Prepping: Here’s How We Are Dealing With The Freezing Cold Weather Here In The South Without Electricity



It’s been a crazy few days here in the South with us trying to get through dealing with this severely icy wet snowy cold weather. I tell you everyone I speak to did not expect the temperatures to drop so low and not have electricity to heat their homes for such a long period. Most say they were not as prepared as they would have liked to be. So here is what my husband and I are doing to stay warm and safe.

1st As soon as we knew a storm was coming we had our propane tank filled by our propane truck guy. And then we closed off all the extra rooms in the house.

2nd We moved into the designated bedroom on the far end of the house in which we installed many years ago a “Mr heater propane heater” for when the electricity goes out. And it is all set up with our creature comforts. There is a small dining table and chairs in there so we can have our meals in the same room. And a cabinet that stores any extra quilts and blankets. We carried our cell phones, computers, tablets, books, and games in there as well.

3rd We have in the closet a bunch of camping gear which includes two 2 person tents, two 2 person sleeping bags, and two 2 person mattresses to set up in that room as well just in case any storm or electricity outage exceeds 7 days and in case we have run out of propane at that point to keep our designated room heated.

We have the things needed for various ways of cooking, a camp cook stove and outdoor grill. And for the water source, we have a Berkey water filter along with plenty of 5 gallon bottled water bottles at the bottom of every closet throughout the entire house. And we have several types of generators. We have battery-operated ones and one that runs on propane to help keep our cell phones, computer, and tablet charged, along with keeping the refrigerator and deep freezer running and keeping the television on so we can watch a few cable shows from time to time to keep up morale. In addition to all we have our already stored and easy to prepare foods, drinks and snacks just in case we cannot get to a store to buy anything like right now.

We called to check on our neighbor only to find out that she had no other form of heating her home except the burners on top of her stove. So my husband walked across the hard icy ground (with cleats over his boots) to loan her our extra “big buddy heater” so that she doesn’t freeze to death over there. None of her family or friends live close enough nor were anyone willing to take a chance on driving through the icy roads to help her as they are dealing with their own survival issues I am sure.

She said she could see her breath in the air as it was so cold and that her feet and fingers were numb despite wearing three pairs of socks and layered clothing. So we were so glad we could assist her in some way and get to her house. My husband brought back her cell phone with him to charge up and then returned it to her because her landline phone batteries were dead. Later she told us she was able to fall off to sleep on her couch with the “big buddy heater” helping to keep her warm and she was so happy about that.

So at this point, our lights have been coming on and going back off for the past two days and then they came back on again tonight thank goodness, and have been on for the past few hours this time and so we are hoping they will stay on for good. But we are ready if they happen to go out again in this freezing weather.




I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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