He Couldn’t Appreciate That She Was A Good Woman: Balika Vadu


A woman who wants to fulfill

her husband’s dreams by sacrificing

her own dream, when she finds out

about her husband’s extramarital affair

then she is overwhelmed by hopelessness.



~Balika Vadu~

~Anandi Khahaan Singh~Pratyusha Banerjee

~Dr. Jagdish Bhairon Singh/Jagya/Jagat~Shashank Vyas

~Dr. Gauri Jagdish Singh~ Anjum Farooki



Anandi is mourning, crying and in lots of pain after discovering Jagat’s affair with Gauri and that he is planning to marry her. It’s really sad to see because they grew in love together since childhood and there was nothing Anandi wouldn’t ever do for Jagat. Not only did she jump in front of him to catch the bullet meant for him she fought with his family to let him leave to go to medical school. She had no idea that him leaving meant losing him forever. Jagat had a good woman but he couldn’t appreciate that fact and so he had no problem moving on to the next. I have a feeling he will sorrowfully regret this decision one day.



Like in so many lives you have this selfish individual who behaves badly and does not have the good sense to appreciate nor be grateful for the absolutely good main woman in their life, but nine times out of ten their foolishness always comes back to haunt them later. Most times that same person they put down for another is the one they wind up wishing for again and the loss is greater than they thought it would be. So that’s why I am an advocate of the saying “You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry” and this saying is so very true when it comes to these types of things like this.





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