I Don’t Want Nothing Old But Money! ~Inside “Black” Love~


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My brother’s famous saying was…. “I don’t want nothing old but money!” And he really meant it and lived it! LOL! The women he loved and married he loved hard and they loved him that way too. And although he married a couple of times he always loved being married to pretty, beautiful, delicate and youthful women. But when I say youthful I mean for him they had to be youthful in spirit, mind, and soul just like him. He would treat his wife like royalty. I just loved it. One time he took off his fine coat to cover a puddle of water so her feet didn’t get wet when she stepped on the ground. (smile) She loved it. My big brother was a good looking, handsome, charming and kind man and the women loved that about him too.

I used to love to see him coming down the street because he used to love wearing red and white color clothes and shoes and whenever he purchased his clothing each item had to be purchased brand spanking new and when I say new I don’t mean famous brand names either with ridiculous sky-high prices he knew how to shop and find nice things but inexpensively and they were made with quality materials and so, as a result, he would take excellent and good care of all the new things he purchased so that they lasted a very long time. And to tell you the truth he looked so good and sharp as a tack, LOL! I loved having him around me.


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His grooming was meticulous in that he always shaved his head clean and he’d use hair oil on his head and so it shined and had such a healthy glow and he always wore red suits, white suits, red ties, white ties, white shirts, red shirts, white shoes, red shoes, white hat’s or red hats. His appearance was that of a fine gentleman and when he wore casual clothes sometimes he stuck with the same colors and so he wore red or white jeans and white or red sneakers. I tell you as he walked in any room his swagger, his mannerisms, his unique style commanded respect and he got it. As he always brought a smile to the faces of the people who encountered him. He had such a lively and charming personality.

He also had such a lovely apartment and would not stop at just his clothes but everything in his apartment had to be either red or white too and so as we would go to visit him at his apartment at times you’d hear lovely “old school” music playing as you knocked at the door and you’d hear him singing as he came to answer the door to let us all in.

I tell you I don’t know at what point or what made him choose to live his colorful happy life or what made him wake up one morning and choose this new way to be. Because I know he had some rough, tough and difficult times in his life as he served this country in the military and fought in the Vietnam war. And I’d like to believe he came back home to us without a scratch but it was not the case. He suffered greatly behind serving in that war. He loved and lost in his marriages as you all know love can come and love can go and he also had several bouts with sickness. But he continued on with his life and made it the best life. And it is not so much about being materialistic, I consider Oprah to be materialistic. Did you see her homes? Wow! I still love her though. LOL! And so he could not afford to be materialistic but he used what little he had to recreate himself and ate only the things he enjoyed eating and wore only the clothes that he felt good wearing, even his undergarments were red and neatly arranged in his dresser draw. He loved music as he was a DJ and made lots of extra income doing that on the weekends too besides his weekday job.

And so it’s true he could not take any of those things with him but while he was here he spent his few little pennies on and used those little small things like buying and wearing new inexpensive clothes, taking care to be well-groomed and by decorating his apartment so that every little corner of it made him happy. Loving others darn well and bringing a smile to another human beings face. Well, I like that he chose to live his life in the way he did and so he chose happiness for the remainder of his days.

And so he was a great influence in my life when it comes to things like this. He chose to be kind-hearted and decent instead of rotten and evil. We were very close and he was so very easy to talk to and there are not many people with that quality. One thing he always let me know was that I should choose to be happy and never let no “person” nor any type of “circumstance” kill my joy. He was my example of how a person can choose to live life joyfully and he actually did it one day at a time.

He was multi-talented and one of his skills was his excellent carpeting skills. He used that skill and built for my sister a huge amazing backyard patio and saved her hundreds of dollars. He always donated a lot of his time in helping families with his carpeting skills as well.

One thing I almost forgot to mention is that my mother told me she purchased for him a new red snowsuit when he was a little boy and when it was time for them to go back indoors after play, he would give her a hard time because he did not want to take off this red snowsuit. LOL! He wanted to keep it on in the house for much longer. I find that to be so cute and so funny.

So I celebrate my big brother today. His memory stays deep within my heart. I miss him and I miss how he loved people and how people loved him the same. He’d be the life of the party, always had a smile to give which costs nothing. He was a very cheerful giver and was always ready to give all he had to someone in need. If he knew you and found out that you were homeless he would move over and let you stay in his place with him for a while until a person could get back on their feet again. He did this often. He was one of a kind. So… I Love You Big Brother… may you rest in peace.


At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou-




~George Benson~

“Inside Love (so personal) 1983”





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