It’s Ended… Ishq Mein Marjawan Two



You send chills up my spine

every time I take one

look at you…

and I like it”


I Like It”


Well, it’s ended! “Ishq Mein Marjawan Two” a romance thriller and drama that was by far one of my most favorite Hindi serials that will stay in my fondest memories and the deepest recesses of my heart.


I’m going to miss watching the overtime-increasing amazing chemistry between both Riddhima and Vansh. I loved how their relationship whirl-winded into a lovely comely romance as Vansh began to relinquish his heart more and more over to Riddhima and her to him.

I just loved how she entered his cruise boat party as a party planner in that flowing lovely yellow dress, heels, yellow sunglasses, and clip in her hair. As she spied and tried gathering any incriminating information on his secret operations of corruption for her boyfriend/fiancee Kabir who later turned out to be nothing more than a corrupt cop and personal enemy to Vansh as it was later found out that he was Anupriya’s (Vansh’s Step Mom) illegitimate son seeking power and his perceived rightful place in VR Mansion and so the fact that he didn’t love Riddhima but only used her to get to Vansh didn’t sit right with me at all.

And so Vansh and Riddhima’s amazing relationship began as she mesmerized him on that first night as she wore that beautiful red dress on their first dance of the evening of the cruise party.


I’ve been thinkin

bout you for quite a while

You’re on my mind everyday and every night

My every thought is you,

the things you do

Seems so satisfying to me

I must confess it, girl


I Like It”


Vansh, being the manly man he was, showed up and showed out as he defended and protected Riddhima from Aryan’s unwanted advances as she was about to leave the party. And so later on he hired her as a physiotherapist for his sister Siya who had a quick liking and fondness for Riddhima.

I tell you that love was the furthest thing from his mind but Riddhima’s feminine ways drew him in and pierced his heart, thoughts, and emotions, although his feelings was sometimes mixed and confusing to him.

From a distance, daily he found his eyes lingering in her direction for longer periods whenever she was around. But later she angrily gave him her resignation due to the beating he had commanded be given to a man he thought was Kabir and as she attempted to leave VR Mansion he forced her to stay and then a few days later he forced her into marrying him to find out what her true intentions were regarding him and his business affairs. So although she didn’t want to marry him she agreed to it after Kabir convinced her that it was the only way she could help him to bring Vansh down.

She later found a statue of his ex-fiance Ragini and thought he killed her and as she tried to find the evidence on that she found a secret room with another statue and a painting of a woman who turns out to be Vansh’s biological mother Uma Rai Singhania. And from this point forward Riddhama developed a soft spot in her heart for him after hearing his story about how his mother left him as a young boy. Vansh falls for her soon thereafter since she takes a bullet for him.


I like the way you comb your hair

and I like those stylish clothes you wear

It’s just the little things you do

That show how much you really care


I Like It”


Their feelings and emotions interchange back and forth due to other developments in the story. They become wishy-washy but somehow their love grows stronger between them. Then at one point Vansh falls off a cliff rather than let Kabir shoot him and take his life and so it is believed that he died. And he later returns as “Vihann” Vansh’s look-alike who sets up a meet-up with Riddhima who was mourning his death and so she faints in his arms upon seeing him. And after a huge scenario transpires eventually it is revealed to Riddhima and the rest of the family that he is Vansh. Finally, the two of them are happy with each other after Riddhima’s pregnancy is revealed and after Vansh’s denial and nonacceptance of his unborn child because he feared his dangerous lifestyle will endanger his son. Anyway, Kabir becomes jealous and sorry that he lost Riddhima to Vansh and wants her back so he tried his hardest to get her back but it was way too late.

So the show ends with Kabir trying to kill them with a bomb, but the bomb meant to kill them, he accidentally turns on himself and Vansh and Riddhima ran as far as they could from some dangerous men who were out to kill Vansh and anyone connected to him, so they both were forced to jump off a cliff together. So there they were at the edge of the cliff, holding hands and Vansh tells Riddhima to have faith and believe as they jumped, that they will somehow survive the fall and make a new start in life with their unborn baby. I tell you that was a very emotional ending because as they stood there the playbacks rolled of all the amazing times they spent with each other. I tell you I had to break out the old tissue box again because tears began to fall. I didn’t want to see their story end this way but the way in which it ended gave you hope that perhaps they would be back again with a part two of this show. Well at least I could wish it true right.


Like when I’m all alone with you

You know exactly what to do

You put that fire inside of me

And make it more than just a dream

Ooh… and I like it

You send chills up my spine every time I take one look at you


I Like It”


~Ishq Mein Marjawan Two~

Cast and Crew

~Riddhima Vansh Raisinghana~/Vansh’s wife/Kabir’s ex financee~ (Helly Shah)

~Vansh Raisinghana~/Vihaan (Rrahul Sudhir)

~Vihaan~ Vansh’s Look-Alike (Rrahul Sudhir)

~Kabir~/Riddhima’s ex financee/Anupriya’s son (Vishal Vashishtha)

~Angre~/Vansh’s loyal employee/Ishani’s husband (Zayn Ibad Khan)

~Aryan~/Vansh’s cousin (Manasvi Vashist)

~Anupriya Raisinghana~/Vansh’s step-mother (Khalida Jaan)

~Ishani~/Vansh’s sister/Kabir’s step sister (Chandni Sharma)

~Siya~/Vansh’s sister/Kabir’s step sister (Nikita Tiwari)

~Indirani Raisinghania~/Vansh’s grandmother (Meenakshi Sethi)

~Ragini~/Vansh’s former fiancee (Sushmita Banik)

~Chanchal~/Aryan’s Mother/Rudra’s wife (Geetu Bawa)

~Rudra~/Aryan’s Father/Chanchal’s husband (Jay Zaveri)

~Sunny~/Ishani’s Former fiance (Muohit Joushi)

~Mrs. D’Souza~/VR Mansion’s Housekeeper (Sushma Murudkar)

~Sejal~/Riddhima’s Childhood friend (Smita Sharan)

~Aahana~/Kabir’s fake fiancee/Vansh’s fake wife (Mansi Srivastava)

~Chitwan~/Chanchal’s brother (Aashcharya Vikas)

~Mishra~/Kabir’s Assistant (Rajat Swani)

~Pingle~/Kabir’s friend and agent (Mohit Sinja)







I Like It ~DeBarge~




“Something’s On Your Mind”

~D Train~


“You Should Be Mine (Woo Woo Song)”

~Jeffery Osbourne~



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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