When I Think Of Home…….

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is,

maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

by Seth Godin


Cozy Hand Drawn Sofa At Blue

(this image is at: http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-illustration-cozy-hand-drawn-sofa-blue-watercolor-background-vector-illustration-image56472682)

As far back as I could remember I have always loved living in my own space/home. It’s kinda hard for me to spend any nights away from home even when it’s an ideal place to be. If it were left up to me I never would sleep anywhere else in the world. It’s in my home that I love making it comfortable and I love being creative by decorating it into a style that is uniquely mine.

When I think of home I think………

home is the place of rest where I can escape from a hectic world, where I could relax, be renewed and not afraid to be myself.

Home for me is…..

somewhere I could relax quietly in a comfy chair with a side table, lamp or candle, a cozy rug in a cozy corner somewhere.

Where I could….

read a good book, magazine, the bible or light a candle, meditate and pray.

Where I could…………

find places to put my books, journals and other joys and things.

There’s nothing like………

a spot in the kitchen at the table where I can sit on a chair or bench, sip on some hot chocolate, coffee or tea and see our yard cats curl up sitting in my window.

Or where……

my bathroom is well stocked with bath salts, shower gels or delicious soaps where I can pamper and get clean and d-stressed.

Glass Bottle Wind ChimesOutside my windows are wind chimes…….

and I can hear them as the wind blows softly. It sounds so amazing to my ears. And each chime has a different melody.

My music is………….

relaxing nature sounds, classical music, zen music, soft jazz and R& B.


(this image above is at: http://www.ikeadecoration.com/home-designing/30-simple-and-beautiful-diy-wind-chimes-ideas-to-materialize-this-summer-2.html)

Cozy Home. Original watercolor

(this image is at: http://www.laurastearnsjohnson.com/large-single-view/gallery/180125-2-/Painting/Watercolor/Landscape.html)

Some Simple Ways I Like To Decorate:

*Cut out of a magazine a photo of peaches, apples, flowers etc.. and put it in a frame and hang on a wall.

*To go on nature walks, bringing a basket or bag with me as I pick up some acorns, pine combs, colorful leaves, rocks etc. Picking wild flowers to bring home instead of having to buy flowers. I use the things I find to do crafting or to decorate the house in simple ways.

(this image is at: http://maramattiaart.blogspot.com/2008/12/childrens-book-watercolor-illustration.html)

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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