On Prepping For Hurricane Irma~ Getting Out Of Dodge! Get To Safety!


I have been watching the news and the weather channel on Hurricane Irma and they were saying that there are three (3) storms brewing at the same time now and heading for the Florida area. Also, there was a massive earthquake Thursday night off the coast of southern Mexico and there are Tsunami warnings for the Pacific coasts of several Central American countries. It seems like since this total solar eclipse there have been nothing but serious happenings. First, there’s hurricane Harvey and how it has brought Houston to nothing and now this earthquake while hurricane Irma and the other two that are brewing and on the way to touch down in Florida. I tell you this is so frightening!

Anyway, I have opened my doors to family members that live in the Florida area that must evacuate. So my husband and I have been getting the guest room ready, comfortable and pretty. We also picked up a few extra groceries and snacks for them once they arrive.

I also just wanted to say this to people. Please don’t try to ride this storm out. Leave, get out and get to safety. Don’t play around with your life. These storms are dangerous and are killing people.


If you don’t do anything else but these three (3) things it’s better than having done nothing at all.

So if you haven’t done so start now! Don’t freeze up or panic.

#1. Gas up your vehicle! Or prepare and set up to hitch a RIDE out of dodge!

#2. Gather all your important documents like birth certificates, and whatever else and put them in some strong Ziploc plastic baggies and keep them with you. Also, write in a small phone book or a piece of paper or notebook all your contacts in case you lose your cell phone and put it with your important papers.

#3. Get a strong backpack and pack it with small bottles of water, some non- perishable food, healthy snacks, a can opener, a flashlight and batteries, a change of clothes, some cash and credit cards. Be sure to put it near the door or inside your getaway vehicle.




My husband and I already have a plan (we like to call it a bug-out plan) for what we would do if we had to evacuate immediately. We plan so that we can live out of our vehicle for a few days if we have to and plan to have a place to end up at like either a hotel or to stay with a family member or a friend until things are somewhat back to normal again.




If we could gas up beforehand (we do it at the first sign of trouble) but if no time we would gas up on our way out. So we would load up our truck or SUV with the following items:

1. 3-5 days supply of water in gallons per person and a cooler with ice for drinks.

2. An extra container of gasoline.

3. Two large storage boxes/containers (those gallon sizes) filled mostly with all types of things such as:

In Box #1: Foods we like such as canned goods (don’t forget a can opener) fresh fruits, healthy snacks, plastic plates, plastic forks, spoons, and napkins.

In Box #2: Utensils to cook with, a basic cook pot, a skillet, a crockpot, a camp cookstove and a box of cans of fuel to run the cookstove. Pot holders, dish towels, dish cloths, a small plastic container to wash dishes with. A water pitcher with a filter and small garbage bags.

4. Two suitcases packed with things such as:

Suitcase #1: put our change of clothes per person, also an extra pair of shoes or boots or sneakers. Rain jackets, nighties, Pj’s, socks, hats, and gloves.

Suitcase #2: 1 Sheet set, 2 light blankets, personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, personal wipes, sanitary napkins or tampons, toilet paper, 2 towels, a few washcloths, bars of soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, powder, lotion, oil, combs, and brushes. All needed medications, first aid kits, nail clippers, reading glasses, a small sewing kit, bug and mosquito bite lotion.



ALSO to bring

5. One or two good sleeping bags, a tent, large and small garbage bags, large pieces of cardboard (to cover the windows if we have to sleep in our vehicle) masking tape, scissors, small cutting knife, bug spray, small personal battery operated fan for summer or a propane heater for winter.

6. A portable generator with solar panels, small chargers for phones and iPad. Extra batteries, 2 flashlights, and an LED lantern. Waterproof matches and a few small candles.

7. For entertainment: A box of cards, one or two board games, coloring books, markers, notebook, pens, a good book to read and a magazine, a laptop and a crochet kit.

8. Each one of us will have our own backpack with us upfront with some individual snacks, a small water bottle, a non-perishable food item, cell phone, I Pad, extra cash, couple of credit cards, any pain medicine, hand sanitizer, and a few personal items in them.

So it would not take us more than an hour to put these items all together and into our vehicle and having a checklist always ready helps it run a little smoother.




We bring indoors from the yard anything that can be flown into something. Board up the windows, close shutters and secure the house and hit the road.


But if we don’t have a mandatory evacuation to follow we would try to make sure that we have all the above things that are needed inside the house way beforehand. So keeping a full pantry at all times is a must for us.


That’s why honing ALL my prepping skills and learning how to be prepared have been such a joy and so important to me. Although I like to make it a fun thing to do as I have turned prepping into one of my favorite hobbies. It’s like having insurance and peace of mind. So when I look at the people in the stores now on the news channels. They are all in mobs rushing around in fear and in a panic like state. Some are reduced to fighting each other and so are running around like “chickens with their heads cut off” for things they could have had already in their homes for emergencies such as this. They really don’t have to be out there with the rest of the unprepared folks, therefore, putting themselves in dangerous and uncomfortable situations. I tell you preppers don’t look so crazy now.

So when I see this panic going on now I just hope this storm will be the one to teach some a vital lesson of how important it is to be prepared somewhat.

I like the fact that I can relax a little better knowing we are all set if anything were to happen suddenly. We are stocked with gallons and gallons of water that we already purchased a long time ago. And we have an ample amount of food, batteries, flashlights, fuel for cooking, etc, if anything were to come our way. That’s why it’s always best to make a plan and be as resourceful as best you can.




Just a reminder:

Be sure to fill the bathtubs with water and any extra buckets and pails you have around to use for flushing the toilet, because there may not be any water to flush. Also, have a few basins set aside to put water in them to bathe each day.

As a last resort, you may need to drink from this water from the tub you stored. If you can get a water pitcher with a filter that would help. Or else start filling up all the pitchers and clean bottles you have in the house to use for drinking water if you could not buy any water at all.






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6 Responses to On Prepping For Hurricane Irma~ Getting Out Of Dodge! Get To Safety!

  1. Reblogged this on Tonia's Castle and commented:
    An ecellent preparation plan for emergencies

  2. Rita says:

    Perfect! Thank you for posting this.

  3. THanks for the advice, I live in Northern Georgia, still will get a few more things tomorrow and will be ready to give some blood to red cross and help all whom I can. Will keep you wrapped in my prayers!

    • You are so welcome. Yeah they are saying that Georgia and South Carolina evacuations will start on Saturday. So glad to know you are doing what you can to help by donating blood to the red cross. Be safe out there picking up the things you need to hunker down tomorrow. Helping each other is what it’s all about in the time of need. As I stated Some of my family that live in Florida will be coming to the south to stay with us. It is a days drive away and I am so thrilled that I can help them. Let me know how it goes for you there after the storm if you will.

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