


Very Relaxing 3 Hour Video of SMALL Waterfalls




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Let’s Talk Over Some Tea: Being Your Own Best Friend

When we spend copious amounts of time with people we wind up neglecting ourselves in one way or another. That’s why it’s good to have alone time more often then not. Learning to be your own best friend is an art.

I used to always wonder why most people fear being alone and this is something you pick up later in life. People act as if being alone is something awfully bad, harmful to self or negative and synonymous with not having “a life” or not having friends. Well I beg to differ, really I do.

When there are the “quiet seasons” when not a good friend can be found what’s a person to do? Just sit around and be sad about it or do something better. I am so grateful that my mother taught me by example a thing or two about life. She once said that being alone does not always equal being lonely or sad.

Actually there is a difference. A person can feel lonely when their unhappy with being alone and solitude means you are happy with your alone time. I know some people can get bored with their own company after a while and so want to be around someone else for a time and that’s OK, it’s normal. I think our natures are designed that way.

I am also a believer in that being busy has it’s own blessing in it, because if you can get busy you forget where the time went. Finding contentment within ones self is a must for peace of mind and having the ability to have an inner joyful spirit about yourself period is the best thing.

So learning to be your own best friend is in your own best interest no matter where you are. Especially when being around undesirable or negative people is the other option, then alone time is even better. I like to use my alone time to get caught up in some amazing hobbies or to do whatever is pleasurable and that I find joy in doing.

For instance I love, love, love…. collecting tea cups of all kinds, those pretty, dainty little things are so amazing to look at and display around the home. I love decorating the table and settling down with a beautiful tea set and drinking tea with some delicious snacks to go with it.

So I’ll make some tea and set the table with a full tea set on display. The pot, cup and saucer. Also it is amazing what a bright tablecloth, place-mats, and a tea set can do. I love it because it looks so cute and it feels amazing while indulging in drinking the tea.

And not only having tea but there is so many other possibilities of things to enjoy doing like for instance, listening to uplifting music, romantic music, soft music, all kinds of different music. There’s nothing like having a good workout by exercising every part of your body or watching a favorite TV show or comedy show.

There are so many hobbies in this world to try such as curling up to read a really good book that can take you away, making a painting (I love dot to dot painting and adult coloring books galore) sewing clothes, making dolls, or different things to pretty up your home, and then there’s the crafts like knitting, crocheting, also playing video games, doing crossword puzzles, or putting together a jig saw puzzle, meditating, studying a certain topic such as art and the different eras and art periods. Also becoming an expert at almost anything by reading up on different subjects. Gardening, OMG! gardening is the most ultimate high, then there’s cooking, up keep of the home by cleaning, organizing so that you can find things you need. And then there’s self pampering by doing your own pedicures, manicures, facials, and good smelling bubble baths and massages. I also love putting together nice outfits to wear and wearing pretty clothes and dresses just does something amazing for your inner being. I love decorating home the most and giving it personal touches, tending to personal laundry, and then there’s watching YouTube videos. OMG! I love YouTube! And there’s planning some interesting meals to have or make, writing a blog, keeping and writing in a diary, traveling places you never been before, go to see a live play, go visit a museum, doomsday prepping, cultivate the art of napping, and always stepping out to try something new really does keep you alive, kicking and loving life! All of this without pressure and can be enjoyed alone.

I know this amazing woman who lives in my area, she’s faithful and passionate about gardening as she spends up to eight or nine hours a day puttering in and around her garden and oh my!…..

If you can only see her garden it would make your jaw drop! That woman keeps herself occupied in that joyful way. Her husband brags about the wonderful work she does too. And she does it alone.

I always love my mother’s good advice of not to letting another person’s poor moods spoil your inner happiness. She said try not to let anyone or anything unsettle you too much if you can help it. And to try to stay above the fray by staying focused on the positive solutions to things. And even if someone does not respond to you in the way you would prefer well just keep it moving baby!

She’d go on to say don’t let people’s awkwardness, backwardness and rudeness get the best of you. And to try your best to ignore sarcastic people.

That’s why I try my best to not allow my inner negative feelings to over take my thought process and my spirit, rather to shake them off. I prefer to do the best with what the good Lord gave me, even if it seems like it’s not a lot to some people but I can tell you that it’s more than what some people have.

So be your own best friend, buy yourself an amazing tea set and have some tea! Because being your own best friend means realizing that making your own happiness is your responsibility.


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Easy Chinese/Asian Style Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Made At Home

My husband and I used to enjoy Chinese take out food especially chicken, broccoli and rice is one of our favorites. But lately we been making it at home with some pre-cooked fajita chicken strips and you would not believe how fast and easy it is to cook. I love it because it takes only a matter of ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes to make. Wow you cannot beat that. It’s a good weekday meal or for when unexpected guests stop in for a quick meal.

I have to admit that once you make this at home you’ll never want to go back to take out. It is so delicious and fresh tasting. I think the fresh garlic that’s been soaked in olive oil and the red pepper flakes is what gives it such an amazing taste. (ok I’m kinda partial when it comes to anything hot! LOL!)

Chinese/Asian Style Chicken Broccoli and Rice Recipe


1 large package of frozen pre-cooked Grilled (Fajita) Chicken Strips

3-4 cups of frozen Broccoli Florets

2 cups of Basmati Rice (cooked) or White Rice

2-3 tablespoons of Spelt Flour or All Purpose White flour

3-4 tablespoons of Kikoman Teriyaki Sauce

3-4 tablespoons of Soy Sauce

3-4 tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce

½ cup to 1 cup Water

1 tablespoon of Lawry’s Season Salt

2-3 tablespoons of chopped fresh garlic (pre-chopped and pre-soaked in olive oil)

1 tablespoon of Garlic Powder

1 tablespoon of Onion Powder

1 teaspoon of Red Pepper Flakes

¼ teaspoon of Ginger Powder (optional)

½ cup of Avocado Oil


1 large skillet or Wok

Large spoon


1. Pour avocado oil into skillet and add the chicken strips and broccoli florets, on medium to high heat, stir and allow to cook at least two (2) to three (3) minutes.

2. Add in the rest of the ingredients (except the water and flour) and stir frequently and allow to cook for two (2) to three (3) more minutes.

3. Sprinkle the flour over top the broccoli and chicken and stir in until the flour is dissolved then add in the water to make a thick gravy. Keep stirring mixture until flour and water is mixed in well and a thick brown gravy starts to form. (You may add a little more water to make the gravy less thick if you like.)

4. Turn down heat to low and allow it to simmer for ten (10) more minutes. But not longer then that or else the broccoli will not retain its crunch.

5. Turn off heat and serve over hot Basmati rice or white rice.

*This can be made with frozen precooked beef strips or precooked pepper steak. And instead of rice, noodles can be used just as well.*

I hope you enjoy this meal as much as we do!


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Let’s Do It Again! ~ SAATH NIBAANA SAATHIYA!~ Most Beloved Hindi Serial~ Farewell And GoodBye!


“Lets Do It Again!”

~The Staple Singers~


Can we go back to day one and start it all over again! Yeah, let’s do it again! LOL!

July 23, 2017 will be a day I will remember forever as this day marked the end of one of the hottest, hippest and most exciting Hindi serials in history. So yes, I say it’s done, it’s over, they finally did it! Star Plus has broken many, many hearts this day by ending this big award winning show, although it ended on a very happy and pleasant note as Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and Kokila (Rupal Patel) went down memory lane and with Sita (Shruti Prakash) and Ramakant’s/Ricky’s (Rohit Suchanti) joyous wedding day. Hooray to that!

Well I have to say it’s been an amazing seven year roller coaster ride and so today I had to take out a box of tissues and boo hoo-ed because I just cannot believe it, I don’t want to believe it! As of tomorrow I will no longer get to turn on my TV and see my most amazing, most favorite and longest running Hindi Serial Saath Nibaana Saathiya with some of best and amazing stars. This show had become a part of my daily life as it’s been running since May 3, 2010.

I can’t say I am in shock because there was always those rumors that the show was ending but somehow it kept running. But I absolutely do not want to believe it is true, it has really happened, this day has come so unexpectedly.

Already I like to reminisce on the first few episodes and how I was immediately hooked and fell in love with Gopi and all the rest of the characters. This show had something special about it that just touched your heart. It was the most amazing, loving family-oriented type of show that was attractive to people of all ages.

When I think about all the times I couldn’t wait for the next episode to see what was going to happen and to tell the truth there will never be another show like this one ever. It’s one of a kind. I am just so appreciative to have been one of it’s admirers. This show caused you to feel so many emotions as it gave you many hours of entertainment in ways that was warm, loving and exciting and although there were sad moments like when Meera (Mazel Vyas) went missing and when Rashi (Rucha Hasabnis) died, nevertheless it was the best of the best.

I along with millions of fans fell in love with this fictitious story about the Modi family living in an amazing mansion in Rajkot. A story about two sisters, Gopi and Rashi who happened to marry into a family together. I tell you I am going to miss Kokila the most. That woman was gutsy and had the most spunk if I ever did see it.

There are things about this show that will always stay fresh and in my heart and I will never forget the amazing actors and actresses, the lovely music, oh the music of the show was ever so amazing, the beautiful and amazing clothes they wore, the jewelry, the beautiful Modi mansion, the many different scenery, what was there not to love about this show, it was just about something so awesome.

I think about how I used to always dream and wish I could one day visit the set and watch the cast in action in India.

I will never forget the hours and years of entertainment this show provided for me. I can tell you this much, Saath Nibaana Saathiya will be talked about for many many years to come and missed so much in the hearts of their fans. I have to admit that this show taught me many valuable lessons in my life’s journey.

So as they say, all good things must come to an end one day, so I wipe away my happy tears and say my goodbye to this amazing show and it’s award winning cast.

To Saath Nibaana Saathiya cast and crew, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

And I give a final shout out and say goodbye to all the cast by their fictitious names…….

Gopi and Ahem and Jaggi, Kokila and Parag, Hetal and Chirag, Rashi and Jigar, Kinjal and Dhawal, Baa Janko, Meera and Dharam, Vidya and Shravan, Urmila and Jitu, Sonakshi and Sahir, Samar and Monica, Mansi, Gaura, Durga, Paridhi, Radha, Anita, Umang, Madu, Tripti, Jigna, Premlata, Ritesh, Dr. Krishna, Karan, Vivaan, Sanskaar, Durga, Revati, and finally to Pinku, Sameera and Bhavani, and to Sita and Ramakant (and any visiting stars and names I missed).

~~~I wish we you could all do it all again!~~~


It’s hard to forget the ones who gave you so much to remember!

To Saath Nibaana Saathiya

Cast and Crew ~Here’s Wishing you much joy and happiness as you begin a new chapter in your lives.~

May I speak on behalf of all Saath Nibaana Saathiya fans…..





“Turn Back The Hands Of Time”

~Tyrone Davis~


~Barabra Streisand~

“The Way We Were”




~May any and all Saath Nibaana Saathiya fans feel free to stop by my blog, comment and send some love to the cast and crew. Come and reminisce along with me and feel free to re-read some of my old posts on the shows previous episodes.~



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Ricky’s (Rohit Suchanti) In Love With Sita/Siya (Shruti Prakash) What Will It Take For Him To Win Her LOVE? Saath Nibaana Saathiya

I tell you,

I can’t sleep at night

wanting to hold her tight….

~Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose~

It’s Too Late To Turn Back Now”



Ramakant/Ricky (Rohit Suchanti) broke poor Sita’s (Shruti Prakash) heart when he ran off and left her standing cold at the wedding venue. And then one day he showed up at the Modi mansion doorstep as the married husband of Sameera (Priya Tandon) instead.

Even though Sita never stopped loving him for one moment she persevered though. I tell you I felt so bad for her as she has the same type of sweet, gentle and loving spirit as Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee). And it’s sad when you love someone who does not love you back.

Finally present circumstances has humbled Ricky so that with time he did fall in love with Siya and now it’s been revealed she’s been Sita all the time.

Ricky’s state is hopeless now being in love with Sita and knowing she loves him dearly but won’t give into her feelings and marry him because she believes he’s in love with the fake Siya whose role she was playing for a while.

So nowadays Ricky has to figure out a way to convince her that he loves her. I wonder what will it take for him to win her love?


What Does It Take” (to win your love) 1969




It’s Too Late To Turn Back Now

I Believe, I’m Falling In Love”

~Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose {Stereo}~


~Saath Nibaana Saathiya Cast~

~ Sita Keshav Rathod (Shruti Prakash)~

~Ramakant Ahem Modi (Rohit Suchanti)~

~Sameera Ramakant Modi (Priya Tandon)~

~Gopi Jaggi Modi/Gopi Ahem Modi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee)~


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Love Me Some RedBone!


Redbone – Come And Get Your Love – The Midnight Special 1974


I love their song “Come And Get Your Love” that topped the charts back in the 70’s and I adore this above music video and how it starts out with the Indian garb and dance performance which is so amazing to see.

With all the recent uproar regarding “Standing Rock” lately and the fight against the construction of the Dakota access pipeline, started me to thinking more deeply and caring even more about Native American people and their plight.

Back in 1973, the song “We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee”, brought a lot of attention to the massacre by the 7th Cavalry Regiment of the Lakota Sioux Indians in 1890. The song was number one in the charts in various areas like in the Netherlands but didn’t do well in the United States because of it being such a controversial and touchy subject.


REDBONE We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee 1973


So Pat and Candido “Lolly” Vasquez-Vegas moved to Los Angeles California in 1969 and formed this amazing Native American Rock group.

Their groups name RedBone is a Cajun term for a mixed race person.


Redbone – Chant 13th Hour

This is so amazing, I love this chant song.


Redbone members Lolly Vegas and Iron Joe Interview in 2006.




Find more interesting history about RedBone at this link

Their official website

And see article on Lolly who was in bad health and passed away back in 2010.

Info On Standing Rock


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