Where Did All Of Those Yesterdays Go? We Should Bring Them Back… Morris Day And The Time




Music’s playing, everyone’s

dancing closer and closer, making

friends and finding lovers…

where did all of those yesterdays go


‘Native New Yorker”


Music, dancing, and entertainment were our life and we had the energy for it. I tell you I love to reminisce on how alive things were back in the day for all of us. There was always something to do, places to go, people to see, and things to enjoy. For one, we loved going to dance clubs back then and there were many of them. We’d go on Friday and Saturday nights and a lot of the clubs had two and three dance floors and a live band on each floor.

I tell you my husband’s experience was so much greater than mine because he was right there in the thick of it. He had the opportunity to use his talent by playing his musical instruments in those live bands as he played back up to a lot of the well-known famous music groups and singers back then.

My only wish is for the youth of today, I wish they could have the same types of exposure to seeing and being in live bands and the chance to socialize and grow their talents as we did and not just be sitting in some music studio making beats as some do now because things have been synthesized. If you want to hear drums or a saxophone it is artificially fixed, no live bands, as a lot of talent, is not being allowed to display themselves. It saddens me somewhat. That’s why my husband and I love to go to some of the jazz clubs in New Orleans because they still have live bands right on the dance floors. It’s such an incredible experience. There were so many other activities for the youth. A boy and girls club was found almost everywhere so we were never bored and stayed out of trouble. I know things change but I wish it was so that things like this for the youth were perfected and not to have let die out.

And so I was so tickled to death to have found that Morris Day is back… sharing more of his talent with us. I love his new music video “Morris Day- Grown Man Ft. Big Daddy Kane” it’s a must-see.



~Morris Day- Grown Man Ft. Big Daddy Kane~

(His Newest Video and he looks so good)



~Morris Day And The Time- Jungle Love (Purple Rain with Prince)~

(I was so tickled watching Morris Day back then, he was amazing, LOL!)



~ Odyssey- Native New Yorker~

(This song describes our lives back then, busy as we were living our young lives to the fullest)

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