Live For Today! Being Joyful & Thankful In The Midst Of Challenging Days



During an emergency.

All the lines get merged.

People forget mutual enmity,

egotism, and dislike and join forces

to face the danger faced by society.

~Balika Vahdu~


Life has given us all some challenging days, but this summer we chose to make the most of it. To try our best to be creatively grateful and thankful and enjoy it in whichever way we can.

So our meals have been super exciting. In addition, I ordered some really good books to read, and we have been watching tons of delightful movies (Bollywood for me), playing fun board games on game night, chatting up with family and friends on the phone, going for short distance drives in the car while listening to amazing old school music, and enjoying the country scenery, taking in the fresh air while letting our dogs run wild in the backyard or in a field, loving on crafty hobbies and sometimes we sit alone in the yard sipping on cool drinks underneath the shade trees on a cool breezy afternoon as we talk to each other, sharing our utmost secrets with each other. I tell you that it’s been such a joy. I sometimes think and wonder why stay-cations have been so underrated by most people in the past.

So we have been cooking more, like frying up a pan of beef bacon for BLT sandwiches for lunch, fixing lots of fresh vegetables and salads, and also ordering foods from afar, and filling up our deep freezer with some of our favorites as we found this amazing website that delivers foods from the cities. So we have been eating lots of scooped out New York bagels for breakfast with jalapeno cream cheese, Nathans franks and fries from Coney Island, square knishes with spicy mustard from Manhattan, and Pastrami sandwiches from the upper east side for lunches and dinners and then for dessert we enjoy a cherry cheesecake from Junior’s restaurant in Brooklyn New York.

I tell you back in the day while living in the city, I used to enjoy watching the behavior of some of the city tourists as they loved getting into the thick of it by hopping on subway trains to reach their destination instead of riding a tourist bus. And the funny thing is that while they entered the train sometimes they’d get caught up in the doorway as most of us did as it was closing and they’d get hit by the door and instead of getting upset and going into a rage over it as most city dwellers do they would be so delighted by it. So I’d watch and get to see them get so excited about it. They’d laugh, smile, and be happy that they were hit by a city subway door! LOL! Actually, it would turn out to be one of the greatest highlights of the day for them. It became a wholesome memory that they’d take back home with them to be talked about and cherished. And not only that but they would shine and be so excited about just being there in the midst of the city and it showed in their walk, and conversation. People travel from all over the world to be there for that city experience. They’d have their maps in their hand and were ready for their adventure. Most of them already knew how to get all around the city by subway quite well. As a matter of fact, they got around the city better than some of the lost souls who resided there for many years. LOL!

For me as I would occasionally catch some of these tourists in action and it caused me to think about the fact that a lot of the people who reside in the cities never took the time to enjoy the place as much as they could have done.

And another thing I’d ask myself is why people allowed their lives to become boring and melancholy and not get happy and excited about living and enjoying their daily lives right where they were and see life as a tourist would. I wondered why they’d settle with being perpetually lost in a place they have lived all of their lives.

So since we have been having to be closer to home these days, my husband and I talked about and we decided to enjoy life every single day to the best of our abilities, no matter come what may, and to try to live every day as enjoyable as possible, as if it were to be our last. Well, at least we can try, right. And actually, the truth is that no one knows what tomorrow will bring, and as my old pastor used to say that tomorrow is not promised to any of us. So why not just get a map of the place and find ways to enjoy it and explore it.



~Be Thankful For What You Got~




I hope you enjoyed reading my post today

and thanks so much for stopping by my blog today.

I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted,

well because we been busy enjoying and spending time together

and taking a break from social media.

But enjoy your day my loves!



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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  1. Excellent post and rightly said.

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