Blissful Bedrooms* Blissful Home = Blissful Life*

IMAGINE… you slip into super soft jammies after a hot bubble bath or steamy shower, then to add some lavender aroma therapy to the bedroom, dim soft lights or candles, sitting beside a warm fire while listening to relaxing soft sleep inducing music like the sound of a water fall and then to sip on a glass of red wine just before reclining in a “Zero Gravity Massage Chair” before bedtime. Well that’s my idea of what a blissful bedroom contains.

First and foremost my idea of blissful bedrooms would entail them being clean and clutter free, warm and inviting with amenities galore.

Over the years I’ve given a lot of thought into what would make a bedroom a place you never want to leave. I guess that’s why I love watching those home decorating shows like “Love It Or List It. This is one of my favorite, most awesome home decoration, design and home buying shows on HGTV.

I love it when interior designer Hillary Farr says “Love It!” and then real estate broker David Visentin says “List It!” They are part of a team that works separately to help a family decide whether to keep their home once renovated by Hillary or to take the home shown to them on the market by David. I cannot help but feel anxious and wonder what the couple/family will decide to do.

I have to tell you that two of my favorite parts of the show is watching Hillary as her ideas work magic. She hits it on the nail as she tries to come up with an “in budget” plan as she makes hard decisions whether if all wishes can be granted or not for the family. Her renovation guy Eric and her decoration team work together to make sure the home is exquisitely decorated and as beautiful as possible to sway the home owner to keep their present home.

Hillary and David are both so amazing in how they make the show so very comical in watching how they compete and interact with each other, their staff and the couple/family. I am always having a good belly laugh throughout each entire episode.

It seems Hillary is always being given an inadequate budget and long list of necessary renovations that the house needs in order for the couple/family to want to keep their home.

In the end the couple is shown how the renovations have increased the value of their home and it helps them to decide even further whether they stay where they are or not.

So I enjoy taking the time to master the art of relaxation in the overall house but mainly in my bedrooms. Spending years experimenting and turning my bedrooms into full scale sanctuaries has been my goal and it does take a lot of thought and time to be able to do this. It also takes sacrifice and to have to forego things like vacations. So by having many “stay cations” so that this money can be used to upgrade and gradually turn ordinary bedrooms into sweet blissfulness. And I never buy everything from one store and it takes years to find just the right item to fit in a particular spot.

The quality of everything in the bedrooms has to be closest to the very best, it’s what I like to do. I like stocking the rooms with all sorts of amenities like having a small cute fridge in a closet or somewhere in the room and keep it full of some fruits, healthy snacks and cool drinks, also a tiny wine bar/table/tray area that doubles for an area for coffee/tea in the mornings.

So just imagine waking to the sound of birds chirping or a waterfall or some cozy music while all bundled up in comfy soft cozy sheets, quality heavenly pillows, the best of blankets, electric heating blankets, etcetera! etcetera! etcetera! Yeah having just the right type of amenities help make a room special in so many nice ways.

I see it all as a requirement and necessity in order to help relieve stress at the end of the day and help to be ready and equipped to deal with each new day and it’s challenges. Imagine little soft touches here and there to making your home life the best it can be. Sort of a small sanctuary, a little get away place from the world, a place to go when there’s a need to relax.


Relaxing Sleep Music with Calming Waterfall Forest Sounds


While vacations are very good and needed once or twice a year but I just don’t think we ought to have to wait for vacations in order to get the relaxation the body needs and the enjoyment that it brings. It’s the home that should and could be a place like no other place in the world.

There’s so much talk about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation but I’m one for cutting it to the chase. I think that if sitting in one of those Zero Gravity Massage chairs with heat or any kind of massage gadget could tune me out for a while and help my body relax more then this should be in a designated area in the home for quiet evening relaxation as needed. As it does the body and mind good. Some of these high quality massage chairs go as far as to not only just massage your back, legs, feet, neck, head and arms but some even massage your tippy tip toes and finger tips and that is so amazing.

A friend of mine is looking for a way to help improve their health issues and to address their pain just like me. And so I mentioned how nice it would be if we both could own and have one of those amazing zero gravity massage chairs in a designated bedroom. There would be no more of those sleepless nights! And the cost for that would be priceless!

Cozzia 16027 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Information


Relaxology 5 Massage Chair Full Review


Dream Massage Chair


Fixer Upper or Move-In Ready – Love It or List It – HGTV


3 Kids and a Nanny – Love It or List It – HGTV


Very Relaxing 3 Hour Video of SMALL Waterfalls





I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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