Ishaan Khanna’s Got Staying Power! Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka


~Barry White ~

Staying Power”


Mauli did it! The one she wants to build a life with is Ishaan Khanna. She finally chose Ishaan over her cheating ex-husband Kunal Malhotra. And of course, I was jumping up and down for joy and so happy for them both but especially happy for Ishaan. I tell you he was so unbelievably wonderful and any woman with good sense and a loving heart would not have let that type of good man slip through her fingers.


So unlike Kunal who with a cold hardheartedness left Mauli and decided to run off with her best friend, she woke up and knew she wanted and needed the type of man that knows how to stick around. Amazing! A man that has staying power is one in a million. So, in the end, Mauli made a great choice. She made the better choice. I knew Mauli wasn’t crazy enough to go back to being with Kunal no matter how much his grandmother and all of Kunal’s family wanted things to go back in place as it once was before, even no matter how much Mauli thought she still loved him deep in her heart. That old relationship with Kunal was finally ended, over and dead. Mauli finally found the courage to move on in her life. I tell you there aren’t many men like Ishaan. He is a jewel indeed. A treasure that is something to be cherished.


Anyway, when Kunal finally got his memory back he knew he messed up big time because he knew Mauli was a good woman. He chased after his lust and thought nothing about Mauli and went head over heels crazy over her best friend instead which was not right at all. He should have had some kind of self-control and realized what he had at home already was all he needed at the time. But no! Mauli was not enough for him.

So while going through the period of memory loss Kunal got caught up in a web of drama when he thought that Mauli was the one cheating on him when she was only staying with him to help bring him back to the future. It’s so funny how things happen because he went through exactly the same intense hurt and pain he had put Mauli through. He hated Ishaan and was passionate about trying to keep Mauli to himself and not let her get away from him. It’s the same exact thing Mauli tried to do. She tried her best to save her marriage with Kunal and there he was doing the same thing with Mauli too. I tell you karma is the real deal!


So with Mauli’s choice came the end of that segment of the show and so I am very disappointed because I was hoping to get the chance to see Ishaan and Mauli’s full-blown love story. Oh boy, it would have been so nice to witness that man loving on Mauli as I know he did already. I wanted to see Ishaan in all of his happiness in love when he finally got Mauli’s love in return. I tell you he was so good in waiting like he did for her to figure it all out. I tell you it would have been an amazing part two to see them living together and making a new life together. But now the story moves on with Mauli and Kunal’s girls becoming young women and getting involved in their own relationships themselves as Kunal’s mother is around helping to guide their lives.

So I bid farewell and to the end of their love chapter…… Mauli and Ishaan’s amazing love.



Aditi Sharma~ Dr. Mauli Khanna (Ishaan’s Wife, Kunal’s ex-wife, Mishti’s mom)

Kinsuk Mahajan~ Ishaan Khanna (Mauli’s New Husband and Mishti’s Popsie)

Shakti Arora~ Kunal Malhotra (Mauli’s ex-husband & Mishti & Pari’s father)





I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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