Love Cuts A Deal With The Government: Daastan E Mohabbat ~Saleem & Anarkali~

Men often react to women’s words speaking and writing –

as if they were acts of violence;

sometimes men react to women’s words with violence.

So we lower our voices. Women whisper. Women apologize. Women shut up.

Women trivialize what we know. Women shrink. Women pull back.

Most women have experienced enough dominance from men

control, violence, insult, contempt –that no threat seems empty.

~Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse~



Anarkali struggles to lift her feet in order to keep walking forward to reach the King at his throne. She’s wearing an old worn dress she’d been given as she’s a captive to the house of beauty where courtesans are groomed and made. She is barely alive as she has been beaten, tormented and tortured.

Finally, the tortures of the palace of beauty have broken your spirit. Tell me. Why did you request to meet me in person? Was your pride stopping you from apologizing to me in front of everyone? [King]

Pride is only made for the Kings. A maid’s life has no pride. It only has sorrow. [Anarkali]

Words can’t change your fate Anarkali, tell me, what brought you here? Your fear or your pain? [King]

It’s my concern for India, the Mughal dynasty and my concern for you. [Anarkali]

Anarkali! (the King shouts) [King]

The emperor may not remember my childhood and he may not remember the day when I wasn’t Anarkali. (she holds out the dress she had in her hands) Rather I was Saifu. You may have forgotten but I still remember. You owe Saifu a favor. The whole of India owes me and today I’ve come here so that you repay that favor. [Anarkali]

Repay, repayment is for those who have status and you have no such stature! [King]

Wealth is not the only means to repay someone. Your majesty, it’s always favor for favor. You did me a favor and in return, I’ve come here to ask for a favor as well. I’ve come here to save India. To stop the rebellion which will take place in the Mughal empire. [Anarkali]

You insolent girl! (shouts the King) [King]

We both know that the Prince loves me unconditionally. (the King makes an about-face in anger and in disgust of her truthful words) Such a love that has never been witnessed before and it will never be witnessed in the future. [Anarkali]

And because of this unconditional love you forgot your status and started dreaming of acquiring the crown. [King]

Yes, I dream of it. But not of the crown. Only the love. [Anarkali]

Love, love, love! Love is a word that can only be heard in stories. [King]

Your majesty, stories do come true. Like the love story of Saleem and Anarkali. [Anarkali]

Silence! (the King shouted) How dare you attach your name with Saleem in my presence! [King]

You’re upset because I attached my name with him. But you separated two souls in the blink of an eye and I didn’t complain. [Anarkali]

I will destroy your speech, your life, and your existence forever. [King]

That would be an easy task for you. But, how will you stop the Prince? I’m aware of his personality. When he gets to know what you did with me. Then he will rebel and it will shatter India. [Anarkali]

Anarkali, I’ve changed the direction of many storms in my life. I’m capable of molding Saleem too. [King]

Your majesty, you can stop a storm but love can never be stopped and it will never be stopped. [Anarkali]

Saleem is my son and I don’t need a courtesan to stop my son. [King]

Then you’ve not understood your son, his heartbeat and his love. [Anarkali]

Anarkali! (the King shouts as he turns around to face her now) If you don’t stay quiet. Then I shall kill you. [King]

Your majesty, I can’t even die without his permission. (the King makes an about-face) I’d come here to tell you that your wish has been fulfilled. You wanted me to be a courtesan and I am now ready to be a courtesan. [Anarkali]

Finally, your ego has ended. [King]

Love can do anything but bow. [Anarkali]

If that’s the case then why are you here? [King]

To make a deal. Love wants to cut a deal with the government. You detained the Queen because she wanted to help me. If you set her free then I’ll become a courtesan. [Anarkali]

Remember your aunt is my captive. [King]

Aunt and I have become friends with death the day I fell in love with the Prince. I could have said this to the world but I didn’t want you to lose. Hence I’m saying this in solitude. Set the Queen free then I’ll become a courtesan. [Anarkali]

Do you expect the King to make a decision after listening to you? [King]

If you can’t listen to me, you can at least listen to Saifu, right? Consider that the same old Saifu whom you provided shelter is begging you to fulfill her wish. (as she is so weak she struggles to put down the dress she held in her arms onto the ground and stand again) I’ll be waiting for your decision. The courtesan wants permission to leave. [Anarkali]     (she bows and salutes him by raising her hand to her forehead and walks away from his majesty’s royal room) 




~Prince Saleem~Shaheer Sheikh

~Anarkali~Sonarika Bhadoria

~King Akbar~Shahbaz Khan

~Queen Jodha (King Akbar’s third wife)~Gurdeep Kohli





I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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