Simple Feminine Things To Love….


There are simple feminine things to just plain love………….. One of the things I used to love was how my sisters and I would hang our most beautiful feminine slips on pretty silk-covered hangers across the walls in our bedroom we shared.

We’d hang those lovely pieces across our windows on top of the sheer or lace curtains and believe it or not, it always gave our bedroom that was filled with french provincial furniture such a pretty feminine look.

So doing little femme things such as this has become a special part of me and a habit of mine that is hard to break. I consider myself fortunate enough to have grown up alongside six (6) sisters and a mother who wasn’t afraid to embrace their femininity. It’s a pretty habit of mine that my husband enjoys about me.



I like to make sure they are freshly washed often, ironed and sprayed with a bit of a lavender or patchouli lime scent. These two are my favorite scents because they seem to induce sleep and or give off a relaxed aura in our bedrooms. I thoroughly enjoy wearing slips during the hot summer months because they are very light, cooling and so very relaxing and one good thing about our having moved to the country is that I have the freedom to wear them out in the backyard.

French postcard of woman in early 20th century...

French postcard of woman in early 20th century lingerie (black stockings and lace slip) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not sure if it’s because of the delicate, pretty and soft lace sewn at the hems or the lace sewn slits in the back or sides that I love most, but slips are most feminine and one of my favorite pieces when it comes to the garments in the lingerie family.

I love wearing them around the house all day, and it’s always been the one thing I enjoyed doing for as far back as I could remember. I know there are plenty of women like me who love it too. And one other thing about wearing slips is that they seem to complement almost any size or figure of a woman.

They are absolutely so beautiful and the colors are limitless. My favorite colors are bright red, black, soft lavender, baby blue, blueberry, perry winkle, and soft pink. I think I know why I always preferred wearing dresses or skirts instead of pants or jeans and slips are one of the reasons why. I am always keenly aware that underneath each cute dress or pretty skirt is the most beautiful and comfortable piece of fabric in the world.

Slips can hide the more intimate lingerie being worn and help to cover the silhouette of your legs showing through certain kinds of thin dresses and skirts. But one main reason why I love slips is that they remind me of the reasons why I love and adore being a feminine part of the female species. I love half slips because of the soft elastic band that fits snugly around my waist and I love full slips because they have such pretty skinny straps that fit across my shoulders.



And I have the habit of wearing two (2) half slips at once. This is one way of wearing them that I learned from my older sisters in our harem, LOL!

We’d wear a one-half slip to cover over our boobies and then the second half slip we’d wear from the waist down.

Wearing them like this gave off a layered look we absolutely loved. Or we’d just wear only one short half slip over our boobies and our legs would freely show.

But this was all worn in the privacy of our bedroom of course. There were no guys allowed ever in our bedroom. LOL!



So wearing the half slips like this was almost like wearing a teddy, although we wore those too, slips are one of those types of things that only a girly girl can love and appreciate.

And so, I also love wearing the maxi long half slips that completely cover over my legs or a long full maxi slip with a split in the back or the side and those pretty slip dresses are so cute to wear while having a candlelight dinner with the hubby. I probably own at least thirty five (35) different types of slips and that is a lot, so that’s at least one clean pretty slip to wear per day. Shopping for slips is one of my guilty pleasures. Short mini slips, full lace slips, 100% cotton slips, 100% silk slips and sometimes even the slips with a matching camisoles top, so many types of slips to choose from.

I have a few vintage type slips from my mother, and these are no longer being designed, sold or made anymore and are so delicate, soft and so unique, beautiful and different. I enjoy having them as a part of my collection because of the intricate and delicate lacework on them. One of my sisters has some as well because she is good at saving and carefully caring for all of her lingerie from early on.

I cannot help but adore the many types of fabrics that slips are made from, the ones that are of 100% nylon or half nylon and half Dacron polyester or a combination of rayon, acetate or some form of silk. The 100% silk Charmeuse slips are really amazing because the fabric breathes, but I prefer mine in nylon and polyester and/or 100% silk.

I tell you I just love how they feel so slippery, soft, lightweight and smooth to the skin, also the luster, sheen and the various colors are what catches my eye.



Pinterest is the place to go because there’s such a wide variety of pretty, beautiful and colorful slips to browse, it’s like window shopping but from my laptop while in the comfort of my home.

So I enjoy being the traditional feminine type, a girly girl at heart who is never afraid to embrace her own femininity.

Have an amazing weekend!

Windows, Feminine Soft

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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