Prepping With The Wonderbag


South Africa’s Wonderbag Revolutionizes Cooking, Moshy Mathe ( Wonderbag Manufacturer) Sarah Collins (The Founder of the Wonderbag)


I’m sure some of you may already know about this and so I am so excited about my latest kitchen cooking item called “The Wonderbag.” It’s basically a slow cooker made out of fabric and so it doesn’t need to use any electricity nor any type of fuel except for the fuel used to prep the food before placing the pot in the bag. It a lightweight, insulated, portable bag made of cloth. I love that it drastically reduces the amount of time spent cooking over the stove. You basically boil and then simmer your food for about five minutes and up to fifteen minutes (based on the kind of food it is you are cooking) and then you place the pot of food covered with it’s lid within the Wonderbag and this bag does all the rest of the cooking for you. Oh Wow! My first thought when I saw information about this bag for the first time was that this bag works even better then an electric crock pot as I am the crock pot queen! LOL! It’s even safer and saves on the little bit of electricity a crock pot uses to complete cooking a meal. I tell you I never liked the idea of leaving my house with the crock pot on because I feared that it can be a fire hazard if the pot turns out to be defective in some way.

This thing brags about how it is a perfect time saver and so convenient to bring your home cooked meals to potlucks, camping, dinner parties and a tailgating party. So can you imagine securely placing your Wonderbag meal in the back seat or trunk of your car knowing your meal is finishing up cooking while you drive to your destination.

This solves so many of my prepping problems because I am always thinking of what kinds of foods I could buy that cooks up quickly for power outages and SHTF situations, so this bag is a solution to that. It also works in keeping items cold too. Amazing! And so I can safely pack ice cold water and icy drinks in my car when we are out and about all day and not worry my drinks losing their coolness. So I happily purchased one in a Blue Batik fabric color which is so pretty. I was also thinking that I should get an extra one so I can cook more then one type of food at the same time. LOL!

And another good thing about this product is that it brags that each US purchase of a Wonderbag donates one Wonderbag to a family in poverty in Africa, as this product helps decrease incidents of women in third world countries to suffer from smoke inhalation diseases and deaths. It also saves trees, minimizes deforestation, water and hours these woman have had to spend on wood collecting.

So yes, I feel this Wonderbag is yet another cooking tool that can easily be an asset to every prepper’s arsenal.


~I hope you enjoyed reading my post and thanks so much for stopping by blog today. And feel free to check out the YouTube video’s and links below while they are still available for more information on The Wonderbag~


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