Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Ek Veera Ki Ardaas


Laughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grandaunt and Veera are the sweetest; I love how they always interact with each other in such a cute, fun and loving way. Ranvijay is feeling quite low after the incident with Kartar kidnapping them and trying to force his mother Ratan to marry him. And so Veera and Grandaunt take on the mission in this week’s episode to try to help make Ranvijay forget his troubles and come back to his normal self by making him laugh. Here they do almost anything to accomplish just that.

Veera and her Aunt are quite an item of the show. Here Veera pretends to be her Grandaunt and Grandaunt pretends to be little Veera in this little skit of the show. You know it’s true that laughter is the best medicine.

[Veera] Ms. Ant

[Aunt] Am I an ant?

What happened to her? Are you calling me an ant?

[Veera] Hey, I’m talking to you. Can’t you understand, Veera?

[Aunt] Oh! Grandaunt!

[Veera] Am I like tea? Am I bad-tempered like boiling tea? Ms. Ant, don’t trouble me. Understand?

[Aunt] Grandaunt

[Veera] Yes

[Aunt] Shall I ask you a question?

[Veera] Oh God, why don’t you call me to the heavens?

[Aunt] How can God take you to the heavens? You are so heavy.

[Veera] ha

[Aunt] ha

[Veera] Shut up.

[Aunt] puta

[Veera] puta

[Aunt] Tell me, grandaunt. What is chili?

[Veera] Oh God? How do I tell a Chili what a chili is?

[Aunt] Please explain it to me. Grandaunt

[Veera] Yes, do you remember that green thing? That is a chili.

[Aunt] Yes Grandaunt. You’re talking about the grass, right?

[Veera] Oh, not the grass! It’s like the green trees, understand?

[Aunt] No, I didn’t, grandaunt. Okay, grandaunt. Shall I ask you another question? Grandaunt, why are the trees green?

[Veera] Oh God! Ms. Ant, are you going to kill me with your questions now?

[Aunt] Nay Chigee, No, grandaunt. I can stop questioning. Why would I want to kill you?

[Veera] You are taking away what little life force I’m left with!

[Aunt] Can your life be had with “paratha”? Grandaunt?

[Veera] Nay! It goes well with the noodles up here. Have it!

[Aunt] do you really have noodles up there?

[Veera] Ha! It is! That’s why you’re craving to have it!

[Aunt] Tikay! I’ll feast on the noodles at leisure then. Shall we start grandaunt? Let me have the noodles.

[Veera] Help! (Veera starts running away from aunt) Veera has gone mad! Help. Ms. Ant is going to eat me up!

[Aunt] Grandaunt! (Aunt is chasing Veera now)

[Veera] Save me from this mad girl.

[Aunt] Grandaunt! Grandaunt! Grandaunt, I want to have the noodles.

[Veera] She’s gone mad. Help! (Pajow)

[Aunt] I’m not mad, grandaunt

[Veera] Save me! (Pajow) Save me! (Pajow) Save me! (Pajow)

[Aunt] Wait, Grandaunt! Grandaunt…Grandaunt. I caught you, grandaunt. (Aunt catches Veera by the arm) I caught you, grandaunt.

[Ranvijay] (laughing and laughing)

[Veera] (smiling now)

[Aunt] (smiling now)

(They have succeeded in making Ranvijay laugh. Veera and Aunt give each other the thumbs up sigh.)

[Veera] Brother is laughing! (Veera is jumping up and down and smiling) My brother is laughing! (Veera and Ranvijay are hugging)

[Aunt] Did you see Ratan. Until Ranvijay and Veera are together nobody can come in between their happiness. Not even God himself.

(Ranvijay and Veera are feeding each other their breakfast from Ranvijay’s plate and all is well with Ranvijay now.)


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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4 Responses to Laughter Is The Best Medicine: Ek Veera Ki Ardaas

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  3. seeker says:

    Funny, I call it noodles, too.

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