Prepping: This Is How We Have Gotten Our Outside Pets Ready For The Expected Freezing Winter Storm Due Over The Next Few Hours & Days



Well, fortunately, we have been getting ourselves together along with our pets ready for this expected extreme freezing winter storm due to fall upon us in the next few hours and on into this week. The first thing we did was get our two outside dogs taken to a safer and warmer environment where they will be fed and cared for. So on this past Friday my husband dropped them off at the kennel/Veterinarian’s place to stay till this bad storm passes us by. So we figured we might as well get them their yearly shots done, get them bathed, their nails cut and trimmed and see to them getting a general overall check-up done while they are there. I also gathered up their warm hoodies to be put on them once they dry off from their baths to help keep them warm while there. And I purchased a set of very warm insulated dog winter coats for them to wear over their hoodies once they return home and back into their dog houses. And although the weather will still be cold at least it won’t be as dangerously cold as it is expected to be this week. I tell you I really couldn’t rest knowing they would be outside there suffering. So we have gotten their houses ready for when they return as well. My husband had gathered up some fresh hay and tucked a lot of it inside, underneath, and all around the edges of their insulated dog houses, in which we had gotten them about two summers ago.

As far as for the outside cats he tucked lots of extra hay underneath the shed because they like to go underneath there to get warm. I really would have preferred to have gathered them up and have them sent somewhere safe and warm too but there are just way too many of them and they love to disappear into woods sometimes and so there is no way my husband is going to go thru the woods searching for them. So I think the extra piled up hay under the shed will help. Plus whenever we know some extremely cold weather is coming our way we always put outside two extra-thick insulated boxes one inside the other, stuffed with hay on the front porch and one on the back porch so at least they will have several places to snuggle up together to get warm. So it pays to always be alert as far as the weather is concerned for their sake’s.

And so as usual this week it is my husband’s plan to put out extra food for the cats (and for the dogs when they return) so they have plenty to eat, several times a day and a pot full of fresh warm water each day as he quickly checks on them and how they are doing in all of this cold weather.

~It is also my wish that everyone will take the necessary precautions and be safe.~

~Take care everyone! ~


~What I’m reading on the topic of dogs?~

1. Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz

2. Animals Make Us Human by Temple Grandin







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