Coronavirus Soup Recipe & More Prepping Things

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I been checking out some amazing YouTube channels that are offering a slew of advice on ways to prepare in case there is a serious coronavirus outbreak in this country and so I figure why not do some of the things they are suggesting because it wouldn’t hurt even if there is no outbreak to have these things on hand.

So being the busy little bees we are, we added a little here and there this month and so we purchased a bag full of Shungite rocks (natural water filtration), a bright orange 5-gallon heavy-duty Igloo beverage cooler and two more cute bright pink inflatable 3 ring swimming pools for kids to help in the collection of rainwater on the lawn. I was surprised at how cheaply we got those kids’ pools. They were around $7 bucks apiece. Also we got a couple of blue tarps to have for various uses. Tarps are good to set up for rain collection purposes as well. And we also got a bunch of cheesecloths sheets to use as a cover over the top of the 50-gallon terracotta rain barrel we purchased as well to strain off some sediment and keep leaves out. We found a perfect spot nearby that water just runs off like a flood when it rains and so we figure we can set this barrel over there and collect 50 gallons of rainwater real fast and easy.

So you may ask why did we get these items. We figured to put these things in our storage just in case things do get out of control and by chance if everyone is quarantined and made to confine themselves to their home area. It’s quite possible that the water company would be closed during a quarantine and so the water might get shut off for a while and although we have a good amount of water stored it would be wise to have these extra things in case what we have gets depleted and were forced to collect rainwater for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning.

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And we also thought about our health in that we were trying to build ourselves up health-wise in advance by working on our immune systems and prevention. So we purchased some extra bottles of supplements, powdered greens, protein shakes, and vitamins and although we already drink green shakes and smoothies for breakfast and eat lots more of healthy green salads for our lunches. We thought to add on some kind of vitamin-filled soups. And so I thought back to when my stepmom used to make these various kinds of healthy soups whenever anyone was sick or there was a flu going around and so I got the idea of concocting this amazing nutritious soup recipe in her honor. lol!

And so we made it, tasted it and found it was very delicious! As we sat eating our soup we started poking fun and making light of this coronavirus everyone is talking about lately. We started laughing and joked by calling our soup the “stop coronavirus soup”… lol! So anyway don’t mind us. lol! Here’s our recipe we concocted this weekend. I hope anyone who makes it likes it as much as we did this weekend. And like my stepmom used to say about all of her home remedies… If it doesn’t kill ya, it will cure ya! Enjoy!

So let’s all build up our immune systems, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and by having plenty of this soup, it’s so easy to make. An ounce of prevention is much more worthy than a pound of cure. And start thinking of things you might need to have on hand at home if there is a serious outbreak. Now’s the time to get things ready.

Ounce of Prevention Coronavirus Soup Recipe”


3 cups of white quinoa (washed and pre-soaked in water overnight, then strained)

1/2 cup of dried Wakame (seaweed, washed and pre-soaked, strained then chopped)

1 Package of Portobello mushrooms (washed and chopped)

4 cups of chopped fresh yellow squash

1 cup of chopped green scallions

2 cups of chopped white onions

2 cups of garbanzo beans (pre-cooked)

3 cups of turnip greens (pre-seasoned and cooked)

1 roasted red bell pepper (chopped)

2 tablespoons of Himalayan pink salt

1 teaspoon of red pepper flakes

2 tablespoons of agave syrup

2 tablespoon of apple sauce

1 teaspoon of ginger powder

avocado oil

Hot water


1 medium-sized crockpot

1 large spoon

1 ladle


1. Full crockpot halfway with hot boiling water. (you might want to add a little bit more boiling hot water to your liking because the white quinoa will soak up some of the water as it cooks)

2. Stir fry the onions, scallions and yellow squash (fry till lightly browned) and pour into a crock.

3. Stir fry the mushrooms for 3 minutes then pour them into the crockpot.

4. Add the rest of the ingredients to the crockpot and stir and let cook on high for 2 hours or more up until done.

5. Serve while hot with salty lime plantain chips on the side or some salty crackers.





I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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