Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary: The African American Experience


AfricanAmericans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched a program with Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary being interviewed about her book “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” and so without even reading the book I could get a better grip and understanding as to why what goes on in the African American community and I think if a lot more people read her book and heard her views on things it would help a lot more people understand the plight of African Americans.  She leads in the process of healing for people and the nation.  She is a very smart lady.

Check out her website too.


Check out her lecture on the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: It’s Amazing!


See her interview with Gill Noble on “Like It Is Show” Pt. One-Pt. Five

and here:

Here she speaks about having Cognitive Dissonance


~On Radio As Well~

(this show is a hour long so…)


~White Racism- Paul Mooney Explains what most whites just don’t get~


~Paul Mooney On the Black Doll White Doll Test~

(Paul is hilarious but telling it like it T.I. is…)


~Doll Test~

(It’s sad that this is the reality of most children today, people we have work to do.)


You may also want to check out this blog too. http://crackingthecodes.org/

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10 Responses to Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary: The African American Experience

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  2. Karyl says:

    Thank you for trying to understand. It is so incredibly painful. When I look at Ireland I see the pain but I don’t really understand. We can’t always understand why people feel pain about something but we can try. Thanks for doing that. I appreciate it.

    • I honesty believe that people could take this apart scientifically and see what are the fears and why we do what we do it’s a step toward healing as Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary teaches in her lectures. And as far as Ireland is concerned are you talking about the fact that the Irish brought with them a majority of slaves to America? I can see why that is so painful.

      • Karyl says:

        I was talking more about the fighting that’s been going on in Ireland for my entire lifetime. I didn’t know about the Irish bringing slaves. To complicate matters more, I am of Irish and African descent, among other things!

      • Oh your talking about how the Irish been fighting forever, the Catholics against the Protestant because the British intervened and IRA (the Irish Republican Army) was fighting the British, all sorts of confusion. I hardly kept up with the news on it, but at least it wasn’t an ethnic cleaning thing there like they were doing in Bosnia and certain regions in Africa where there were Muslims against Christians and Christians against Muslims and the same problems in India and Pakistan. But I haven’t kept up on these things lately so I don’t know if those wars in Ireland ended or worsened.

        And you say you are of Irish and African descent, wow that’s interesting! Well have you ever visited these countries before? Would you like to and if you already have done so for how long have you stayed?

      • Karyl says:

        I have not visited any of my countries of origin: England, Ireland, Germany, France and Africa. Being African-American, I don;t know exactly where I am from. Probably West Africa. I really want to do a heritage trip, so to speak, one day. It would be easy to hit all the 4 Euro countries. Then another trip to West Africa. It’s funny, in some ways my African heritage is clearly rooted in Africa. On the other hand, I feel it is rooted in the American South as well.

        What is your ethnic background? Are you Indian?

      • I am African American too with some good ole Native American blood somewhere in there. I think a lot of us have a little Native American in us. My husband does too. We are former New Yorkers living in the south now.

      • Karyl says:

        How did you come about your interest in India?

      • Well here’s the story. I don’t remember how I stumbled across the first movie “Veer-Zaara” I watched with Shah Rukh Khan but after that one I started watching the majority of SRK’s movies and fell in love with him and Indian Cinema, especially after seeing Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, then I started watching the Hindi soap operas on cable tv. So I am a big bollywood fan and it’s not just the movies I fell in love with but the food, language and the culture and so it is my dream to one day visit and/or live in India for a while. But first I have to find someone who would be willing to travel there with me because my husband already let me know he didn’t want to go there. But I think one day after I have saved the money to get there he may change his mind if I can’t find a travel partner. Well that’s my dream anyway.

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