What’s Real Love?…. One Of My Favorite Hindi Serial’s ~ Parichay-Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka~


How does a man love, respect, care, protect and stand up for the woman he loves, in particular, his wife? When a man displays gentlemanly like behavior towards his wife he loves…. how does a wife respond to a certain kind of love that by today’s standards seems quite antiquated? 

I tell you that I believe a true damsel will more than likely respond with nothing less than a show of great admiration, respect, and love towards him.



You put yourself at stake for your wife…be careful you might lose your life [D. K. Thakral]

Only mighty soldiers get injured in a war. How can a crawling coward fall? I’m not at all scared of falling down or losing my life. I have already saved my queen and about me, we’ll see. You are persistent with your hostility…. No one can separate me from Siddhi. [Kunal Raj Chopra]



Kunal Raj Chopra (Samir Soni) with a gallant move in order to save the woman he loves, Siddhi Kunal Chopra (Keerti Nagpure) and their unborn child, took on the blame for driving the car that killed Rohit Thakral (Karam Rajpal.)

He stated that his wife, Siddhi was not the one at the wheel but it was he that was doing the driving at the time of the accident.

His sudden admission took his wife Siddhi, opposing counsel D. K. Thakral (Abhay Bhargav), the judge, and everyone else present in the court that day by surprise because no one expected him to do something so risky as this.

His wife Siddhi was shocked, overwhelmed, angry and upset with him about putting himself at risk. He’s the type of man who doesn’t have a problem with putting her needs above himself. Kunal is in that class of robust men that show himself strong outwardly but inwardly he retains that loving and tenderheartedness for his wife. This is something a good and loving wife like Siddhi can appreciate.

Sometimes one acts like his can be viewed as strange and slightly crazy but this kind of behavior is not at all foreign to a man of chivalry. Especially for a man like Kunal Raj Chopra, for him, chivalry is not dead but very much alive and well.

Nowadays, for a man to display his love in this way….. wow! I tell you that true devotion and strength in a man like this most certainly must be praised.


~Parichay-Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka~


Kunal Raj Chopra~Samir Soni~

Siddhi Malik/Siddhi Kunal Chopra~Keerti Nagpure~

D. K. Thakral~Abhay Bhargav~

Rohit Thakral~Karam Rajpal~


hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by…



~Deep Into You~

Gregg Karukas/Peter White


~Marc Antony – When I Dream At Night~



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