By The Way…. Is There Someone You Need To Forgive? Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

Mauli and Kunal are back sharing the same space again because Kunal is suffering from amnesia due to him falling from a cliff after being shot while trying to rescue his daughter Pari from a set of kidnappers. So now Mauli felt the need to volunteer her life over once again to the Malhotra’s in order to help with Kunal’s memory loss. He needs to carefully and cautiously gain his memory back in thinking she is still his wife or else he will be stuck in the past says his doctor. So when Pari walked in on her wedding preparations asking Mauli to help her dad Kunal she didn’t give it a second thought. She hurt Ishaan and his mother Sandhya as Mauli walked out on the mendhi celebrations. Ishaan’s mother Sandhya is disappointed in Mauli and becomes saddened for her son because she knows he is so in love with Mauli. It’s like there is nothing Ishaan won’t do for her. And well he is a lovable kind of guy. So Sandhya left the house once Ishaan walked back in the house with Mishti and Pari to take care of for the family. Sandhya thinks he is being a fool because she is not so trusting of people. She believes Ishaan is being too kind and helpful and thinks Mauli may fall in love with Kunal again. So she left the house to let Ishaan deal with all of this on his own.

So while Mauli is on this journey to help Kunal gain his memory back and his way back into the future, she is finding it’s not so easy having to compromise herself, giving her all back to Kunal. She’s feeling the pain of drudging up the past. And to top it off she knows she never really stopped loving Kunal. Her heart won’t let her stop. But at the same time, she never forgave him for cheating with her best friend. I was very surprised that she managed to move forward a little bit in her relationship with her fiance Ishaan. The Maholtra’s had to practically allow Kunal to instigate getting her thrown out of the Malhotra household to get her to move forward with Ishaan. Before his memory loss, he knew he was not interested in getting back with Mauli although Mauli got drunk one night on a dinner date with Kunal and she told him she still loves him. So I think that’s really sad because Ishaan deserves better. His character is amazing as the man is so, so good looking, a restaurant owner and is very understanding, patient and kind with Mauli’s situation to a fault. I think Mauli is taking the man for granted and because of the fact that she can’t let go of Kunal. I definitely would not go to sleep on Ishaan because Mauli might fool around and lose him if she doesn’t let Kunal and his family go. She is in too deep with them. When you think about it Kunal had no problem leaving her for her best friend. And that was the ultimate betrayal. I think she should stop worrying about Kunal and move on with Ishaan and do it quickly.

So I don’t think people are so nice to each other in real life. After a while patience, understanding and kindness do run out when doing these things becomes too much of a burden.

So how about you. Is there someone you need to forgive? Someone who wronged you in your past. Can you let them go and move on and not hold to bitterness or even can you fall in love with them again?

I don’t know, I’m just sayin…


Aditi Sharma~ Dr. Mauli Malhotra (Kunal’s ex-wife, Ishaan’s fiance, Mishti’s mom)

Shakti Arora~ Kunal Malhotra (Mauli’s ex-husband & Mishti & Pari’s father)

Kinshuk Mahajan~ Ishaan Khanna (Mauli’s Fiance and Mishti’s Popsie)

Arravya Sharma~Pari Malhotra (Kunal & Nandini’s Daughter)

Maisha Dixit~Mishti Malhotra (Kunal & Mauli’s Daughter)

Jaya Bhattacharya~Radhika Malhotra (Kunal’s mother)

Neena Cheema~ Yammini Malhotra (Kunal’s grandmother)

Prateeksha Lonkar~ Sandhya Khanna (Ishaan’s mother)

Prachi Thakkar~ Sweety, Malhotra family neighbor

Drashti Dhami~ Nandini Malhotra (Kunal’s deceased 2nd wife & Mauli’s ex-best friend)








I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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