20 Year Shelf Life Food Can Be So Delicious

Food on shelf

Food on shelf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you haven’t tasted the freeze dried 20 year shelf life food lately, you just aught to. It is so delicious and so far away from tasting like card board. These companies that make the shelf life survival foods tell people to practice cooking and tasting the food. Well today was a great opportunity for me to do so. I really was not feeling so good today, kind of exhausted. But I was still very very hungry. So I thought why not make this quick 10 to 20 minute shelf life food. So I picked the 100% vegan Lasagna and the creamy potatoes soup. All I had to do was boil a pot of water and pour the packets in the pot and simmer for 10-20 minutes. It was so easy and when done I set my place at the table and enjoyed every bit of the food. It was so filling and so I ate washed up my dishes and the two pots, put the left over’s in the fridge in two plastic bowls and proceeded to my bed to rest and I felt so good after having that meal.

Later on I got back up and put the white northern beans I had soaking overnight in water and vinegar into the crock pot with enough water to cover them, put in the spices and fresh pre chopped and frozen vegetables (carrots, onions, celery) sea salt, pepper and cilantro sauce. And turned it on high and walked away. It is so amazing.

I must tell you if you are amongst the ones who are getting ready and have some 20 year freeze dried and shelf life foods please do try cooking some of it and taste it just to see if you will really like the food or not and you will be so impressed with the flavour.

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