His Strange Obsession: Balika Vadu


A married man who is in love with another woman…

not only neglects his wife but also his family…

to give priority to the other woman.

~Balika Vadu~


Like most cheating husbands they play for a little while but then they have the good sense to go back home as reality checks in but for Jagat this has not been the case at all. He desires to be with this other woman all the time, and brings it to pass, as he has walked completely away without a thought for his wife, family, and village.

Wife, mother, father, uncle, grandma, sister, nieces, nephews, in-laws, hometown village people and long-time friends all have been abandoned by him for her. He chooses her over them all. Wow, this has got to be some strange obsession.



In the meantime, all their hearts have been crushed and broken, it feels to them that the love and sacrifices they have made for him have gone unappreciated. The many hopes and dreams they weaved for a future including him where he could have been beneficial to the entire village where he grew up have come to a screeching halt. I ask what can bring a man to this point in his life where he becomes so selfish and turns so cruel to so many of the people who loved and have known him all of their lives.



Jagat finally told his childhood wife Anandi over the phone that he doesn’t love her and never did. That revelation cut her like a knife as she fainted onto the floor and she was already not feeling well and he knew this. When he completed medical college and returned home he told his family he will not work at all in the hospital they purposely had built in his grandfathers name for him because he wants to study two more years in the city of Mumbai but the truth is he wants to be with the other woman in the city of Mumbai.

In his heart he knew he was sorry he returned home after graduation even for a moment. This news from him destroyed their dreams and after they paid for all his college expenses and whatnot it was sad news to them and to the village people because they desperately needed a doctor and a hospital up and going in their village, but he seemed to not care.



So he chose to cast them all aside as he is there with her renting a small room in a house as they both attend extra classes together. They are set up there playing house and oblivious to the pain he caused the rest of the people he has grown up knowing all of his life. It’s true that family relationships are not perfect but messy and complicated at times as relationships are meant to be that way. But this type of behavior he is displaying towards them is not what they deserve at all.



I tell you, this love thing, this thing he has going on with this other woman is not her fault because he is keeping her in the dark as well as the rest of them. Surprisingly he ups and marries Gauri by applying vermilion on her head at the insistence of his landlady and Gauri doesn’t know he was already married to Anandi at the time. He hasn’t been truthful with his wife nor family about what is really going on within him. So he is making the mistake of lying to everyone, leaving them confused and in the dark as they are all trying to figure out what to do next to convince him to return to the village. Then Anandi gets sick and is in the hospital and then Gauri gets sick and it winds up that he has to take her to the hospital instead of going back home to see about Anandi as he should, but he chooses to stay by Gauri’s side.



I ask you is this some strange kind of love or obsession or an excuse for him to be wretched? This type of behavior is not normal or right. But his family all know that Jagat’s judgmental skills have always been lacking. He has always been impulsive and poor when it comes to making proper or the best kinds of decisions. He either refuses to or cannot seem to feel or see how much his behavior is hurting the ones who have loved and been there for him for the majority of his life with major roles that deserve more honor and respect then what he is giving right now. His selfishness, coldness, and thoughtlessness towards them all are unbelievable but still very real because in his mind he thinks he is right.

Well, someone better relay to him somehow that “karma” is just as real and right and I am sure he will have to pay some kind of heavy price for the choices he has made. He may very well lose what is priceless, be sorry and regret what he has done one day.



~Balika Vadu Cast~

~Kalyani Devi Dharamveer Singh~ Jagdish’s Grandmother (Surekha Sikri)

~Bhairon Dharamveer Singh~ Jagdish’s father (Anup Soni)

~Sumitra Bhairon Singh~ Jagdish’s mother (Smita Bansal)

~Dr. Jagdish Bhairon Singh~ Jagya/Jagat~ (Shashank Vyas)

~Anandi Khajaan Singh/Anandi Jagdish Singh~ Jadish’s wife (Pratyusha Banerjee)

~Basant Dharamveer Singh/Basant Mahaveer Singh~ /Nadu’s father (Satyajit Sharma)

~Gehna Basant Singh~/Nandu’s mother (Neha Marda)

~Nandu~ Nandikishor

~Sugna Shyam Singh~ (Janvi Chheda)

~Shyham Madan Singh~ (Sachin Shroff)

~Dr. Gauri Jagdish Singh~ Anjum Farooki




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