On Prepping: Having Clean Water Without Filters Or Electricity


Hey Friends! We all know we can go longer without food then we can without clean drinking water, so that’s why I spend time always thinking of the various kinds of ways in which to be prepared. In regard to water, I try to think about the many ways in which to keep water and clean water in the most inexpensive way. Not only have I stocked up on water filters and purchased gallons of bottled water and purchased an electric water distiller as well, but I realized that I still need another way to have clean water once all the water filters are used up and all the bottled water is gone and in case there is no electricity to run my electric distiller.

So I found this little set up. It’s called a “2 Quarts Per Day Universal Water Purifier and Distiller” that I think is perfect and so easy to use with a fire source. I really like that it is not as expensive as other distillers. I paid about $40 bucks for it and I can now relax in this department somewhat knowing that when all else fails I have this for back up. And so of course I cannot just have one of these babies, we will have to buy a second one as well because you know the old saying in the prepping world “one is as if you have none.”

So see below a YouTube video which shows you how to use it.


Prime Water Filter”


Also check out this YouTube video and see how this prepper mom makes distilled water with what she already has in her kitchen. She uses a canning pot as she puts in a glass bowl in the pot and covers the pot with the lid turned upside down so the clean water can collect into the glass bowl. I tell you people are brilliant! I am so glad I saw this video because I have a similar canning pot as well and now I know I can distill water in this way too.


Prepper Tip: Simple Way To Distill Water”


~and here are some more ways to store and save water~







So I hope you enjoyed my post.

And thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Have a great day!


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