Herbal Remedies & Concoctions: Resins


I’m a little behind schedule in making herbal preparations for this winter for us but it’s OK, it’s better late than never as my mother used to say. Plus I have lots of tinctures, syrups, and enough herbs to make some infusions from last year just in case we need them before the new batch is ready.

Last summer I had an infected toe that hurt and throbbed all the way to the bone and the skin was turning bluish. So I made an appointment to see a foot specialist. Unfortunately, I could not get an appointment until an entire month later. So I figured it best to try some kind of resin before the problem worsens before I could get in to see the doctor.

I tried Propolis (bee glue) Resin Extract. Propolis is a resinous mixture that contains the saliva of honey bees, and the bees bring to it sap from tree bark and beeswax, as it kills and inhibits fungal and bacterial growth.

I mixed two (2) parts resin to one (1) part olive oil and poured it directly on that small infection making sure my entire toe was saturated with it and immediately my entire toe burned as my toe was screaming with pain! Ouch! And it was throbbing even more than before. I then wrapped the toe up loosely in some gauze from my first aid kit.

The next day I bravely did the same again and once again the pain was excruciating. I wrapped the toe up again with gauze. I did the same the third day and noticed the burn and pain had lessened.

So I continued to apply it every day for two to three weeks and the burning pain had gotten less and less. Then one day the pain, the burning sensation, and the throbbing was gone. There was no leaking or bleeding and the hole had closed up. The normal color was coming back to my toe as it was no longer bluish in color but the nail bed had turned a dark brown color from the resin. I went back to soaking my foot in straight white vinegar again (for 10 minutes) then washing them and applying the resin and olive oil.

By the time I made it to my doctor’s appointment, the infection was gone but I explained everything to the doctor and she advised me to be careful with the concentration of the resin because it could be too strong. She also gave me some foot cream that bleached the nail bed and continues to kill the fungus. It took a while but little by little the nail looks better and feels better as the new nail is gradually growing in.

So I continue with my weekly pedicures and I’m so glad I tried the Propolis resin because I am absolutely sure that the toe would have gotten much worse by the time I saw the doctor and she would have had to surgically remove my nail bed and do God knows what else.

That experience left me feeling so powerful in knowing I could assist in my own healing and health. I am now a believer in the power of these resins, oils, and herbs to heal. Although it hurt like crazy on the first few days I don’t regret using it at all.


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