101 Things To Do Before I Die

Rose et amour....rosa y amor ....rose d'amour ...

Rose et amour….rosa y amor ….rose d’amour ..rosa de amor.. // Explore (Photo credit: photosylvia / silabox)

1. Travel the world.

2. Live in India for one year.

3. Ride in a Air Balloon.

4. Buy everything on my wish list.

5. Buy everything on my preppers list.

6. Speak Hindi fluently.

7. Write Hindi very well.

8. Achieve my ideal weight.

9. Have my own personal cook.

10. Have and design a walk in closet.

11. Meet SRK.

12. Meet my hindi soap stars.

13. Have a hot body as I age.

14. Read as many books as possible.

15. Have a farm.

16. Own and ride a horse.

17. Always be happy and have fun.

18. Finish everything on my bucket list.

19. Meet my favorite female actresses.

20. Be the best possible couple everyone dreams of.

21. Have the most amazing flower garden.

22. Take a jet to NYC for Pizza and shopping.

23. Take a jet to New Orleans for dinner at deannies and to have plenty of zappos.

24. Visit California.

25. Own a beautiful designer bus or trailer.

26. Have a blog. (done)

26. Have maid service every day.

27. Have a black sports car. (Done)

28. Don’t be afraid.

29. Take chances.

30. Pick apples.

31. Learn to grow my own herbs and spices.

32. Save more money.

33. Write my own cook book.

34. Become better at writing and write a book/novel.

35. Make a cheese cake.

36. Have a closet full of Saree’s.

37. Visit a real beautiful castle.

38. Start my own successful business.

39. Make a difference in someones life.

40. Win big in a casino.

41. Become an good actress one day but for now be an extra.

42. Live in my dream house.

43. Take a homeless person to dinner.

44. Build and own a house for homeless people.

45. Dance at my 50th wedding anniversary.

46. Become a certified herbalist.

47. Learn to cook Jalebi.

48. Grow my hair longer.

49. Make my own perfume.

50. Own beautiful Indian jewelry.

51. Go to a Indian festival.

52. Get a full body massage each month for free or have the money to pay for it.

53. Have a summer party that lasts an entire month.

54. Send a message in a bottle.

55. Own a house by the beach.

56. Visit the Taj Mahal.

57. Make friends with someone sweet and special. (Done)

58. Record my own music or cd.

59. Learn how to write a children’s book and write one for my grand kids.

60. Get good at baking breads.

61. Own a pink or purple mail box.

62. Have a beautiful huge kitchen.

63. Redesign my bedroom.

64. Become famous for doing something good and wonderful.

65. Get a new laptop.

66. Learn to sew really well.

67. Design and have my own craft room.

68. Have plenty of crafting products I love.

69. Own a candy store.

70.  Buy a soda machine. (done)

71. Learn how to bake Italian, French and sour dough breads well.

72. Learn how to make Chinese fried rice (my favorite)

73. Learn how to bar tend.

74. Learn how to make delicious Mediterranean style foods.

75. Work as a Disney Princess for a week.

76. Make a bottle of wine.

77. Vacation in New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras.

78. See the Northern Lights.

79. Attend a cheese taste test.

80. Get my high school portrait back that was painted by my art teacher.

81.  Be in a Bollywood movie.

82. Take a cooking class in New Orleans.

83. Spend a week at a beautiful ski lodge.

84. Buy a clarinet.

85. Learn to play clarinet again.

86. Keep bees.

87. Learn to crochet and knit really well.

88. Crochet a sweater one day.

89. Learn quilting really well.

90. Quilt a blanket one day.

91. Sew myself a beautiful maxi winter coat.

92. Have a huge room and create my own library with shelves, latter and full of leather bound books.

And the list just GROWSSSSS……..

93. Have a gold tooth. (hee hee)

94. More and more learn to live as I please and un-apologetically.

95. Increasing feelings of freedom and peace more and more with each passing year.

96. To make homemade donuts with glaze. (LOL!)

97. To have a increasingly minimalist, Zen like and simple home.

98. No more drama in my life (this should have been number one on this list, LOL)

99. Get video’s on my blog and fix up my blog this year 2016.

100. Become more organized.

101. Getting better at loving and caring for myself and others in my life.

55 Responses to 101 Things To Do Before I Die

  1. I love your list, Betty 🙂 You should revisit it often to inspire yourself! If it helps, “change someones life” could apply to me in that I find your blog very upbeat and motivating (something I need right now). ❤

  2. Sakshi says:

    Cool list!:D

  3. Divya says:

    Yeah….You should go there! I bet you do Indian shopping there at times!And food,of course!😃

  4. Divya says:

    Yes!That would be awesome!Especially since we both love Jalebi so much and you should try Gulab Jamun,too!😃

  5. Divya says:

    Hey! So I just wanted to give you some advice for 2(Live in India for one year),because I live here.But all of the cities and towns are different here,so tell me which city you are planning to go to!😃😃

    • I want to go to all of them. LOL! I really haven’t made up my mind yet. But I am sure when the time comes I will have to narrow it down though. I know for sure I would love to come to Mumbi because it seems to be such a modern city and then I want to go to a really plain area where there is not much modern ness, you know a village where people are living really simple lives. I love that idea.

      • Divya says:

        I live in Mumbai and I went to many towns and cities because of my aunts and cousins living there.So here are some tips for when you’re going to Mumbai:
        1.Never eat from the street stands( this occur for everywhere in India)
        2.The weather is very hot and wet and in July it rains a bit more so be careful for wet mud on the streets and be sure to take some water with you when you go out(a must,always)
        3.I recommend for you to go to the tourist attractions as we’ll
        4.The phone code in Mumbai is +91 22
        5.The spoken languages here are Hindi,Marathi,and English(try to learn the basic Hindi words though such as saying hello or how much is it
        And if you are going to India you must visit the beaches of Goa!
        If you want to go to a plain place,I recommend you go to Jaipur or Delhi(though be careful in Delhi)and I will give you some tips for this,too.
        In Delhi,
        1.Be sure to always check the weather before you go out because it rains a lot there
        2.Watch out for thieves
        In Jaipur,
        1.Almost everything is pink
        Some good hotels in Mumbai(but you are welcome to our home just in case):
        Juhu Beach
        3 stars-$59
        4 stars-$96
        5 s.-$166
        3 s.-$90
        4 s.-$106
        5 s.-$150
        For hotels in Jaipur:
        Hotel Arco Palace
        3 s.-$18
        ITC Rajputana Jaipur
        5 s.-$82
        Hotels in Delhi:
        Hotel Hari Piorko
        3 s.-$15
        Hilton New Delhi Janakpuri
        5 s.$78
        Another plain place(kind of) is Agra(I go there often to visit my cousins)
        1.Be sure to visit the Taj Mahal there
        Some good hotels in Agra(but you are welcome to my aunts,uncles,and cousins there)
        Hotel Amar
        3 s.-$29
        The Oberoi Amarvilas Agra
        5 s.-$509
        Hope this was helpful!

      • Wow! Thanks so much. 🙂 perhaps we could meet up at a coffee shop or a sweets shop for some Jalebi and coffee. I am so excited and cannot wait for the day I will get to go there. But you have me afraid of Jaipur though. Nevertheless the top thing on my list is to see the Taj Mahal.

  6. margretdj says:

    I do have an awesome list too…and I can’t wait to see them done and of course I will be adding more…I will like to visit Greece, Rome, Egypt, Tuscan Italy, Vienna, India…I will like to write my memoir, short stories, and children’s books, go to Vegas and win big, a cruise to Alaska, and more…

  7. Wonderful list! Here’s to more of your fabulous creations!

  8. Maggie Trupkiewicz says:

    Wow, I am in L O V E with this list! I am going to print it out and blue-tack it to the wall right behind my laptop, and try to accomplish as many of these things as i can!
    (p.s. – i know its not a full mailbox, but it is a purple mailbox cover! free advice: check it out! http://goo.gl/dWUQYU )

    • Maggie…I am so glad you liked my list and that you want to accomplish the same things I want to accomplish…I am so happy that I am not alone in trying to do it all..LOL! I will check out the mailbox cover link..Thanks that is so sweet of you..Have a great weekend. Betty

  9. Spaz says:

    I’ve totally done 105! That was the donuts, right? I don’t remember if we did the glaze (probably dipped them in powdered sugar instead), but it was an activity for my Daisy troop (never made it to Brownie) when I was in kindergarten. My mom did all the real work – as there was a deep fryer involved. Come to think of it, not sure how we got away with doing that inside the school. Surely I’m remembering wrong because that should have been one HELL of a fire hazard, lol. Good luck!

  10. Diane Reid says:

    P.S. Thanks for stopping in at my blog and reblogging a post. It means a lot to me.

  11. Diane Reid says:

    I love this list, especially the one about living more as you like and not apologetically! I hope you meet all these goals.

  12. Harsha says:

    Great List that is and I wish each of them come true especially the ones related to India.. 🙂

  13. Dreming is good things.god bless you.

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  15. Alice says:

    I love lists. I love your list. I wish you’ll do everything you’re dreaming about.
    If you want, this is my blog: http://elefantaginare.wordpress.com.

  16. Karyl says:

    I love your list. Many of those things I want to do or have done. It’s kind of scary how much we have in common! I wish you lived closer. We could go get a cup of coffee! How would you like to be old-fashioned snail mail pen pals?

  17. aanyashaffer says:

    Funny how lots of things on your list are also on mine. Thanks for sharing.

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