If A Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words ~Ishq Mein Marjawan 2



It seems the heat has been turning up and up and up on Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage arrangement. Actually, Vansh has developed feelings for her and it’s possible he has fallen in love with her and then Riddhima is not holding back as she is developing a soft spot and some loving feelings towards him as well especially after learning the truth about his biological mother who left him as a child. But at the same time I cannot help but be disappointed with Kabir because it turns out that he never did love Riddhima but was only using her to get close enough to Vansh to get evidence against him. I tell you I always had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right with him from the moment when he allowed Riddhima to marry Vansh in the first place. Because it seems like most of the time men can be very possessive when it comes to the woman in their life and he had no problem in handing her right over to him. Nah… this just did not sit right with me.

But if a picture can speak a thousand words. Well, this one is it. Riddhima and Vansh are having hot moments. I love it when they dance and when they are in semi-sticky situations and especially when he is always rescuing her from danger. I loved it when he saved her from drowning in the pool. 

So I am starting to like that they are falling in love. Vansh is so hot anyway! Such a super hunk, masculine, strong type of man who stands on his own two feet! Now that is so attractive in a man. And Riddhima with her delicate and gentle ways, well they seem to be the perfect match made in heaven anyway. Now the only part I wish was different was if Vansh wasn’t a criminal then it would be perfect. LOL! But although Kabir is a cop it seems he is a crooked one because he is doing things that are criminal as well. He is not the person I thought he was.  And he has the nerve to be hating on their relationship which he could have had if he was not pretending to love her. So now he is trying his best to cause problems in their marriage.

I tell you this serial is very exciting as I cannot wait to see what is going to happen the very next day and then you have the drama going on with his sister who is trying to run away from getting married to Vansh’s second-hand man who seems like a good man which she may not deserve anyway. I tell you another thing and that is I adore Vansh’s grandmother too as she is so very sweet and amazing and she seems to understand their marriage relationship very well as she is helping them both realize how important love and marriage can be. So the truth is that I have found another new amazing Hindi serial to love. I absolutely am in love with it. I am hooked!


~Ishq Mein Marjawan 2~

~Riddhima~ (Helly Shah)

~Kabir~ (Vishal Vashishtha)

~Vansh~ (Rrahul Sudhir)


Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on Pexels.com


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