No Money For Flooring (DICB) Do It Cheaply And Beautify

I know people who just absolutely cannot afford to put down any type of new flooring at all in their homes. The cost for doing so is just way over their heads. Whether its buying wood floors, bamboo, linoleum or putting down wall to wall carpeting. Some people just do not have the funds and so they settle with living with ugly unsightly floors. Ugh!

So now, rather then live with ugly patched up looking floors I say it’s possible to do something about those ugly floors when covering them is just absolutely not in the budget right now.

I found these few YouTube videos and these brave women inspired me so much. I wish there were more about using contact to cover floors. I have to say using contact is a inexpensive, quick and easy way to beautify your home in so many ways.

I can remember growing up in a poor family and my mother used to use contact like crazy to help beautify our home. Not only was our home spotless, it was so cozy and warm. She used pick some pretty contact paper to cover the walls, kitchen cabinets, shelves and even tables. And wow did the house look so clean and beautiful all of the time. My mom would hang some really cute curtains to the windows to match and she used to buy pretty sheets and turn them into curtains and hang them to windows and closet doors and they looked amazing. Back then no one was doing this with sheets and you could buy sheets so cheaply. Even buy them from the thrift shops and re-purpose them. I tell you my mother was shrewd, LOL!

Well I have to tell you that I spent so much time trying to think of a way to cover our floors without having to spend a fortune. And so when I saw these YouTube videos I was so amazed with the idea. So I went ahead and purchased some plain glossy white contact and at first we tried it out on the floor in our guest room. Lo and behold it looked amazing! And so so pretty and clean. And so we went on and used it for a few other rooms in the house except for the kitchen. And I have to tell you we covered up to four (4) other rooms and a bathroom too and the total cost was only one hundred dollars. ($100.00) Yes that’s right only $100 dollars.

Now I have to tell you we had estimates for the floors for the entire house and it ran from the cheapest of $2000 to the highest of $10,000. And I am a cheapo. I tell you I would rather hold onto my money and let it grow in my savings account rather then spend it in one sweep on some floors right about now. Especially when there is a way to extend the time of having to do it by choosing a less expensive and easy way to cover them up and they look just as great. And they are so easy to keep clean. So now I use a damp dust mop or a small broom to keep them clean. And we always never wear shoes in the house as they are always left at the doorway. I am so impressed and feel so good that I didn’t have to spend excessive amounts of money.

Now who knows sometime in the future we may go ahead and bite the bullet and spend the money on redoing all the floors but until then this way works and no one will know it’s contact paper unless we tell them or you tell them now that you know our secret. (LOL!)

So our next project is to shop for a mint colored contact paper to cover the kitchen floor to match the freshly painted mint color kitchen cabinets. I’d love to find some contact paper that has sprinkles of red cherries in it. Like this fabric below…….

Just imagine how pretty that will be on the kitchen floor, I know I can!

So as you know I also chose to cover our bedroom floors with thin beautiful quilts in the winter and I do it because I absolutely just hate wall to wall carpets or any carpets because they cannot be washed in a washing machine and so I like the idea of being able to pick up the quilts as they get dusty and dirty and toss them in the washing machine and then put them back down on the floors again after they have been washed very well in some amazing smelling soapy laundry detergent and some great smelling fabric softener. (I posted about how I use quilts on floors, see 2 links to it at end of this post if you’d like to read it.) These quilts I purchased look so amazing and help to keep our house warm and our toes toasty by keeping the cold floors covered with them.

So I am not afraid to experiment the way I do and to try and do things differently then the norm. After all I learned from the best (my mom) how to improvise and re-purpose things. Especially when it will help me save my money and makes the house look better and cozy at the same time.

~So I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by my blog!~



Part One: About Quilts on Floors

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I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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