What A Man/Husband Wants: Patiala Babes


I am not into used commodities, the woman of my dreams has

yet to be born, she has to have respect for herself,

she has to be as an angel, she has to love me for who I am,

she has to be away from the materialistic-ness of this world.

~Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan~

Taj Mahal, A Monument of Love”



Australia? When are you leaving? [Hanuman]

Maybe in 15-20 days. [Mini]

Is it important to go? [Hanuman]

Yes, Mr. Hanuman. It’s important. It’s important for my career. Everyone wants it but… [Mini]

Is that so? Have you told your mother? (She shakes her head answering no.) Girl!! She’ll fall apart.

She can’t stay apart from you. Not at all. [Hanuman]

You’ll be there to take care of her. [Mini]

Yes… I’ll be there… but I can never fill your place her life. [Hanuman]

It’s not like that, Hanuman. When you two have kids, mom will get busy with them so she’ll be fine. [Mini]

And you? Mini.. [Hanuman]

Me? Well, you say I’m a brave girl. I can’t be weak can I? [Mini]

Girl… Okay, just tell me one thing. Are you really going there to study? It isn’t about anything else, is it? [Hanuman]

What else could it be? It’s nothing else. It’s just that I want to make a career for myself. So… that’s the reason I want to go. You and mom also want that, don’t you? [Mini]

Your mom wants you to stay here, in Patiala. [Hanuman]

You’ll have to convince her then. It’s important for me, Hanuman. [Mini]


A lot has transpired in the past few days… like your mother wanted to sell Patiala Babes. Also knowingly or unknowingly I’ve told you things. That’s not the reason you’re… (she shakes her head answering no.) Look, Girl… I’d like to tell you that… if you decided to go, I mean you’ll go. You can go but… don’t have any grievance… I mean… Your mother is a little bit of a kid… she’s immature… she’s a little naive. You deal with her like an adult and handle her… whatever it is.. she loves you very much. She loves you so much! [Hanuman]

I know. [Mini]

Listen. [Hanuman]

Hum. [Mini]

Look at me. [Hanuman]

Hum. (She turns to him face to face as she wipes the tears from her face.) [Mini]

All that transpired so far and anything that will transpire in the future… (he points to her.) You’ll always be dear to me. (He places his hand on his heart.) And I’ll always be the same Hanuman for you, always present in your service. Girl, I have a strange connection with you. (He points his finger to her as he is holding back his tears from falling.) It’s not like that bond of father and daughter. But still… it’s even more than that. I don’t know from which lifetime we inherited this bond but it does exist. I have a strange bond with you… a strange chemistry… (they both are filled with tears) I sometimes feel like you’re a younger form of Imarti (his first wife). You mean the world to me. You’re like an open book to me. You tell me everything and I… I am transparent like a glass. Even your mother doesn’t understand me as much as you do. I have to stay strong for her… because she’s gentle. But I can cry in front of you. Fall apart. Its because I know that you’ll understand me and take care of me. That’s why… but if you leave who will I talk too… [Hanuman]


What am I even saying? This is the age of information technology. I can call you. (He pretends to have a telephone in his hand to his face and she pretends to do the same). Hello Mini. Hello Mini, can you hear me? [Hanuman]

Yes? [Mini]

Dear, h-how is the weather in Australia? Here in Patiala, it’s cloudy. It’s very gloomy here. Looking at the sky I feel a storm is coming. Dear can you hear me? [Hanuman]

Y-yes, Hanuman… No… the signal might be poor. I-I think the connection is weak. [Mini]

Is it dear, I am trying ever so hard. [Hanuman]

(At this moment, they both become very emotional and cry so much. You can see the love and connection they have as she is like a daughter to him and he a father to her.)

Hanuman… (She reaches out to touch his weepy face.) [Mini]

Dear, you trust me, don’t you? [Hanuman]

I trust you, Hanuman. [Mini]

100 percent? (She reaches out and touches his face and tilts her head to answer yes.).

Until now, I have only said what you wanted me to. I will keep doing the same. It’s all right. You say that the hero shouldn’t cry, right? It’s all right? (He wipes the tears from her eyes.) We will deal with what happens. Yes? [Hanuman]

Yes. [Mini]

Let’s think about how to tell this to your mom. [Hanuman]



Have you ever desired to be with your man in ways beyond what this world can fathom? I know I have always kept that desire alive within me.

Well, in this week’s scene on Patiala Babes, Hanuman has truthfully expressed how he feels in regard to his relationship with his wife Babes and was upset to find out that Mini his stepdaughter plans to move away from home to Australia to complete her studies. What I liked most about this scene is the idea that many men are just as emotional sometimes and they can feel the same way about the woman in their lives. I honestly believe that there is a certain type of woman some men long for and dream of having to make them feel complete. Some even know outright and some want it but can’t quite put their fingers on it.

I feel there is a type of woman with a combination of so many characteristics that she becomes the type of woman who meets a man’s emotional, spiritual, human and as well as physical needs.

For instance, there’s a type of woman whose qualities of manner appear irresistible to some men. As she draws him to her like flies to a honey jar. She’s the one who’s appearance he adores and she has a sweet girlish charm and disposition. She’s quite the femme fetale/feminine yet graceful being he longs to have. All the time she keeps him enchanted, fascinated and inspires him to want to be tender and gentle with her. She’s the type of woman who wakes up within him the desire to be chivalrous and gentleman like towards her by providing for her every need, to keep her safe, warm, happy and from any harm. Unfortunately, the negative side can be that she can tilt too far towards being a little bit too selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed and the ability to fully understand or appreciate a man is missing.

Then, on the other hand, some woman’s qualities are quite comforting to a man and so he feels at peace when she’s around him. Her aura is so spiritual and is more than likely the type who’s character is very decent. He feels understood, she expresses to him sympathy and they have an amazing friendship, as he freely feels he can express himself to her. Also as far as her domestic skills… she’s a very good cook and will make the kinds of foods he likes and enjoys having. She’s good at keeping the house well managed, clean and comfortable for him. Her personality is happy and uplifting as she lights up a room. She has a special kind of knowing as she understands him all too well. But unfortunately can tilt too far towards being a little bit too independent, she is less needy, a little bit too unselfish, and can love him a bit too much, almost forgetting about herself and her own needs which brings out the selfishness in him.

So, striking a balance of these types of characteristics minis the negativity, such a woman would be considered a very rare species indeed. Is it possible that Mumtaz Mahal… the wife of the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan from the 17th century did find that balance.

When I heard the story of the Taj Mahal, how it was built and why it was built and when I read about the relationship between the woman and man who had it built for her, it’s all so amazing and romantic indeed. Imagine a man who felt so much care and love in his relationship with his wife that it inspired him to have something as majestic as the Taj Mahal built in her memory. Wow! Who does this? Who thinks like this? This is definitely uncommon. But imagine the love they created between the two to be on display at this degree. Just the thought of it is mind-boggling to me but such an amazing wonderful display of love and desire between a man and a woman. I know for a fact that a man wants respect and appreciation and a woman wants the very same but add into the mix a sprinkle of love and take it further from there. Let love blossom and grow and well we might not get to see another few Taj Mahal’s springing up somewhere but I’d like to think of the possibilities of it.



“Girl I have a strange connection with you. (He points his finger to her as he is holding back his tears from falling.) It’s not like that bond of father and daughter. But still… it’s even more than that. I don’t know from which lifetime we inherited this bond but it does exist. I have a strange bond with you… a strange chemistry…” [Hanuman]

Wow, what a statement. It seems these days that the more I watch Patiala Babes the more I am liking it. I have to state that I am officially in love with Hanuman (Aniruddh Dave). I especially love him in all of his husband’s roles. I enjoyed him when he was in the show Ishq Kills and in one of my other favorite shows “Aaj Ki Housewife Hai… Sab Jaanti Hai” in the role as Kanhaiyya Chaturvedi in which he played the husband of Sona (Suhasi Goradia Shami) who by the way is also one of my favorite actresses and now she is in another one of my favorite shows “Aap Ke Aa Jane Se” in the role as Vedika Mathur alongside with Karan Jotwani who played the role of Sahil Agarwal. Aniruddh Dave is such a hunk and good looking guy and I just cannot help but love his style and mannerisms. He is it seems always playing the role of an absolutely adorable, loving and proud man.

I especially loved Paridhi Sharma in Joda Akbar where she played the role of Meera/Rani in one unforgettable show called “Tere Mere Sapne” alongside with Sarju (Yash Pandit) and Radha (Ekta Tiwari) and I also loved her role as Joda Bai in the show Jodha Akbar which was another unforgettable show.

Patiala Babes”

~Inspector Hanuman Singh~ (Aniruddh Dave)

~Babita (Babes) Hanuman Singh~ (Paridhi Sharma)

~Minnie Babita ~(Ashnoor Kaur)



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