Ways We Make Our Home & Vehicles Prettier



I always try to think of ways and things to use to help make our environment, house, and vehicles prettier, cleaner, and much easier to care for. And some of the ways we have done this is to…

1. Replace all floor rugs with anti-fatigue cushioned mats.

2. Cover Vehicle Floors With Rag Rugs

3. Dust The Outside And Inside Of All Vehicles Between Car Washings


1. Replace all floor rugs with anti-fatigue cushioned mats.

I changed them all out a couple of years ago for one main reason, so I no longer have to go around to collect dirty floor rugs throughout the house for washing and drying and then putting them all back again. This is one less chore I have to do!

So I searched until I found some of the prettiest, colorful and beautiful designs, affordable thick anti-fatigue cushioned mats. We have them all over the house. They are in the kitchen next to the sink and stove, at the outside and indoor entrance of doorways, in the bathrooms beside the sink and shower or tubs, and in the bedrooms beside beds.

I find that the leather-like cushion is soft to the bottoms of our feet and so as the floors get swept and mopped these mats get the same and for me that’s is easy peasy.

We also sometimes mop underneath them and let them air dry on both sides so there is no dirty build-up and also so there is no wet mildew smell or mold underneath them which can happen if they aren’t allowed to fully dry underneath them.

2. We Cover The Vehicle Floors With Rag Rugs

And so we narrowed down rug washing only for the pretty and colorful rag rugs on our vehicle floors which cover up the plastic mats and carpet underneath. We keep a shoe brush available to brush the dirt off our shoes and boots before stepping inside the vehicles and we shake any excess dust and dirt off these rugs each time which keeps them fairly clean between the laundromat trips to town to wash and dry them twice a year.

3. Dust The Outside And Inside Of All Vehicles Between Necessary Car Washings

We keep large clean and dry towels available to dust down the outside and a regular strong disposable duster for the inside of each vehicle. And just as we would dust our home on a regular basis we do the same for our vehicles because it saves on trips to the car wash and/or my husband from having to wash them so often. And we keep spray bottles of Windex and paper towels available to clean the windows or any sticky mess.



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