Feeding Our Dogs Home Cooked Meals


My husband says his first dog was only fed home cooked meals from the time of his birth until it’s death. His family used to feed the dog with some food scraps from each meal of the day, each and every day, and sometimes they would cook hamburgers for the dog. I thought that was quite odd because dog food is sold in the stores. But his family chose not to buy any period.

With dog food being so conveniently available and cheap I always saw no reason to make home cooked meals specifically for our two dogs (unless we ran out of pet food) but every once in a while we do save food scraps from our table to feed them instead of throwing it away. I notice my neighbor does the same as we do with her dogs too. She feeds her dogs mashed beans, rice, potatoes and all kinds of home cooked meals all the time.



But now with the recent dog food recall I became so afraid now to buy the dog food on the market anymore. So we decided that the next time we go shopping at Sam’s club (our bulk food store) we will go ahead and buy extra of the frozen chicken and beef patties, beef franks, some fresh ground beef, and share our frozen mixed vegetables, rice, gravy, all kinds of bread, biscuits, milk, cheese and potatoes we normally cook for ourselves to go to help feed our dogs now instead.

So to make it convenient and easy for us we will pre cook on the grill one to two weeks worth of chicken and beef patties and mix in some vegetables and put them in containers labeled for them and freeze the meals. So all we have to do is set out one container to thaw to fed them with every couple of days, along with whatever we have for meals each day. So it’s like this….we feed our dogs at least twice a day because they are greedy. LOL! But we feed our country cats only once a day because my neighbor feeds them too everyday and so yep they are good.



I know I will feel more relaxed and feel they are safe if we did this instead of risking their lives with the pet food sold in the stores.

I have to tell you that once I saw this video one day of this man feeding his pack of dogs expensive raw steaks. Well I was so shocked!!! Steaks are so expensive baby. My husband and I only buy and treat ourselves to an expensive steak once or twice a year if we are lucky and we make a big deal of it too. We take out the candles and he has wine…..

So today we gave our dogs one cut up roasted beef frank a piece along with a frank roll each for dinner and a banana and they loved it. They really like banana’s.

We have to take good care of our doggies and we love our doggies because they truly are man’s best friend.



Below are a few links of recent articles on dog food recall.




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