You’re Not Built That Way….. How A Women Cares For Her Body & Feminine Issues Should Go Back To Being Discreetly Handled And Discussed In Private Part Two: Woman To Woman Series

Now you see I’m right and you weren’t bright trying to be tough,

cause you’re not built that way

boop, boop be doop

~Betty Boop~



Today it’s so sad when you see men crossing over feeling the need to take on roles that were meant for our mothers. It’s common now to see and hear brawny, bearded, rough house and tough men speaking out on woman’s issues as if there aren’t enough women to do that for themselves. I tell you this shouldn’t have to be. Some don’t seem to want to stay in their place as men while at the same time they have no problem telling women how out of place we can be.

I say men should not be feeling it’s ok nor feel comfortable speaking and touching on some of our personal women’s issues. They don’t see that when they speak in that way it feels vulgar and dirty coming out of their mouths, and they wonder why some women resist and revolt and not want to hear what they have to say because it sounds and feels more like shaming then love and concern. So why is it that some men of today feel the need or think that it’s ok for them to confront and teach a woman about her sexuality, how to take care of her body and how she should be and anything regarding her femininity. This seems all so unfamiliar and new to me.

It’s like we are all being fish out of water.



As I said I am from the old school when it comes to woman’s issues. I feel we need to go back to the old ways and times when women learned and were taught by other knowledgeable and proper woman and then learned from each other when it comes to caring for our bodies and our sexuality as these are very sensitive issues and these are the things that need a woman’s gentle touch.

So we are starting to see the results of the unneeded wear and tear of the woman and their bodies and souls under the weight and the tension that goes with trying to be a man and a woman at the same time. Women trying to wear both hats. Trying to be all she can be. Working on a full-time job, coming home to cook and care for her children and her husband if she has a family.

I get it. Some women find themselves in situations where she has to stand up and display some roughness in order to defend or protect themselves and be safe. But this is behavior that should not have to be displayed on an everyday basis. Women should not have to fight off the bad men of the world. Why can’t the men take responsibility for their own poor behavior and stop abusing, raping and killing women?



Back in the day you always had just a sprinkle of a few rough women around and the rest of the women knew what that was all about. It’s was obvious that the tough women were missing out and refused to learn that they were not built to be that way. But we are living in a society and a world that is so against producing modest women who are feminine. Some woman comes up in some dysfunctional families which make us become predisposed to domestic violence relationships and we gather ourselves with the wrong type of men. All the ills of society are harmful to women in one way or another. We seem to suffer a great deal more.

Often it was the older women who taught the younger woman. That was the way things were. And it was because nine times out of ten we as women are more gentle with each other and are more knowledgeable when it came to our issues because we are of the same sex.



I am afraid that some women have sold their souls to men just to have them. So they accept all kinds of crap from them instead of facing the problems that exist between men and women and learning how to deal with them.

Some of the women today have no clue and have lost their gentleness, softness and loving kindness in this tough society. But I think there should be a place where women can go and feel safe, be safe and discreet as we learn to be feminine once again. Where we are free to learn from each other in privacy and not for every eye to see and ear to hear.

We should not have to learn from the fish out of water.

If you want women to learn to be shamefaced/modest than they should not be present to hear vulgar talks that go on amongst rough and tough men. Nor should men be overhearing our womanly conversations either. Yes, we need to learn how to be married, learn how to get along with each other and how to be proper men and proper women for the betterment of our family life and existence. Men should learn from men but in the presence of each other only and in their own space and the women vice versa. I believe that not all things need to be spoken in mixed company. This is just too much. We have got to make some serious changes even if it means taking on one woman and one man at a time. So be it. No matter how long it takes it still needs to be done.



Imagine a time when it was ok for a woman to be feminine, charming, timeless and delicate all at the same time. A time when men were gentlemanly enough to hold open your door and brought you flowers. We need that again.

~Thank you and I hope you liked my post. I appreciate you stopping by my blog today and please feel free to come back to visit with me. ~


“You’re Not Built That Way”

~Betty Boop Cartoon~

I tell you I just adore this cute little long-ago cartoon as it is about two dogs, one is trying to be what he is not. It makes a clear statement. 





I am a woman.

Only a woman can talk to a woman about womanly things.

Why don’t men understand such a small thing?


~Pari Walia~ Sonam Kapoor

Pad Man the movie”



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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