He’s Got It Bad: Jagat Tells Gauri He Loves Her On Balika Vadu


What were you doing? What if something had happened to you? Have you gone mad? [Gauri]

Yes, I’ve gone mad. I don’t know what I’m doing and why. No, Gauri. You can’t marry someone else. Never. [Jagat]

Jagat! [Gauri]



A letter arrived for Gauri (Anjum Farooki) and she finally opened up and told Jagat (Shashank Vyas) the secret she’s been withholding from him about her life. They were both sitting in the study hall together preparing to get ready to go take their first year’s final exams. Jagat read the letter too from her uncle as she was told the guy named Ashish whom her family wanted her to marry was coming to meet up with her for lunch. It’s unfortunate for her that her life was being all planned out for her in that immediately after she finished her first year of medical college she was to leave school and get married to this guy they had chosen for her. So she left Jagat at the study hall and went outdoors out front to meet Ashish as he’d just arrived at her college and was standing there waiting for her when she came out and so they arranged to meet up at the Galaxy Cafe right after she took her final examination and poor Jagat ran in behind her and was standing there right in the doorway watching as she and the guy conversed and that’s when the spirit of jealousy overtook him, as he could not stand to see her and this guy together.

Jagat being so upset about all of this couldn’t properly concentrate on his final exam paper and so he left the testing facility early so you couldn’t really tell if he completed the whole exam paper or not, but Gauri could see what was going on with him and after she finished her exam paper she searched everywhere for him but couldn’t locate him so finally after seeing some of his friends outside the boys dorms she left a message with them to tell Jagat to wait for her there and in a half-hour she will return after her meeting at the Galaxy Cafe.



So Gauri left to meet the prospective groom Ashish who flew into India to meet her from America. Gauri finally was honest and confessed to the guy that she wasn’t interested in marriage at this time because she wanted to become a doctor first and foremost, so he seemed like an understanding type of person and so asked that they try to be friends in the meantime and that he will pop the question of marriage to her again at a later date.

By this time Jagat had frantically made his way to the cafe and could see from a distance as Gauri shook hands with this new guy as they parted ways. So in an attempt to catch up with her the fool started yelling out her name, as he walked all in the middle of noisy traffic, but no matter how much he tried to get her attention he couldn’t and as she began to walk away he kept on yelling out her name as he was walking over to her but then in a quick second she jumped into a cab. I tell you I couldn’t believe my eyes but Jagat was persistent and started running in behind her taxi as it was leaving and there he was in the middle of the road running, yelling out her name and chasing down this taxi cab. He ran and ran until he finally caught up with her cab in at an intersection and then the fool jumped out in front of the cab in order to stop it. To Gauri’s surprise, she spotted him and yelled to the driver to stop the cab as she got out of it yelling at Jagat about how dangerous it was for him to jump in front of her taxi. The fool took a chance on his life with that long run in behind this taxi as he was drenched in sweat, confused and all out of breath by the time it was all over.

So here he was all discombobulated, sweaty and trying to catch his breath as he tried to tell her the words she’s been waiting to hear from way back on the night she’d revealed her feelings to him but he couldn’t confess his feelings for her because he knows he is still married to Anandi (Pratyusha Banerjee) his childhood marriage wife.



How can you marry someone else? Because I love you. I love you Gauri. I love you. I can’t bear to see you marrying someone else. And I won’t let it happen. You’re mine. I love you Gauri. I love you. I love you. [Jagat]

He told her over and over again that he loved her as he grabbed her, pulled her into his chest and held her tightly as if he will never let her go and never wants to lose her. All of this right there in this circle, in the middle of all of that, backed up and stalled traffic caused by him stopping her taxi.

I Love You Gauri. [Jagat]



~Balika Vadu~

~Anandi Khahaan Singh~Pratyusha Banerjee

~Dr. Jagdish Bhairon Singh/Jagya/Jagat~Shashank Vyas

~Dr. Gauri Jagdish Singh~ Anjum Farooki




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