Is Your Wife A Nag Or Are You A Genius! Gold The Movie


What… What are you doing? What’s wrong with you. You eat so much fish but still no brains. [Monobina]

What should I do, then? [Tapan]

Take your shoes off first! Otherwise you’ll keep slipping. [Monobina]

(Tapan then took off his shoes and the suggestion Monobina his wife makes to him works like a charm and so he was able to push the wheel out of the ditch, and he happily responds)

My wife is a beauty with brains! [Tapan]

(She replies to his admiration of her advice)

Now hurry up. [Monobina]

(Tapan climbs back onto the wagon and sits back beside Monobina his wife as she brushes the mud off his head with love. Later they arrive at their destination and he and his wife are so in love as they cannot resist each other and so they make passionate love.)



In the dialogue above Tapan and his wife Monobina are riding in a wagon and the other wagon following behind is carrying their belongings but one of the wheel’s gets stuck in a ditch so Tapan jumps off his wagon and immediately try’s pushing the wheel out of the ditch but his feet are slipping and he is failing miserably to get the wheel out of the ditch.

The movie Gold with Akshay Kumar is a historical sports drama movie based on an Indian national hockey team in the 1940’s.

What I liked the most about this movie is watching the dynamics of the marriage relationship between Tapan and his wife Monobina. I observed that his wife was very bright and he did a lot of things very stupidly. I liked that although she felt she always had to fuss with him quite often due to the fact that he handled his life very poorly and did not use his brain, there was not a time when he became so angry and frustrated with her for pointing things out to him. It seemed he had the right attitude as he knew she had his best interest at heart and so he never let insecurity rule him and spoil their relationship. It seemed nor did he allow anger to control his thoughts to the point that he directed anger at his wife. Deep down inside he loved her and he knew she loved him. I liked that he was very secure in himself that he never let himself be or feel insecure when it came to the things his wife had to say to him a lot of the times throughout their relationship. It was so refreshing to see this relationship.

There are too many marriage relationships that suffer unnecessarily due to this same very issue. A lot of the time the husband acts like a bird brain and the wife is smarter when it comes to certain things and so instead of the husband being appreciative instead he winds up harboring secret or obvious jealousy and hatred for his smart wife instead of appreciating her as he should. Just the fact that he has her there in his life to help him with his short comings is something a lot of men fail to realize and so this is how a lot of marriages happiness is tossed out the window and ruined because the husband has a bad male ego, low self esteem and a bad attitude. A man with these attributes would rather say his wife has a big mouth and call her a nag and what not rather then appreciate her big mouth, big behind, smart brain and all. So I very much liked this scene so much when they were traveling as one of the wagon’s holding their belongings got stuck in a ditch in the mud and his wife assists him with getting it out of the mud filled ditch so they could proceed forward.



In the movie you can see how Tapan responded by saying…. My wife is a beauty with brains!

Amazing response. And he got her love and passion because of it. He hardly ever responded in a negative way to his wife’s suggestions/nagging. It’s all in how you interpret and perceive things and in what light you choose to see a person as important as your life partner. He never said stupid things like “shut up!” nor did he respond by saying “I’m the man in the relationship and so you do not need to tell me what to do, how to think or to breathe.” Only idiots of the worse kind respond in that way. I tell you I think this is a movie that would benefit “ALL MALES” of all ages around the world. And they need to not just watch this movie but take serious notes!!! And internalize it.

In this movie Tapan shows how a man should and could behave in his dealings with his wife who may seem like a nag to him. Nine times out of ten when a man says his wife is a nag he is a bird brain to the tenth degree! LOL! Come on men handle yourselves appropriately by keeping a check on the ego, emotions, thought process and attitude. Just think about it… Do you want to always be right or do you want the right kind of loving relationship with your spouse? Think about it! Your situation may not be about getting a wheel out of the mud but whatever it is think about how you are reacting and responding to the person you claim to love.

This is an amazing example of a movie. Amazing!



~Gold Cast~

~Monobina Das~ (Tapan’s wife) Mouni Roy

~Tapan Das~ Askshay Kumar



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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