Have Good Thoughts… Or Else It’s Ground Hogs Day Everyday


Be a light!

A beautiful & bright shining light.

Be positive!

A beautiful positive being.

Be that at all times!

It will help you start to see the best in your sisters and brothers.

Even the worst person has some good in them.

Even the best person has some bad in them.


So you represent….

Represent kindness, compassion, patience and courtesy.


Life feels like were digging ourselves thru hell sometimes huh,

but who has time for that kind of thinking everyday.

The truth is that everybody is going to be tested.

Just don’t choose to be a victim all the time.

We are always going to experience a broken heart and sadness,

but how about if you rearrange your mind.

Change your thoughts.

Make each thought count.

Just be loving…

loving to yourself first and foremost

and you will feel free.

Some say to themselves well a lot of people are going to trample all over me if I am a loving person.

Well good then…

let them….

but just be loving anyway.

And let the Most High in heaven above straighten out those crooked beings.


Don’t go looking for things in your past that will make you fall apart in anguish over and over again.

Have good thoughts about people and your life

or else life turns into ground hog day everyday.

Life is just as easy, just like it can be hard.

It’s what you allow to grow in your mind.

Learn to let it all go.


Negativity has no power on its own.

It gets it power from you giving it to it.

Life is not always what we think it is.

Throw garbage out of your life.

When you see garbage in your yard, in your house, anywhere… what are you going to do?

Throw it away right.

The world is full of “looney tunes”  & nut cases.

It’s either someone running people down with a vehicle one minute then

someone shooting up a store, church or school the next.

Sexual assault, misunderstandings, world leaders fighting for control or power,

being given the cold shoulder

although you’ve done nothing wrong,

unjust persecutions, a victim to gossip, relationship cutoffs or whatever.

When someone does something cruel, hateful or mean or when you are present to or witness some kind of cruelty being done to another


they act as if they did nothing wrong.

All parties will need to let all of that out.

Not keep that mess, holding it inside.

Because it seems if you look hard enough or slightly you will witness

how love steps up and comes to the rescue

especially when it’s needed the most.

Because it almost always does come to deliver you, some how, some way.

Yes love always does come to the rescue.

And just in the nick of time.


Be present in the moment & love truth.

It’s true… you do call the shots in your life.

Never allow anyone to steal 

your joy, love and peace of mind.

That’s why I love meditation. It calms, gives peace.

Let all the crap go.

It really doesn’t matter.

When love resides within.




I hope you enjoyed my writings today

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

Feel free to come again and again.

Love and Peace to you!



About lovelyseasonscomeandgo.wordpress.com

I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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