It Take’s Mutual Respect, Forgiveness And Love If A Family Is To Be United ~ Balika Vadu~

From the day Basant (Satyajit Sharma) found out the truth. That his mother Kalyani Singh (Surekha Sikri) was not his biological mother and his father was that horrible and wicked man Mahaveer Singh (Rajendra Gupta) he has been battling within himself from that moment forward. Surprisingly his father began to change and switched his life to a journey of repentance, gave himself up for his crimes and served a seven (7) year jail sentence but one day he eventually decided to return to the village. On the day of his arrival at the village, he saw his grandson Nandu playing with some other little boys in the road. He became emotional and could not contain his feelings for him and so began to hug his little grandson and the police arrested him thinking he was trying to abduct the boy.

So when the Singh family was notified they were already in a frenzy as they were searching for him all over the place because his mother Gehna (Neha Marda) thought he had gone with his father all day. They all arrived at the precinct to see that it was the grandfather who was with Nadu. But Kalyani questioned her grandson to find out if he Mahaveer was trying to abduct him but the little boy said he told him he was bringing him home to his grandmother Kalyani. That’s when Kalyani began to believe that Mahaveer was repenting and changing his life and so told the officer to free him from the prison cell and she brought Mahaveer to their home. Basant was furious and could not forgive nor stand to be in the same room with his father because all he could think about is how wicked he was in the past and of how he treated Kalyani when he and Bharion (Anup Soni) were small children and how he gave their family a hard time just before he went to prison. Kalyani invited him to stay in their mansion and ordered her staff to go clean up the Mahaveer’s mansion since it was left abandoned for all those years.

It was then that Mahaveer got the chance to hug and love on his little grandson Nandu and it was so amazing to see how Kalyani had changed her feeling toward him and had so much compassion for him. Anyway, she invited him to spend the night against Basant and Jagdish’s (Shashank Vyas) wishes because they have not forgiven Mahaveer and was holding onto their grudges against him.

The next morning as he was about to leave to return to his mansion as Kalyani had it cleaned up for him she decided at the last minute to instead let the Mahaveer move in with them for good so he would be there to spend more time with his grandson Nandu, plus she felt that she promised Basant’s deceased mother that if Mahaveer ever repented and became a changed man, she would unite him with Basant and his grandson. Kalyani believed that when she died she would be able to meet Basant’s biological mother with peace because she did not want to have to say she did not keep her promise.

So Basant is against this but Kalayani insists he stay so that Mahaveer is also looked after and cared for in his old age and he is living near his family.


My Thoughts:

I tell you that was the moment I could not help but let the tears fall from my eyes watching the show that week. It was so amazing to see how the eldest woman of the house (Kalyani) as she used her authority to work towards respect and forgiveness. She wanted to see the son she raised Basant, her grandson Nandu and the grandfather Mahaveer united as a family and was willing to not give in to what Basant and Jadish wanted which was to banish the man forever from their lives.

So it made me think about how many times do you see how people will not give in and do what is right sometimes even when it’s in their power to do so. How many times do you see how people prefer to hold onto tight to their grudges, pain, hurt and unforgiveness. Even after seeing someone changing and repenting of their wicked ways. I know it’s hard and painful for some that they prefer to hold on to their anger, hurt and pain. And rightly so for some. But the road to healing, love, and happiness is achieved only when love is given first place in the lives of people.

I watch on YouTube a channel with videos about the lives of some homeless people. And you get to see how broken and destroyed these people’s lives are. Some of them from all walks of life and they found themselves in this unfortunate condition. Some have families who are alive and don’t give a hill of beans about their family member and some don’t have a family at all. But what I cannot stand to see is how cold hardhearted some people are with each other and don’t seem to allow people to make their mistakes and forgive them when they see them repenting. I don’t know but it seems homelessness is getting worse every day and my question is where are their family members in all of this.

I remember as a young girl you did not see homelessness to the degree you are seeing it now. People are living and dying on the streets. Living in tents and sleeping on the ground in the huge cities as people walk right past them and treat them like they are inanimate objects. I understand that some of the homeless are on drugs and some suffer from mental illness and that is hard to deal with but there must be a solution to all of this. These people need help. Some are abandoned by their families and it doesn’t mean they should be left to lie there and die there. It’s not right!

I watched some of the videos as each homeless individual explained their situation as to why they are in the predicament and some of them come from dysfunctional families no doubt. A lot of the women say they have been raped while living in the streets and some of the men have been too. They suffer all kinds of diseases and illnesses. Some of them are treated as if they are less then a dog. I know some animals that get better treatment. And then you have the judgmental people who look down on the homeless and even spit on them. You have people who have the power to help but instead use their position to further hurt these people.

My reason for bringing this issue up is because there is an ideal that needs to be reached. There is a need for more love in this society. A need for respect. Letting go of grudges and unforgiveness. Why don’t we help another human being when it’s in your power to do so. Stop the hate and abuse. If there were more of us who are willing to help and do so instead of the people who bring and cause harm, then this world can be a much better place for many of us.

I believe if every decent individual did just a little bit more, yes just a little bit more good deeds, changed their hearts and minds to be kind and good to others there would not be all of this homelessness and dysfunction in families and those who have no one. If you knew of a family member who was having a hard time how about you reaching out and be of some assistance.

I remember when I was a young child our family house was burned down in a fire and we were what you would call homeless but, to tell the truth, we were not really homeless because everybody in our family was there for us and was willing to give a helping hand. We the family was divided up in groups of two or three and stayed in another relative’s home until my mother was able to get us another place to live eventually. In the meantime, we slept in warm beds with a family that cared and loved us and fed us. There was a lot of that going on back then.

People got help from their own families and friends. So I cannot for the life of me understand where all that love has gone. What’s wrong with families now. Instead of sticking together and helping each other some are busy fighting and not getting along over a bunch of foolishness.

Children are being disobedient to their parents and therefore are getting thrown out into the streets or running away from their homes due to some family disagreement and dysfunction.

It’s really sad and every time I watch a video about how these homeless people are living on the streets for years and years, not just for a few days or a few weeks but years, it breaks my heart. Something needs to be done to help bring families back together. There is a need for a program that will help unite at least some of these homeless people back with their families if there is no other housing as it seems to be. And to house the ones who have no family support. This is so important. Every human being deserves a warm bed and a roof over their heads where they can safely lay. This homelessness needs to be dealt with and compassion to another needs to come alive because the earth is speaking to us all. Have you ever wondered why the earth is trembling and shaking and quaking so much! There is flooding, storms, and tornadoes all over the place happening one after the other. I say God above is not pleased. Yeah, I believe it’s all happening because of the hearts of the people that have gone sour and love for one another has waxed cold.

So tell me where are all the religious and spiritual people who claim to be so in with God? What have you done to help another human who has lost their way?

~Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Have a blessed and wonderful day.~

~Balika Vadu Cast~

Kalyani Devi Dharamveer Singh/Jagdish’s Grandmother (Surekha Sikri)

Bhairon Dharamveer Singh/Jagdish’s father (Anup Soni)

Sumitra Bhairon Singh/Jagdish’s mother (Smita Bansal)

Jagdish Barion Singh/Jagya/Jagat (Shashank Vyas)

Anandi Khajaan Singh/Anandi Jagdish Singh/ Jadish’s wife (Pratyusha Banerjee)

Mahaveer Singh/Basant’s father (Rajendra Gupta)

Basant Dharamveer Singh/Basant Mahaveer Singh/Nadu’s father (Satyajit Sharma)

Gehna Basant Singh/Nandu’s mother (Neha Marda)

Nandikishor (Nandu) Basant Singh (grandson)


~Al Green~

“Put A Little Love In Your Heart”




I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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