Let’s Go Away & Bring Back The Lost Sweetness Of Our Relationship: Balika Vadu




[Basant] You’re angry?

[Gehna] No, but even if I was, would it make a difference.

[Basant] Ask your heart…. I’ll tell you if it makes a difference to me or not. That…. I….

whatever happened last night…. forgive me.

[Gehna] Apologize to yourself. You’re punishing yourself so severely for no reason. I never complained to you. So why? Along with yours… you’ve lost trust in my love too.

[Basant] I’ll always trust you and your love as long as I live, Gehna. But I don’t know…. I get obsessed. Today… there is nothing more important to me than you. Yet I don’t know why I hurt you.  I don’t understand myself, Gehna.

[Gehna] Please sit. Come on. Don’t think too much. You too are human. You return after working hard all day. One gets testy because of tiredness.

[Basant] Nay, if understandable, if I vent my anger on you for your faults. But here it’s not your fault. But I keep looking for an excuse to fight you. Maybe I blame you to hide my weakness. Why do I stoop so low?

[Gehna] The more you think the more you feel pain. I trust my love as much as… I trust your love. We too can’t hurt each other. It means…. there are some minor misunderstandings. We can solve those by… discussing and spending time with each other. We should get out of this environment. If the place changes, circumstances change too. For some days…. we should go away from here.

(he turns to her and says)

[Basant] Sight seeing in this age?

[Gehna] It’s not sight seeing… well go bring the lost sweetness of our relationship. Maybe at this time, this is the need of this relationship. And we should fulfill it.

[Basant] Fine. We’ll go.

(she looks at him surprised that he agreed to go away

to spend some loving time alone with each other)



~Balika Vadu Cast~

~Satyajit Sharma~ as Basant Dharamveer Singh/Basant Mahaveer Singh

~Neha Marda~ as Gehna Basant/Gehna Niranjan





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