Who Do You Know That’s Giving Their Children Away?



Coming from a huge family was part of the norm back in the day. And my parents were happy to be a part of that trend of making babies like there was no tomorrow. LOL! And so they used to entertain very often and so we had lots of dear relatives and dear friends stopping by most of the time. They were what you call a part of our extended family, to say the least, and so in our household, there was never a dull moment whether friends and family stopped by or we just would have parties just between us just because.

And so there was a childless young and cute couple that used to come by our home often. Well, thank goodness that back in those days children weren’t present during grown folks conversations if you know what I mean. And so on one particular day, this childless couple asked my parents, mama, in particular, if they could adopt their little girl… that was me. And shortly after they left the house disappointed and empty-handed, Mama asked all of us a rhetorical question “Do you know of anyone who is giving their children away? She shook her head in disbelief and went on about her busy day. I tell you from the moment I was born I never felt in the slightest way like my parents didn’t want me or were dissatisfied with me as their daughter. I might have been a little naughty at times as little girls can be but I felt they were always so proud of me and just the fact that they showered me with so much of their love and cuddly care that I am so grateful for them to this very day. I’ll even go as far as to say that I never thought my parents could do anything wrong. Really! They were so much fun and entertaining and they cared about people as they were always reaching out to other families and other people’s children, helping where and whenever they could. I feel they were extraordinary and the most absolutely amazing parents and we bonded so very well. I didn’t feel like there were too many of us children in that they didn’t have time for me. I was so fortunate and greatly blessed to have them. But sometimes when I think back on this and my sisters love telling this story too. I used to wonder why did this childless couple pick me to want to adopt out of all of my parents’ children. Makes you wonder.

And so I think back about the time my mother was trying to break me out of my tomboyish ways. I tell people that I used to run with “wolves” because I used to love hanging out playing boyish games with my five brothers. Playing basketball, baseball, and riding homemade go-carts. Go-carts were made of wood and so my brothers used to nail a wooden milk crate to a long, thick, wood stick and put wheels on the stick and attach a steering rope to it and we would ride those things up and down the block and in the streets and of course two or three of them had to give the thing a push and run along side the thing for a while before it would roll for at least half a block on it’s on. I tell you those brothers of mine were so very creative.

So what convinced me to give up that enjoyable life with my brothers was the way my sisters started sticking me in the bathtub with some delicious smelling bath bubbles and lotion me down and my mama would have me put on some of the prettiest dresses on Gods green earth, lol! Then there were the cute little matching shoes, lace edged socks, and cute hair bows and ribbons and sometimes on special occasions the cute frilly hats and so that was all it took to get me to start liking being more girlish then being boyish. I loved the exchange of wearing all of those beautiful dresses instead of wearing overall jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap on backward riding in those go-carts with my stinky sweaty and dirt faced brothers. There’s nothing about dressing like a little tomboy that I didn’t miss anymore. LOL! And so I guess that’s why even to this very day I own so many dresses in my closet right now. I never stopped loving dresses and I especially adore long dresses along with my love for Indian culture, Sari dresses most of all.

So as the years went by and the older I became, I was coming of age, learning how to apply beautiful makeup, and wear delicate lovely inexpensive jewelry pieces. I tell you my love for long flowy dresses of various colors became so addictive. And so years later when I met my handsome husband he didn’t seem to mind my addiction at all. (Smile)

So I like to keep my dresses clean and fresh hanging in my closet, on hooks outside my closet and some hang on hooks along the walls all around in my private dressing bedroom just so I can look at how pretty they are. When I get up in the morning and can’t quite decide which one, in particular I going to wear, I wind up with picking one that fits my mood for the day and the accessories to go along with the dress. Gosh, I tell you there is nothing more amazing than the feeling of being a woman who loves dresses. I am so glad I was born a girl! LOL! I get so caught up in all those feminine feelings of mine as my skin glows at the thought of it.

But anyhow why did I go off onto this topic I do not know. (Smile) But anyway I am so grateful that my parents weren’t in the business of giving away their children as mama used to say. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if they did decide to give me away to that couple back then. And who knows how I may have turned out and I surely would have missed growing up in such an amazing and loving large family where there was never, ever a dull moment. No never ever! (Smile)



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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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