What Precautions Do You Take In Public Restrooms?

As our country is learning to become more cleaner and sanitary I thought today a perfect time to repost this because I have always been very careful about how I do things. I wrote this post back in 2017 and the attached video might be of some use to someone.


How to Wash Your Hands Properly to Kill Germs | Regents Park Boca Raton


While in the public restroom the other day I saw this little boy struggling to fix his little pants while coming out of a stall. He must have been only two years old. The adult with him did not go into the stall with him as she was waiting at the sink and was yelling out to him to hurry. I tell you my heart went out for that little darling. I wanted so much to help him if I could.

Anyway the little child went running out of the stall and as they both proceeded to walk out of the restroom, I stopped the lady at the door and asked her to at least help him wash his little hands before leaving please. She looked at me with a look of surprise that I…

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