I’m Ok With The Meat Shortages… Veggies Are The Way: Prepping


grilled meats on skewers

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com


Yep, so I am ok with the meat shortages going on because I basically am not a big-time meat eater anyway. But I do feel for the people who have become panicky and afraid by the shortages because they feel the meat is important and a huge part of their diets. I feel why live in fear when there are so many meat substitutes available.

So anyway, I cannot see myself being worried in the least because there are so many more types of food to eat so why focus on what’s not going to be available anymore. I tell you I do enjoy the different varieties of fruits and vegetables and the nice selection of whole grains and beans as well. So as long as I have access to some type of food I am fine. No, really I am fine.

There have been plenty of days and weeks where I have gone without eating any type of meat at all. And I am not saying I won’t miss it but at the same time hey what you gonna do. I feel as long as there are various kinds of bread and whole grains still available to eat I can survive knowing they are very filling.

I tell you, I can eat cereals and oatmeal any time of the day and it does not bother me one bit that I did not have a burger or steak. There have been plenty of times that I had cereal for dinner and that was it. And then the way a lot of health guru’s talk anyway… they think the consumption of meat is not good for health.

So as long as we can find so many amazing meatless recipes then what’s the big deal. So that’s what stays on my mind whenever I feel like I should have some meat, the fact that I can have an apple, orange, or a slice of bread instead. No big loss. I’m all for the vegan folks now. LOL!


close up of salad in plate

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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