It’s That Time Again: Getting Ready With Activities and Pampering To Drive Away The Fall/Winter Blues


My Fall/Winter Book List

1. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

2. The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton & James Patterson

3. Braving The Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

by Brene Brown

4. Theodore Boone The Accomplice

5. The Street Lawyer

(both books) by John Grisham

6. Tales & Time: Even The Darkest Fairy Tales Come True by G. Bailey

7. Alternate Side by Anna Quindlen

8. Daughters of Eve by Virginia Stem Owens

9. Stick a Geranium In Your Hat And Be Happy by Barbara Johnson

10. Medicine Woman by Lucy H. Pearce

11. Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

12. Still Lives by Maria Hummel

13. Extra Helping by Julia Turshen

14. A Few Minor Adjustments by Cherie Kephart

15. Proper, Poised & Polished: The Power of You by Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick

16. Tainted Evidence by Robert Daley



Coloring Books List

1. Seasons Coloring Books

2. Magical Dawn Coloring Book

3. Jewelry Box Coloring Book

(all three books) by Hanna Karlzon

4. Hygge Happy Coloring Book by Robin Pickens

5. Arabian Nights Coloring Book by Cafe

6. The Magic Fairies: Coloring Book by Dhiya

7. Tranquil Tresses: Coloring Book by Patrick D. Kinsella

8. Princess Coloring Book by Dover

9. I Dream In Color Coloring Book by Hannah Lynn

10. Birds & Blossoms Coloring Book

11. Magnificent Mermaids Coloring Book

by Creative Haven

12. Ivy and the Inky Butterfly Coloring Book by Johanna Basford

13. Bless Your Heart Coloring Book by Thomas Nelson

14. Junk Food Coloring Book by Dani Kates

15. Beautiful Dresses Coloring Book by Jade Summer

16. A Giving Heart: A Coloring Book Celebrating Motherhood by Stephanie Corfee



Magazines Lists

1. Bella Grace Magazine

2. Willow & Sage

3. In Her Studio (Old collection of Magazines)

4. Where Women Create (Old collection of Magazines)

5. Martha Stewart Living

6. Good Housekeeping

7. Better Homes & Gardens

8. The Pioneer Woman

9. Readers Digest



Bollywood/Indian Movies List

1. Ta Ra Rum Pum

2. Dhadkan

3. Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi

4. Khiladi 420

5. Dil Chanta Hai

6. Channo Kamli Yaa

7. Toilet Ek Prem Katha

8. Miss Bala

9. Debanng 2

10. Fitoor

11. Waqt Ki Awaz

12. Shukriya

13. Hey Ram

14. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

15. Channo Kamli Yaar Dil

16. Love Punjab

17. Qarib Qarib Singlle

18. Ru-Ba-Ru

19. Mann

20. Love Breakups Zindagi

21. Dear Zindagi

22. Jeet




Exercise Videos Lists

1. Chair yoga

2. Chair dancing

3. Sit and Be Fit

4. Jodi Stolove’s Chair dancing fitness, Latin, soul & Rock ‘n Roll

5. Simply Stretch

6. Sit Down & Tone Up

7. Smile & Sway




Although the temperatures have been in the 90’s all this month here in the South it looks like the hot summer is slowly coming to an end and I noticed in spite of the high temperatures the leaves on some of the trees are turning brown and bits of small leaves are falling to the ground.

There’s not much to do during the winter so I find my husband and I have to be much more creative. So we try to think of things we can enjoy doing such as going out for the occasional dinner or staying overnight in a hotel near a casino to make and meet new friends, having family over for a few hours visit, getting full-body massages, decorating the house for the holidays and seasons, chatting on the phone with relatives, watching some interesting YouTube video’s, making arts and crafts, spending time on Pinterest, listening to good music and/or karaoke night, dress up and slow dance to some slow jams with my husband and some nights going to bed early then having breakfast in bed the next day.


So I been gathering up for some time a huge selection of books that I think I’ll love to read and some lovely magazines to read that keep me inspired all fall and winter for when I’m stuck inside the house and so I can’t wait to get started reading from my list as I’ve already started reading the first few pages of The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah from the bunch of books.

My mind imagines myself sipping on cups of hot spiced cider or some delicious warm homemade eggnog that I love and so I stock up and store plenty apple cider and the eggnog ingredients in my pantry. And if not those I’ll stock up and store hot cocoa, white marshmallows, an amazing blend of teas like different types of herbal ones I love and different types of powdered coffee blends for lattes and lots of hazelnut ground coffee for when I’m cuddling up in bed or reclining in a designated comfy chair covered with a soft throw while reading to my hearts content. So I feel I must always have a nice selection of these types of things to sip on as it seems winters come and like to stay, lasting way too long and although I’m not complaining I try to make the best of it by being prepared for its duration.

And fall and winter would not be as much fun without having a stack full of amazing adult coloring books, colorful markers and a slew of Indian/Bollywood movies to catch up on so we can have movie marathons and also pass the time with some Ravensburger, Colorize, Bits & Pieces or White Mountain jigsaw puzzles and interesting board games.

In addition I shop for things like cheerful beautiful bookmarks, yellow highlighters and all kinds of shapes and sizes of sticky notes, colorful pens and pretty notebooks as I like to journal a bit about each book as I read them so I can always go back to my notes at any time to help bring back to memory the books I’ve read and I jot down all new vocabulary words as well.


And of course I need to pamper myself a lot during the winter with manicures and pedicures and so I find having a good selection of some pampering items helps a great deal. So I purchased a new long-length puff back scrubber to hit those hard to reach spots, a body scrub brush and a bunch of colorful puffs to add to my bathing routines. I also got myself a stack of cute colorful bedroom slippers, fuzzy cozy socks, various delicious smelling body washes, some luscious favorite lotions, a facial brush, face creams, pretty nail polishes, glitter polishes, nail dryers, deodorants, whitening and different types of flavorful toothpastes, washcloths, towels, my favorite shampoos and amazing-smelling deep hair conditioners plus a few sweet-smelling candles in which Yankee candles are my favorite.

And so having these types of things tend to help drive away the winter blues which tends to sneak up on me almost every winter. I like finding ways to add joy in my simple daily routines with the practice of good self-care.

And while some may say these are just material things but I say why not spend the few dollars on a bottle of nail polish or a new color lipstick if it can bring a smile to my face. I just love having and using things that help me feel good and that could help enhance my appearance.


And my husband likes for us to be stocked with emergency chunky chicken noodle canned soups, cough syrups, lots of bags of Ricola cough drops, various over the counter cold and flu medicines, vitamins C, D, and multivitamins. And I went ahead and purchased a new digital crockpot and I just love that this one stirs the food for you so you don’t have to open the pot at all to do it.

And then so that indoor soft exercise does not become dry and boring I continue to add to my list any new exercise videos because with having chronic arthritis it’s very important to pamper but move because the bones tend to get stiff and stay stiff a lot during the winter months.

And winter would not be complete without my husband and to get a chance to bake a sweet potato pie or bread pudding on the weekends sometimes and so exercise is a must to help keep the pounds in check for both of us.




I love these types of videos of snow falling and the crackling sound of a fireplace on my TV screen while reading, relaxing or sleeping too. They are amazing!



“Snow and Fireplace Sounds- Crackling Fireplace, Snowfall, Howling Wind Ultra HD”



~Winter Song- Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Micaelson- With Lyrics~


~~~I hope you enjoyed my post

and thanks for stopping by….~~




I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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