When Divorce Is Painful: Balika Vahdu



Although divorce is a way out of a strained marital relationship,

but when it’s about to be realized, the memories of their relationship

cause a lot of pain to the husband and wife.

~Balika Vahdu~

~Anandi Khahaan Singh~Pratyusha Banerjee

~Dr. Jagdish Bhairon Singh/Jagya/Jagat~Shashank Vyas


I believe that if a divorce can be avoided all together it would be amazing. But in some cases, it’s just the step that’s needed to wake folks up, you know to stop taking people for granted.

In most cases it is men who want sex and like most women I love shoes, pretty under garments and perfume but it’s the women who want love, romance, and to feel closeness with her man. It’s not nearly the reverse as some try to fool us to believe. And so due to the pressure to please you have some women giving up sex way too soon with hopes to get the love they want and need. That’s a sign of insecurity on her part. And because they feel insecure the relationship starts on the wrong foot. I believe if a woman can hold out and give time to getting to know who this man she is involved with is and what he is about, all the better. But when they choose not to then things can go downhill really fast.

As in John Grey’s book “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” women need to feel cherished and so by putting derogatory labels on women, lumping our characters all in one boat, or calling a woman outside her name as some men feel comfortable in doing by letting cutting words roll out of their mouths is not nourishing the relationship at all.

So how do you make a woman feel cherished? You treat her with affection and tenderness, so she feels you value, prize, and treasure her. She needs to feel like you hold her in high estimation, to be treated like someone of importance. And so by men fulfilling the needs of their wives, and their women, in that way most will naturally want to reciprocate the love you give. And so that’s my view on this topic.


Men are motivated when they feel needed,

while women are motivated when they feel cherished

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus”

~by John Grey, PH.D~


This amazing video song “Maybe We Can Try Again” by the group Champange explains things so clearly and so sweetly. Our relationships need some reinforcements like… forgiveness, listening to each other and spending as much quality time together as needed to make things pop and work. So take a quick listen, you may like this song as much as I do.


Maybe We Can Try Again”




I been staring at your photograph

wondering where your at today

And I’ve been hanging by the telephone

hopin that you’d call home and stay

You told me you needed

More walks, more talks

More feelin’ close to me

I wanna be close to you

I didn’t know you needed

Some roses, some romance

A little candlelight and slow dance

That’s not how it’s been

But maybe we can try again

Try, try, maybe we can try again

I remember all the days gone by

and I’m wonderin’ why I couldn’t see

I could search the whole world over

and never find what you were always giving me

I told you I needed

More time, more space, more freedom

(Free to do) free to do, girl

What you wanna do

I gave you no roses, no romance

No candlelight and no slow dance

But that’s just how it’s been

Maybe we can try again

Try, try, maybe we can try again

Try, try, maybe we can try again, yeah

Oooooh, I remember when

You told me you needed

More walks, more talks

More feelin, close to me

I wanna be close to you, yeah

I’ll give you some roses

Whole lot of romance

A little candlelight (slow dance)

Don’t let this feeling end

Maybe we can try again

Try, try, maybe we can try again

Maybe we can try again

We can try again

Maybe we can try again

Maybe we can try again



Here’s two amazing articles

one with advice on listening to your spouse and the other on the topic of treating a woman with dignity.


~~~ and~~~

Also here the 2nd informative article titled “Are females equal in dignity or the source of derogatory terms.” Wow such an amazing view.






Champaign- Try Again


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