Say You Love Me: Swarna Ghar



I wanna be your man

Together, together, together we can stand

Oh, let me take you by the hand.

…I wanna hear you say

“Darling, darling, I love you”

~Say You Love Me~

~DJ Rogers~



Ajit, don’t even think about nonsensical things. It matters to you because you made a promise to Mr. Bedi. [Swarna]

It matters because of you! I lose my mind when I see you in trouble. That’s why I am staying here. I care about you. You are my Swarna. Mine! [Ajit]

No! I am not! I am not your Swarna, Ajit. [Swarna]

I know. School, college, marriage… after that we wrote letters to each other. Swarna, though you were away from me, you were still with me. You were always a part of my life. You are a part of my life. [Ajit]

What do you mean? [Swarna]

A place in my heart! You will stay there until the day I die! [Ajit]

I’m so sorry, I… I shouldn’t have said that. [Ajit]

(he turns away from facing her.)

I think I’m not in my senses. [Ajit]

I can read it from your eyes, Ajit. I know what’s going on in your heart. And that’s why you have turned away from me. [Swarna]

No, Swarna… [Ajit]

So that I don’t read what’s going on in your heart right now. [Swarna]

There’s nothing like that. [Ajit]

(and so when he turned around to say…)

Ok, fine look into my eyes…[Ajit]

(she was no longer standing there. Before he knew it she had slipped out of the room.)


~Swarna Ghar Cast~

Swarna Bedi (Sangita Ghosh)

Kanwaljeet Bedi (Roy Rohit)

Ajit Lamba (Ajay Chaudhary)


Because I need you

to see me through

I wanna hear you say

“Darling, darling,

I love you”


~Say You Love Me~

~DJ Rogers~




I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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