Vishal Vashishtha (Kanhaiya) As The Family Bawarchi! “Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki’ ~A Brand New Hindi Serial To Love~


~Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki Star Bharat-New Show-Title Song~


It’s been a long while since Vishal Vashishtha appeared as Baldev Balwant Singh with Digangana Suryavanshi (Veera Baldev Singh) on one of my old favorite show’s named “Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera.”



I tell you, Vishal Vashishtha’s acting is remarkably superb!!! As he plays the role of “Kanhaiya” who is the “Bawarchi” (Hindi for Indian Cuisine Cook/Chef) and is “a jack of all trades” on this new Hindi television drama, comedy and romance serial called “Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki” on Star Bharat TV.

This show “Jai Kkanhaiya Lal Ki” is the remake of star Jalsa’s bangla serial “Bhojo Gobindo.” The show first aired on January 1st 2018 and it’s basically about a rich grandfather named Janki Prasad Chaudhary (Dipankar De) who is always tense and worried about his granddaughter’s Daali Chaudhary (Shweta Bhattacharya) behavior and future. It is he who managed to spoil her from childhood and so she is in the habit of never obeying or listening to anything her grandfather and the rest of the family requests of her.



Daali loves spending her grandfathers money as she loves to shop, eat out at restaurants, party and live it up! She hardly ever stays at home. With all of this Daali drives her grandfather, the rest of the family and all of the house servants up the wall with her impertinence. As she always insists on having things run her way and now she also refuse’s to cooperate with her grandfather’s decision to get her married nor does she want to wear any of the traditional sari style clothing of his liking in the house temple. Her only reply to her grandfather and any one else’s demands is always this….. Nay! Nay! Nahin main nahin! (Nay pie jungee! Nay pie jungee! Nay pie jungee!) LOL! And she loves calling her gramps “Hey double senior citizen!” LOL!



I tell you this story is comical indeed. I find myself always having a good laugh and it has some touching serious scenes as well. I loved it when Kanhaiya glued or nailed Rocky’s (Harshad Arora) shoes to the floor near the doorway after Rocky told him that his shoes cost more then a year’s worth of Kanhaiya’s salary and told him to take care of them. I was cracking up big time when Rocky put his feet in the shoes and Kanhaiya and about ten servants lined up and tugged and pulled on Rocky to unstick the shoes on the floor and the tops of the shoes tore apart from the soles that was still glued to the floor. I tell you I have not laughed this hard in a long time. LOL!



And also there is some kind of a mystery regarding Sandhya Nath Chaudhary (Rupanjana Mitra) because once a year she always visit the temple and see’s some mysterious person there and every now and then she goes thru the suit case filled with baby’s clothes and toys as she cries. She lost her son somehow and when Kanhaiya arrived he calls her mother underneath his breath. I just wonder what is going on with this. And so I cannot wait to see the mystery about all of this unravel.



Kanhaiya seems to be gradually winning the hearts and minds of the Chaudhary family, starting with grandfather Janki Prasad Chaudhary as he is satisfied with how Kanhaiya caters to his every need, well except for the time he was instigated against Kanhaiya by Devyani (Prakruti Mishra) and the rest of them when he thought Kanhaiya was drunk and so grandfather Janki’s heart was broken and he beat Kanhaiya with a stick and told him to leave the house. But as Kanhaiya was to leave the next morning he over heard a phone conversation and it was revealed that there is some kind of conspiracy going on to try to steal everything from grandfather Janki, thereby leaving nothing for Daali as well. So he found a way to continue to stick around in order to help protect grandfather Janki and Daali from being taken advantage of by these individuals.



So since Kanhaiya has arrived at their door step, grandfather finally believes he is the only solution to Daali’s craziness and to his needs being met.

I tell you the acting is remarkably superb by this entire cast! Along with the quick timing and music of this show. It is upbeat, funny, loving and amazing!




~Vishal Vashishtha as Kanhaiya~

(the Bawarchi which is Hindi for the Indian Cuisine cook and jack of all trades)

~Shweta Bhattacharya as Daali Chaudhary~

(the spoilt granddaughter)

~Dipankar De as Janki Prasad Chaudhary~

(the rich grandfather)


~Rupanjana Mitra as Sandhya Nath Chaudhary~

~Rajdeep Gupta as Ravi~

~Harshad Arora as Rocky~

~Prakruti Mishra as Devyani~

~Neha Tiwari as Shiela~

~Purnima Kaushik as Munni~


~I hope you enjoy my post and thanks for stopping by……

****Bawarchi (Hindi for the Indian Cuisine cook/Chef)

Check out this link to lots of Indian Cuisine……

and see the different types of flavorful Indian dishes I’d love to practice creating myself at home.




I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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