Kalyani’s Eldest Son Basant Dies In An Accident: ~Balika Vadhu~


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Have you ever had a premonition or a foreboding? Well, Kalyani got a premonition… actually it came to her in a dreamish nightmare. She dreamed that Basant was a child, crying and calling out for her help as he was being forcefully taken away by some unknown persons and so she was seriously shaken up and disturbed by this nightmare that she couldn’t return back to sleep she immediately got up from her bed that night and went to check on her eldest son. She showed up in the bedroom he share with his family. She had to physically touch, see and speak to him in order to get some type of relief. And even then she was skeptical about having this dream period.

It was around this time that they shared some very tear-jerking, loving, and endearing moments between them. It was as if she knew he would be going away to never return.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t her birth son, you would never know it when you saw how they were with each other. He always honored and respected her and I believe he was this way because she did so much for him that she actually deserved it.

His personality was that he always was very loving and protective of her and she was as loving and protective of him in the same way. I always admired and enjoyed watching their close and loving mother-son relationship.

I tell you further that he was the type of person who’d go all out for his family. I liked to call him a gangster. Lol! If anyone of the members of the family was in any type of trouble, you could bet your bottom dollar that he’d be the first to show up, always strapped and ready for action right along with his posse to break some bones if need be. I like to call him the strong gentle giant. He was brave, tough, rough and a no-nonsense type but yet he was gentle when he needed to be with his wife, son, and family members.

I see it this way… the way he died is the way he lived. As he was returning to pick her up from the temple, he saw her walking in the middle of the road to meet up with him oblivious to the fact that there was an out-of-control truck barreling down the road towards her, so he jumped out of his vehicle in a nick of time to save her, he pushed her out of the danger, off to the side of the road putting himself in the danger in her stead. He was hit by the ongoing truck. He was rushed to the hospital but Dr. Jagdish couldn’t save him, apparently, he had died with his head in her lap on the road.

Gehna spent the entire day preparing her husband Basant’s favorite delicious dishes that day as she was happily waiting for his return but instead shocked to find him returning through the door being carried in. Gehna and Nandu’s hearts were crushed.

Anandi, Shiv, Alok, and Iravati drove to be there as soon as they got wind about his death but Bhairon and Sumitra couldn’t be there for the funeral because there were no flights available for a week due to a snowstorm in the USA as they were there taking care of the extended family but will surely arrive there shortly afterward.

Although it’s been a very sad and emotional two days of watching this show, I had to hold onto a box of tissues to wipe away my little tears.

I watched how the entire village of people showed up on the day he died in support of him and his family. And of course, every single one was devastated. I don’t know how the family will go on, especially Kalyani because she said she wished she had died instead of her loving son. She felt she was old and had lived her life, but he was still needed there to be with his wife, son, and the rest of the family.

I tell you this… I’m sure that there will be nothing but sadness lingering in the mansion now for a very long time. I never thought they were going to write him out of the show like that because he was one of the most exciting of the characters.

But one thing I do know for sure is that his character was greatly missed on this show by all the fans of this amazing show at the time of airing.

Satyajit Sharma as Basant, has acted in numerous television and films and has won the Indian Telly Jury Award for Best Actor in a negative role in 2008, the Indian Telly Jury Award for Best Actor in a supporting role in 2010, and won an ITA (Indian Television Academy Awards) for Best Actor-Male in 2017.


I wrote this post

in honor of

Surekha Sikri”


Sidharth Shukla

~May you both Rest In Peace~


~Balika Vadhu Cast~

Kalyani Devi Dharamveer Singh/Jagdish’s Grandmother (Surekha Sikri)

Basant Dharamveer Singh/Basant Mahaveer Singh/Kalyani Devi’s Eldest Son (Satyajit Sharma)

Gehna Basant Singh/Nandu’s mother (Neha Marda)

Nandikishor (Nandu) Basant Singh/Kalyani Devi’s (grandson)


Jagdish Barion Singh/Jagya/Jagat/ (Shashank Vyas)

Ganga Jagdish Singh/ Jagdish’s second wife/ Mannu and Abhimanyu’s mother (Sargun Mehta)


Anandi Khajaan Singh/Anandi Jagdish Singh/ Jadish’s first wife (Toral Rasputra)

Shivraj (Shiv) Shekhar /Anandi’s Second Husband/Anoop and Meenakahi’s son/ Alok and Iravati’s adopted son/Mahi’s brother/Sanchi’s cousin brother/Amol’s adoptive father (Sidharth Shukla)


Bhairon Dharamveer Singh/Jagdish’s father/Kalyani’s youngest son (Anup Soni)

Sumitra Bhairon Singh/Jagdish’s mother (Smita Bansal)


Photo by Eugenia Remark on Pexels.com


Also, I’d like to take time out to mention the fact that we’ve lost a whole host of famous amazing actors and actresses that I loved and adored last year two of which were in this show who is Surekha Sikri and Sidharth Shukla.

Surekha Sikri as Kalyani Devi, in the Hindi soap Balika Vadhu, is yet another one of my favorite actresses. She was a veteran Indian actress in film, theatre, and television, and I was devastated to have found out that she passed away last year on July 16, 2021, at age 76. She previously had a stroke in 2020 and couldn’t act anymore. But I tell you if you haven’t watched any of her acting she is well known for her talent and for her being a very feisty spirit, she’s a lively, energetic and wonderful actress and I tell you she will surely be missed for this industry as she was an excellent, excellent actress! She has won so many awards as they are numerous different types of awards, one of which was the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress which she won three times. I won’t write here all the awards she has won because they are numerous the information can be found on Wikipedia at this link below… she has a very interesting background and interesting life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surekha_Sikri

Also not to go without mentioning Sidharth Shukla as Shivraj (Shiv) Shekhar in the Hindi soap, Balika Vadhu, was one of my favorite actors who passed away September 2, 2021, at age 40. I feel like he died way too soon and so I wrote a little piece about him on this blog around the time of his death. If you’d like to read it feel free to do so.


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