The Man Loves Him Some Babes: Patiala Babes


Babes! My first thought when I heard it on this show was wow! What a cute name to have! And Inspector Hanuman absolutely adores her. He is such a loving, warm and kind man. Especially being that it’s a second marriage for them both. When you look at them you would think they were made for each other from the very start. I just love how Hanuman is so understanding, who cannot love him. I love watching how they interact with each other especially on this occasion when Babes asked him for some of his money. It was so cute to observe him as he stood up straighter, smiled and as his chest puffed out with pride knowing his wife depended on him financially. It’s so cute to see a man who is not afraid to take on his wife’s needs in that way and to see a woman who doesn’t mind letting him know she needs him in that way. I tell you it is so obvious they really are in love with each other.



I need some money, Hanuman. [Babes]

(She puts her hand forward, palm up to Hanuman.)

I am being looted! [Hanuman]

(Both men laugh out loud.)

That’s right. You deserve it! Sir, you have become a family man now. And it is the duty of women to eye for their husband’s salary. Yes, that’s right. What do you say? Right. [Lalit]

(Lalit is the loyal, kind and helpful assistant to Inspector Hanuman.)

No, that’s not true. I want to do a ritual. That’s why I am asking you. This is the first “Dhantheras” after our wedding. You need not give if you have any problem with it. I don’t have any intention to blow away your money. It is not even compulsory. [Babes]

(Hanuman looks at Babes with a proud smile on his face.)

Babita, you took it seriously. I too was pulling the leg of my wife, just like other men do with their wives. [Hanuman]

(He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bundle of neatly folded cash and places it into her hand.)

Listen the thing is my entire salary belongs to you. You can spend it the way you want. You can do whatever you want with it. I am not going to question you. [Hanuman]

(The men start to walk away.)

No, I don’t want to make unnecessary expenditures. I was just… [Babes]

I consider you as the form of Goddess Lakshmi of my family. You will always do good for our family. Why do men earn? They earn so that their wives can blow it off. Isn’t it, Lalit? [Hanuman]

Absolutely. [Lalit]

Okay then, “Happy Dhantheras” to you. [Hanuman]

Mr. Hanuman is very generous. [Lalit] 

(Both men walk away with happy smiles on their faces as they head into the office and Minnie stood by watching as her mother asked him for money and she doesn’t approve of this at all. But somehow Babes lets her know that this is what husbands and wives do. They share the breadwinner’s income between the two and that it’s ok.)



Patiala Babes”

~Inspector Hanuman Singh~ (Aniruddh Dave)

~Babita (Babes) Hanuman Singh~ (Paridhi Sharma)

~Minnie Babita ~(Ashnoor Kaur)

~Constable Lalit Mohan (Laala)~ (Romit Puri)



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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