~It’s A Sin For A Woman To Have Desires~ Learning To Sing “Raja Yaman” From Behind A Curtain: On Balika Vadu




Wonderful! After hearing you, I think… your base has become strong. We can continue. Lets start. Well start with the melody (raga). Raga Yaman! May I ask you something? Your voice is so melodious. Have you really not learnt music before this? [Niranjan]

No. [Gehna Basant Singh]

Even you know that…. you’re good at music. You have a beautiful voice too. Did you ever feel to learn music before? [Niranjan]

Do you have a sister? [Gehna Basant Singh]

Yes. I have a younger sister. [Niranjan]

Does she sing? [Gehna Basant Singh]

She practiced with me before she got married. But now…. ooh. I can understand. There are many limitations for women in our society. Its a big thing that they breathe to live. Learning music is not easy. [Niranjan]

If she is from a poor family.. its a sin to have desires. [Gehna Basant Singh]

Which village are you from? [Niranjan]

Which raga were you talking about? [Gehna Basant Singh]

That was Raga Yaman. Before starting this raja I want to give you something. Take this. This is Goddess Saraswati’s photograph. If you keep it in front of you and practice….you’ll soon be a master in music. [Niranjan]

Thank you. Henceforth, I shall keep it in front of me and practice. [Gehna Basant Singh]

This is Raja Yaman. It has to be sung only at evenings. [Niranjan]


~Gehna Basant Singh (Neha Marda)~ As A Student

~Niranjan (Rahoul Lohani)~ Her Music teacher





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