Old Man Don’t Play With Kids! Chaudhary & Maati ~Veer-Zaara~



I, Chaudhary Sumer Singh am incomplete without your Maati [Chaudhary]

~Amitabh Bachchan~


Oh, Chaudhary Sumer Singh, where the hell are you? Where’s he gone now? [Maati]

(Chaudhary is caught up in the middle of a game of cricket with the village kids)

Oh, Chaudhary Sumer Singh. [Maati]

Father, Maati’s call you. [Young Boy]

– Yes, right. I heard her… She always calls me at the wrong time. [Chaudhary]

Come here, son. I’ll tell you something. [Chaudhary]

(he puts his arm around the young boy’s shoulder as they walk along)

Don’t ever make the mistake of getting married. If you do you won’t be able to score a goal for the rest of your life. [Chaudhary]

All right, sir. [Young Boy]

(the young boy walks away from him)

– Chaudhary Sumer Singh. [Maati]

I’m coming. [Chaudhary]

(they face each other)

Oh my dear one, how many times do I have to tell you not to disturb me during a game. [Chaudhary]

And how many times do I tell you if you want to die then lie down on the bed and die. Don’t play with kids old enough to be your grandchildren and get your bones broken. [Maati]

Let me tell you one thing. In this entire village, there is not a single player who can compete with Sumer Singh. [Chaudhary]

Except for your son, look what he’s been up to. [Maati]

Veeru’s come? Where? [Chaudhary]

– but not alone. He’s got married. [Maati]

What are you saying? [Chaudhary]

– Look there. [Maati]

(half the village is following Veeru home)


Chaudhary Sumer Singh (Amitabh Bachchan)

Maati/Saraswati~Kaur (Hema Malini)~



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